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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackattack052

Ryze-Bursting onto the scene(After 2/16 patch)

jackattack052 Last updated on February 16, 2011
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What the hell happened to Ryze in patch v1.0.0.111?

Well the way I see it, they made ryze have a more constant damage through this patch. Most of his cooldowns were reduced, but in turn this made almost all of his attack's AP ratio's decrease. They also redid his ultimate, quite strangely it seems at first. If you want to view the notes, here's the link to them.

To let you all know, before the patch I've played around 100 games with ryze. I've had lots of experience playing with him, so I know him very well.

I will be adding more as I get time between school and my instruments, and as I play him more in this new setup.

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Mostly Ryze still operates the same. But now he's got some different mechanics to him.

Overload is now really spammable with ryze(spammable to using it every TWO seconds at max CD) This still uses 10% for damage.
Rune prison damage can't be reduced by CC reduction, has a nice mana % damage bonus of 5%
Ultimate gives lifesteal to help you stay in the lane/mid without a potion early in the game. while still farming
Can abuse mana stacking with overload and rune prison.
Most of his ranges were made much larger, allowing easier fighting and less dying.
Still squishy as hell
Ultimate doesn't make opponents **** themselves when you run at them anymore.
Spell flux was dealt a heavy nerfing to damage.
Without AP or mana does laughable damage.

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Skilling ~maybe most important chapter~

You look at the skilling and are probably confused. Why would I max overload first?

Here's why-
Overload has turned into your spammable burst tool. Spell flux got nerfed, and Rune prison does less overall after you factor in the mana and the cooldown length.
With a 3.5 cooldown to start, and a very nice range buff, you can harass your opponents into next week.
Rune prison comes next because even though it got nerfed, it got a tiny buff in range and also in another mana % damage! The snare is good for initiating via singling someone out.
Spell flux, the once beloved skill, still comes first due to the early bouncing damage. Then it's pushed off until later because of the HUGE cooldown, low ratio, and lower base damage which doesn't help early.

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His runes remain mostly the same from before, but I changed his seals from other options to abuse the mana stacking again

Magic pentration reds to deal more damage late game, cut through the stacking

Mana per level seals to increase damage and lane lastability, gives bonus AP after archangel as well.

AP per level glyphs to give him more damage steadily, can also be substituted for CD per level or flat depending on if you want to be stronger earlier or later. Having golem and your shoes though will negate these late game along with the 9% from the tree.

Flat AP quints to make early game better, for survivability HP quints work as well.

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Mastery tree

Pretty standard for casters.
9/0/21 gives extra punch to casters and some much needed exp boost, mp5, speed, and upgraded summoner spells and CD reduction.

If you wanted you could make him almost indestructible by using a 9/9/12 or even a 0/9/21 OR or 9/21/0 build to get strength of spirit, 3500 mana is a lot of hp5.

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Summoner Spells

Ryze is very vulnerable to ganks. He needs as much escaping as he can get with his slow speed, and he doesn't very good spells or survivability to stop them.

Flash is probably my overall favorite spells on squishies. So much you can do whether it be put that last bit of burst on that fleeing champion, or flash over a wall or away from a gank. This spell saves you like no other.

This spell is another favorite. Ryze goes especially well now since he can just keep pounding with overload the whole ghost, making him a very good kiter with the CD reduction and range increase. Turn and burn, then turn and run again. Rinse and repeat.

This could be a really good spell, but 400 damage won't save you from a 4 man gank or an evelynn.

Other spells are at your own choice, those are just my thoughts.

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Here's the MEAT.

After some heavy thinking, I came upon these choices of items to get the best of mana bonus damage and ability power, getting extra AP as well from all that bonus mana.

This is a GREAT starting item for ryze. Hp to make him less squishy, mp5 gives him lane-lasting, and ability power makes him an early threat. I wouldn't substitute anything else or you're a walking target with such low HP.

This item is step one to dominating with ridiculous amounts of mana. You need this early to get the stacks up and it also allows you to easily spam your overload with little repercussions. Hold onto this for a while until later for an archangel.

Some people may not like how I choose these boots over sorcerers, but in my opinion, why not augment the already decreased cooldowns of your abilities? If they really want to stack MR, 20 penetration won't help. Get a void staff. Along with your masteries (maybe your runes), you already have at least 24% cooldown reduction. Overload is on a 2.7 cooldown!

This gives literally everything you need to get going. More mana for more power, ability power to do more damage, and health to make yourself survive the now starting teamfights. I couldn't think of a better item to fill these voids at this point.

Finally you get to cash in your huge mana pool for a ton of ability power! 3% is going to make you a lot stronger, and the improved regen makes you able to literally stay out forever with your low CD ultimate and it's lifesteal portion. Now that you have some power, we need to get MORE survivability. Feel free to buy a blue potion to get almost max cooldowns and more ability power to score some kills

This is where people start to hate you. Not only do you keep hitting them with Overload for a ton of damage, but now they can't even do anything about it. The mana makes you stronger again, the health makes you survive longer, and the shield and magic resist make's you a little of an anti-caster.

Make a choice. Do they start to stack magic resistance? Or are they still too dumb? Either of these finishes the build nicely, and if you're fed, just grab both and ruin their lives. Don't get void staff if only 1 or two of them get magic resistance. Nab it only if the team starts to realize as a whole your power. Void staff will help more in the long run, however so make the decision as your own.

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~Coming soon after testing~

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Map Awareness

~coming soon after testing~

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Final thoughts and other items to use

~Once again testing~
First game was a surrender. We won with me ending at 5-2-4 on a rampage. This is great synergy.
Let me know what you think with a comment and vote! Criticism (not trolling) is happily accepted!