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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dilambda

Ryze - 3v3 Bzzzzzing

Dilambda Last updated on February 17, 2011
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This is my way how to play Ryze in TT because I think he is underestimated on this map.
Hope you enjoy reading this guide and mabye you will try it in real action :)

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Pros / Cons

Insane burst dmg
Snare - good for chasing and escaping
AoE with funny cooldown
Magic resistance reducting bouncing s**ts :)
Easy to play
With RoA decent staying power

Hard to master
RoA = bulky, not tanky!
Focused = dead

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Standart, if they have less Magic Resist, we will kick them harder

This will help us to spam our spells more, and sometimes you will be saved by mana regenerated in combat. (I died a lot without these babies because i ned just x<15 mana to smash enemy face)

I like them over CDR or CDR/lvl because im able to have 40% just from items and blue pot.

15 Ability power - Great kick to successful early game

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I use standart 9/0/21 With my improved summoners spells
AP per lvl - AP for free? Why not!
3% CDR - Thanks, now i need just 37% CDR from items
15% Mpen - Nothing special but nothing negligible

5% Exp - Higher lvl = more HP, AP, Mana, Spell ranks . . .
3 mana per 5 - No mana, no funny
3% Movement speed - This can be the difference betwen snared and smashed face and escape with very low HP
6% CDR - Just 31% from items? Thanks :)

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I always start with Doran's Ring so my AP at lvl 1 is 32 and I still have good HP pool and good mana regen for first blood

Than I wait for 350 or 1210 and bluepill for Boots of Speed and mabye Blasting Wand
This AP and movement boost should allow you to get some kills or assists

Than wait for 750 and finish your boots. I prefer magic pen. ones because every focused Ryze is still dead Ryze and even Mercury's Treads will not save you

Now simply finish your Rod of Ages asap for HP allowing you to jungle between fights, mana for bigger Q dmg and AP

With RoA you have good HP pool so you can buy Rabadon's Deathcap and enjoy your insane AP

Now its just on you what items (now it should be just situational ones) do you want. I prefer Fiendish Codex because with this, maxed Q, blue pot. on and masteries you have 39% CDR! and if you complete Deathfire Grasp you will be in 95% cases CDR capped on sweet 40%

Through the game buy and learn to love this little blue baby

In TT I was never allowed to buy another item because this map is just too fast, or my games are too short :)

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Skill Sequence

I always start with E because its your most damaging ability at lvl 1 and probably the best one for TT first blood
At lvl 2 I take W for my safe and chasing
At 3 I take another E because at this lvl Im usualy not able to kill but i can harras very well
At 4 I take one Q so now is my combo complete and I can be hungry for blood
Than i always go
R > E > Q > W

In specific cases you should instead of Q pick W for better chasing and/or safer early game

DONT WORRY TO USE YOUR R! Thanks to your passive you are able to kick its cooldown very early just by spamming spells on creeps

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Summoner Spells

I nearly always go with

Because flash allows me to escape ganks, chase with flash -> W style and my most favourite: Flashing big wall over lizzard and than WERQing top lane opponent

Clairvoyance is very good spell because you can see whats where happens, check dragon, check lizzard, check possible ganks and my my most favourite:
Looking into brushes! This sounds like very useles but it is not. If youre going to kill someone in brush, your spell range is reduced to 0 because you must enter to see what is in, if you Clairvoyance in, your spell have still their regular cast range so you can WERQ from safe distance

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Ryze is very powerful if played well
Id like to ask you for possible guide improvements

Rating and constructive criticism is welcome! :)

Thanks for reading