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Kayle Build Guide by jackattack052

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackattack052

Kayle-The Angel of Death

jackattack052 Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 0

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WARNING NEW KAYLE (nevermind...)

I have recently seen that they are going to change kayle MASSIVELY. I have absolutely no idea how this is going to affect my build-I'll let you guys know as soon as I can get onto the fields with kayle reformed. If it's dire, I'll either scrap or remake this build. I hope that won't be the case :/

Alright everybody! Check my profile for the updated build! Ratings always appreciated(except negatives :P)

Ok so they changed Kayle again. I think with the AD bonus this build works still :o

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Introduction to Kayle and changes to guide

EDIT7- Other than the EXP and CD reduction I see nothing redeeming in utility. Defensive tree makes Kayle MUCH tougher, increasing armor, magic resist, health, ability power and attack speed, blocking 2 damage, and making all that nice 2k mana give you 20 hp per 5, more than a regrowth pendent, worth more than 500 gold. Heals can be used more on your friends and less on you, and you also get a 4% damage reduction!

Edit8-Teleport is much more valuable to kayle in the long run, so ignite is no longer the main choice.

EDIT9-Haven't done much in a while, Quints choices are very diverse. Changed to many choices.
I also added a few "REMEMBER:" spots as well!

EDIT10-Went through and removed references to the old passive.

Welcome to the guide to how to dominate Kayle late game as an extreme hybrid of attack and ability power. Kayle is one of the strongest late game carries, dealing massive damage with magical and physical damage, utilizing Righteous Fury. You are unmatched by almost any champion, able to tackle anybody. Let's look at this build close up, shall we?

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Pros and Cons of Kayle


Pros-Super OP late game
Able to carry easily late game
Does both magic and physical, keeping them off balance
Can save the other carry/dps with your ultimate or heal timed perfectly.
I was playing with my friends and our Twisted fate escaped a teamfight with under 200hp. The karthus on the other team charged up his requiem, and at the LAST second, I managed to heal him for enough to survive the requiem and escape. This was vital because he was on a streak and a powerful dps on the team.
Has a constant speed boost

REMEMBER: Kayle is a DPS, but she isn't the strongest usually. Hard carries or mages like Master Yi or annie should be priorities to protect OVER yourself in teamfights. They will bring victory.
Cons- Ish at farming
Terrible early game
Doesn't have very good escaping mechanisms
Low hp with this build
Low armor/Magic resist

Pros greatly outlevel the Cons. Amazing fighting force late game, even mid game fed.

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Runes for Kayle


I take armor penetration since you get good magic from masteries/shoes, and she is a hybrid so double penetration keeps them off balance.

Mana regen seals because you are a mana hog, not flat since it's better before 6.

Ability power per level- Also gives you a little attack, and you need more power in RF.

CD per level helps maximize your ability usage late game, to keep Kayle ranged as much as possible. With these and stinger, golem will give you 40% cooldown reduction at 18.

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Summoner Spells for Kayle

Summoner Spells

Exhaust-This spell is GREAT for Kayle when hunting another champion down. Slowing and weakening someone shuts them down, esp. if they didn't get cleanse! You can use it at the same time as reckoning if they are slow, save it for when reckoning runs out, so you can keep on pounding, maybe for even around 8 seconds if you have Hextech! That's what I call SLOW. Tough between this and cleanse with the armor/MR debuff. 10 more reduction is great! Definitely my #2. After some games, I noticed by the time I needed cleanse I was dead. Exhaust however let early game shine, and late game shine brighter. This is why I took it over cleanse.

Teleport- Kayle needs as much farming as she can get, so teleport helps to get as many kills of large groups as possible. Also you can ward teleport for ganks, which is a very nice strategy. Great in ranked since it can stop a push or start one.

