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Rumble Build Guide by ooweirdoo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ooweirdoo

Rumble: The Bully of Top Lane

ooweirdoo Last updated on July 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi. My summoner name is ooweirdoo on the NA servers. I am a Plat I and I mainly play Rumble on top. Rumble is a very strong top laner that has powerful team fight presence and very fun to play due to his dueling capabilities and team fighting prowess.

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For runes I take Magic Penetration reds, Armor yellows, Magic Resist blues. For quints, there are two options: Movement speed or Magic penetration. Rumble has very low AP ratios so it is more efficient to use penetration instead of ability power.

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My Rumble masteries are somewhat unique. I hate how Rumble farms early game. It is mainly dependent on his right clicking and therefore, I want to have the highest right click damage in order to not leave creeps with 1 or 2 HP. Thus, I take Butcher and Brute Force. Since my Rumble build does not give Rumble an exorbitant amount of ability power, I find no need to take Archmage or Spellsword. Since Rumble is a melee champion, he will undoubtedly take a ton of damage from trading with the enemy top laner. This is exactly why having points in the defense tree will not be a waste. My way of building the defensive tree is very dependent on the team that I am playing against. More specifically, I will put points into Relentless and Tenacious depending on who my enemy top lane and jungler are. For example, if I was against an enemy top laner with massive slow such as Malphite and an enemy jungler such as Lee sin, I would devote two mastery points into Relentless. If I was laning against a Kennen, I would put points into Tenacious. If the enemy team was full of CC and slow, I would have to remove points from Juggarnaut, Safeguard, and Bruteforce in order to fill up Relentless and Tenacious.

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Rumble has a limited number of builds that he can start with since he doesn't have any mana.
The following are the possible starting items:
- Cloth armor + 5 potions
- Rejuvenation Bead + 5 potions + 1 ward
- Blue Elixer + 5 potions + 1 ward
- 4 wards + 5 potions

Rumble's item build is very stagnant. Usually you will be building the same build every game with very little change. There are other items such as Hextech and Deathcap, but they do not contribute into anything but sustain/damage. I believe that in order to win the game for your team, you need to rush Rylais ASAP. The slow that it adds to your spells will make the enemy team think twice before engaging your team.

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Skill Sequence

Rumble's skill sequence is as stagnant as his item build. R > Q > E > W

There are some cases you will have to take W before E such as cases where you are taking massive poke and damage over time.

At level 1, you can either level Flamespitter or Harpoon.
I used to always level Harpoon, but after the changes to Rumble in the previous patch, where using spells in the danger zone gives you a great spike in damage, I began leveling Flamespitter at level 1. This is because with Flamespitter, you can build up heat with 5 additional heat per cast.

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Summoner Spells

Rumble should either get Exhaust or Ignite with flash. I used to always get Ignite with Flash but I realized that for a top laner, winning the fight is everything and Ignite is not as crippling as Exhaust, especially against a burst melee enemy top laner such as Riven or Wukong. The 2.5 seconds of 30% slow and damage reduction will make it so that you will never lose in a 1v1 given that you use exhaust in the right times. In addition, one problem with Rumble's ultimate is that it is easily walked out from. However, with exhaust, you can be sure that the enemy will stay in there for a much longer duration.

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Pros / Cons

- Lane bully
- No mana problems!
- Farming is easy mid game
- Teamfight winning ultimate

- Yordle
- Melee
- Weak early game duels/farming
- No escapes

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Team Fight

Rumble's team fighting capability is one of the best. He can use his harpoons to poke and slow the enemies and use his shield to catch up or get away from enemies. With Rylais, his Flamespitter can slow down everybody in the middle of the fight. Rumble's most notable spell is his ultimate. A really skilled Rumble player knows when and where to land his ultimate.

Some things to consider before landing the ultimate:
- How many people are going to be in the ultimate?
- Will the enemies be able to easily leave the ultimate?
Pro tip: If you have an AOE CC champion on your team such as Amumu, you should wait until he uses his ultimate before using yours.

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Rumble's farming during early game is quite atrocious due to his lack of damage. However, with enough practice, it will be easy to farm. What I like to do is to level my Flamespitter at level 1 in order to charge my heat. Then I can zone the enemy laner with enhanced flames. However, it is difficult to maintain the heat without pushing the wave as well so it is difficult to manage without practice.

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Ranked Play

Rumble is very underpicked in ranked and he is rarely banned. This makes him very accessible if you really want to play him in ranked. However, against the more popular top laners such as Jayce and Kennen, Rumble has a lot of trouble in lane. It is very difficult to beat said champions in lane but with help from the jungler, you can still have a farmable lane.

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In conclusion, Rumble is a very fun and powerful champion. He has everything you need to win a game. In order to do really well with Rumble, you need to master his heating in order to not overheat during the wrong times. The most important thing to remember is to buy wards. Wards is the best thing to have because it will let you know everything about the enemy. If you have wards on one side of the map and you don't see the enemy anywhere, there is only one place they can be... the other side of the map!

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide. It's time to Rumble!