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Ryze Build Guide by FENIX SP l

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FENIX SP l


FENIX SP l Last updated on July 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Gameplay Walkthrough

Pre-game your summoner spells should be chosen accordingly, refer to the "author notes" above.

Start with your preferred items, 3X, 3X, or . It is rare that you will ever want to start 2X, unless you really think you can last in laning phase without it hurting your farm or kill potential on the enemy. Buying Mana Crystal + 2 Pots is good for rushing a tear but watch for the fact that you will become very squishy because you lack the HP.

Do not spec your first skill point until you absolutely have to, using the command CTRL + (QWER) to spec your point immediately when needed. This is in case your team wants to invade and you would want to take W. Otherwise Q is always your go to skill.

During laning phase farm as you should be, with open opportunities to harass with your auto attack + Q. People underestimate auto attacks early game, use it to your advantage, it's equivalent to a spell at level 1.

Assuming the match was even, look to back and buy your or when possible without losing CS to the tower. The only time you buy Tear over Catalyst is if you absolutely know you will not die when re-entering your lane, and know that it wont hurt your farm. Catalyst is usually always a must to be your first item over Tear due to the fact that it grants you HP/Mana and lane sustain.

Upon hitting level 6+ and acquiring at least Tear or Catalyst, your kill potential ryzes, hue. Seek opportunities to acquire kills, and when receiving blue, do not waste it, spam your spells to stack your Tear accordingly, the earlier your Muramana/Seraph's, the better. If you cannot kill your lane, use the blue buff to push the lane and look to roam the map. Your Rune Prison makes ganking easy.

As mid game approaches look to finish your ASAP. By 15-20 minutes try and look to have . Sometimes when you base and do not have enough to finish your Rod of Ages just yet, it's okay to finish your boots and buy , it increases your damage significantly.

During the mid game/grouping phase where you seek to catch enemies, take open towers or objectives like Dragon, use W to catch the first squishy enemy who decides to take the wrong step. You should always be looking for someone to catch with your W.

During late game, whether the enemy is pushing or your team is pushing towards the enemy, while defending a turret, this is a perfect time to catch an enemy with Rune Prison. As they try to defend their turret or siege yours, whether it is a squishy or tanky champion (preferably the carries) look to catch the enemy with your Rune Prison to initiate a fight and hopefully burst that carry down or force his spells + summoners.

Another thing to take note is to use when appropriate to catch a straggling carry out with your W and initiate a fight.

By mid to late game your items should be (assuming the Manamune is fully charged into Muramana). Along with this build your boots are subject to change and be different based on the current game as stated in the items author notes above. At this point your damage output is huge and you can look to start building into your situational items. Whether you are being pushed out of the fight but not dying you can look to buy a , , , , or .

While team fighting late game it is quite difficult to get past the enemy front lines like , you should apply as much damage as possible to their front lines unless you are able to close the gap between you and a carry. If you are able to get your hands on a carry at this point, you should be able to force them out of the fight, or ultimately burst them down to 0.

At this point you cannot afford to get caught in the wrong position, even near your team mates, it will force you to flash or die as Ryze has no real escapes.

While taking Baron/Dragon, the most optimal amount of damage combo is as follows: Q E Q W Q R Q, repeat.



Baron/Dragon/Buff: Q E Q W Q R Q
Bursting an Enemy: Q W E Q R Q

(Although, with the item reworks in the past, as well as the new masteries, a majority of the time you no longer have Max CDR as Ryze which does affect the way your combo spell order is. At max level with full CDR you would be able to Q at the beginning and in between every single other spell, but without that CDR there is a slight delay).

Tip: While pushing a lane or taking wraiths, don't hold onto your ultimate as it has an extremely low cooldown, especially with your Passive. And while many do not use this or do not know this, spells that are still traveling to the target can apply your ultimate AOE if activated before it reaches the target. This allows you to Q -> R -> Q with full AOE utilizing your passive to his fullest.

If you take Teleport instead of Ignite as one of your masteries, be sure to let your team mates know before hand that you want to gank their lane. Especially bot lane, have them ward the 2nd bush in lane behind the enemy, once the enemy has pushed, it should secure 2 kills.

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