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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AudioGreen

Rumbo KING

AudioGreen Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Here is some very very recent scores from my rumble, the very last game i had (today) just reinforces that no matter how fed a rumble is he cannot be a carry. End game i even distributed kills among my team but that does no good as its just simply a skill barrier. If your team is not good and they refuse to co operate you might as well quit.

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My very first game i had a very bad opinion on him and mourned to myself that i had wasted 4.8K IP! However my second game i decided to take very seriously especially since i moderately understood how to play the guy. That's really all you need to get started. But for the rest of you lot that have a problem here is the requirements to using this guide efficiently and going with my Rumbo King build ;D

1.YOU CAN MID - As it turns out your Q is a beautiful way of farming minions(although it only deals half damage and at lvl [20dmg] is still an aoe), on top of the fact that he can harrass with almost little to no effort with a spell and melee combo)
a. By midding you get to level 6 very quickly and lets you use his ult(VERY VERY GOOD ULT, DO NOT UNDERSTIMATE. It provides a 35% which stacking on another 15% from you Rylai's gives a 50% SLOW!!)
b. I go Doran's Shield first because even though we went a full 21 on defense it still doesnt fix the matter of him being squishy, and being rumble you throw yourself out there alot as your Q is your main skill. Dorans shield gives a precious extra 120 health and 8HP PS bonus not to mention the armor. However, because of the fact that hes squishy and Doran's Shield gives armor it makes rumble an easy target for EARLY AP nukes such as Kassadin, or Vlad. If you are going to take mid and you know for a fact that you're going to be up against an early ap i would just suggest laning.
2.YOU WILL GANK - Whether you are laning or miding you will be dominating the lane with my build. At level six you MUST leave your lane at undefined times(not so undefined and indefinitely random that your turret dies)to go gank because your ult is a very easy way to kill.
a. DO NOT PUSH IN LANES OR MID - this is a very easy way i see people get ganked, or doesnt help your jungler gank. Last hit or no last hit if you push past the very middle of distance between your two turrets you can expect a very easy gank from your enemies, and a very hard gank from your team.
3.YOU ARE NOT GOD- if you notice you are well fed and can take a hit or two from 2 champions at once and get away or better yet kill them, GOOD! however you are not immortal and this build is meant for you to take a hit or two.
4. DO NOT USE Q ON MINIONS- If you are level 18 and have enough ap to support a whole creep wave going down, then by all means go ahead! however you must remember your Q only does half damage to minions, and attempting to farm early with this will only deny yourself creep score which is very important.
a. ONLY USE YOUR Q ON ENEMY CHAMPIONS- this is the only way all damage will be dealt and although it keeps your heat low it will also allow for more skill spammage.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

Uses heat- What does this mean? YOU DONT NEED MANA! woo, the very first nuke in the game that does not have a limiting draining factor like mana
Range- although you deal melee your Q is like a ranged attack that can stack onto melee if you get close enough
Tanky Nuke- the very first if i can say so myself, if played well enough you can go in head on and take out a team without breaking a sweat
Very Fun- the most fun i ever had with a nuke, unlike most nukes you dont need to stay behind team members, you actually MUST engage and blow chunks out of their health

Cons :

Not a Carry- Unfortunately no matter how good you are or fed, you cannot support a team and if you do, it must be done by backdooring which you are not a backdoor character
Still Squishy- even with a very tanky stance toward item building and masteries you will get killed without a doubt if the right type of melee comes along
Overheating- This is very debatable but for me it is a downside. Your slow will not be utilized during this timeperiod, if you were overcommiting and waiting to use ult and get overheated, you're screwed. Makes your Lich Bane completely useless at this time.
Skills- It is very hard to place your ult in the way that you want it and takes lots of practice, just landing in it is not enough, you must anticipate and place it in a spot you know your enemy will at the very least run toward a little bit because it provides a beautiful slow.


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There's really not much to be said about masteries. You are not a utility *****, none of your skills rely heavily on mana, you DO NOT NEED to use your flash or ignite often. Rather it is there simply because it can be. We MUST go 21 in defense because it will really save your life with just that little tip of the **** hp you need. As for the 9 in offense what else needs to be explained? 15% Spell Pen.

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is a MUST. There is no debating, the health makes you own other champions early while laning or miding, and the 8 HPPS will help you recover and lane THAT MUCH longer no worries though because you will be selling this mid to late gameish. Boots were very tricky, if you are going against a very nuke heavy team then you can switch to however the magic pen does help in assisting with your already 19 Magic pen from runes. By the time you are even level six you will be shredding through the enemies magic resist like it was paper. If you are expecting the enemy to have a very magic resist tanky build then screw and just skip to a , just go instead. The cap at Magic Pen % is 49 but that will be plenty with your very deadly nukes.

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Skill Sequence

You want to use your as often as possible, but not to the point you're in danger zone all the time. Your Q is a chase AOE skill that will help slow down enemies with your rylai's crystal sceptor. Your will come in handly plenty when intiating team fights(which you will sometimes do. SOMETIMES, not all the time) or running away, it absorbs damage and gives you movement speed, you can chase with it if you wanted to ;D. Your DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR E although it is the second and not the very skill i max it out, it is the skill that will scare and nuke your enemy. It is hard to aim your E but in a 1v1 will slow if they try to run, and at the same time hit them for a deadly portion of their health.

- YOUR ULT it is the most hardest skill to land of them all, but its aoe and deals a ****load of damage for a whole 5 seconds. I personally do not use it to cut off an exit route as most would think but rather i go for the skill shot and line it up to hit everyone, providing the slow, making them stay in it for a good amount of time and allowing me to finish off easily. Because it is a straight line, jungle teamfights will be the love of your life. It will allow absoulutely no route to escape and dealing enough damage within that five seconds to make them think twice about messing with you, the RUMBO KING.

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Summoner Spells

To be honest, there really is no spell that rumble could possibly use other than and . Ignite helps in the 1v1 team fights where another runs away, and if you didnt know. At level 18 your ignite will do 410 damages with a 20DOT in true damage. I've seen another build use exhaust but unless you are planning to overheat very very often, i wouldn't do it. The only variation i would chose other than flash is ghost, but i feel flash perfects that role more perfectly as it allows for a juke or easy chase.