Other spells

MOST people would have taken Clarity, because she uses huge amounts of mana early. But by grabbing a tear and using golems, this shouldn't be a problem. Instead, we will take cleanse. Kayle is a dps with defense against damage, but not a slow/stun/taunt. So cleanse will cover that weakness. If Yi bogs you down with his exhaust, the cleanse can now remove the blind after last patch, making it useful again. Don't believe me? Look up the patch notes of 1,0,0,104. "Summoner Spells
Exhaust is now properly flagged as a slow + blind and can now be removed by Cleanse"

Clarity- Either you are a newb with Kayle, or just don't have experience, this is still a good sub. This is especially helpful early in the lanes, when you don't have manamune and 2500 mana. A good way to lure someone to fight you is to hold out on low mana, then pop clarity when they think you don't have abilities to use. Usually provides an easy kill. Lane with someone with mana, for goodness sake.

The other one(Ignite) is a great way to score some kills earlier, to keep Kayle from being useless early to mid game. Helps avoid 50hp runners, giving Kayle some extra gold. Know when to time it though, such as a character like Yi-Save it until he meditates.Others, just use as your combo comes to an end or to turn the battle your way.

Ghost- A good escaping spell since you have few escaping mechanisms, and allows you to maintain chase on enemies.

I have never used this, but what do I know. Maybe you can. Again, consider for ranked if you know what you are doing. Take out ignite since cleanse/exhaust would be a much better choice.

You probably want to know where Flash is right? Well I've heard ALL kinds of rumors it's going to removed, so why bother? Plus the others are still more useful. Everything else not mentioned is stupid.

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Masteries for Kayle


Oh if you didn't know it's only 4% total. When you think about how small this is, it's really sad. If you do 200 damage, it's 8 damage more. Not very much at all. I'll take 60hp
4% reduced damage 2 block damage and 4% AP and AS increase over base damage anyday.

Offense I got AP, exhuast buff, CD reduction, and spell penetration.
This is what is new- I grab strength of spirit for her. This is great stacking with her, because of manamune/archangel. She has 2500 mana end game, which translates to 25 extra hp per 5. That's nearly 2 regrowth pendants! Worth about 800g, easily a good choice. Makes laning phase much easier on your mana from generation.

Give credit to Searz for the idea!

Offense is useless since it's 4%. That's just about nothing. Screws everything good about that tree. Defense is now much better! Kayle likes to be able to dish out damage and take punishment so she can focus on her allies as well, so the blocked damage is very nice.

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What to max first with Kayle


Reckoning definitely gets maxed first. BUT-Get a level of divine and righteous first, since Q does little damage until higher ranks, and E allows for ease of farming. Idea from Bonegnasher! Reckoning Is her only CC, a good harass, and does good damage with a low cooldown. Late game up to around 500. Did I mention the damage increase? This ability lets Kayle dish out some major ownage. 10 %. That's alot. every 200, you do 20 more. Get Righteous Fury after this, since it makes you a dual damager. This increases damage by a ALOT. By end game, it deals 60+20% of ability power. That's 60+51=111. One hundred bonus damage. MAGIC. 200 physical, 100 magic, ranged. Amazing killing machine. I still forgot to add the bonus AP and damage from the stacks on guinsoo's, sorry. So really, you have 305AP. 200 physical and 60+60 is about 120. 320 damage, 2.0 attacks a second. Reckoning does an extra 500. Lots. Of. Hurt.
-Righteous Fury does a buttload of damage early game. don't be afraid to hit their close range attackers in your lane sometimes! It keeps them aware that you aren't just going to sit back, and lets you farm up.
REMEMBER: Righteous lets you easily farm, because of the base bonus and added from your high early AP- You could do 100 damage right at level one with Kayle, and have range to boot. Always spam Righteous so you keep up in CS(creep score). Farming is essential to everyone, but more to Kayle since she doesn't get as many kills early.

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Item Choice's for Kayle

Item Choice


Note-Tear before Sorcerer shoes.

Doran's Ring

This item brings Kayle to 20AP at the start. Reckoning has 100% bonus attack damage and 1:1 AP ratio-so for now +20 damage.

Tear of the Goddess

This item is the setup for what will define you. It also makes your mana pool much easier to maintain, since you do use a lot of mana and really can't afford to miss on exhaust or ignite. You need to always have mana to save your team in a tight situation with your ultimate, or heal someone while they run. It also leads you into a choice; Archangel, or Manamune. Usually you want manamune, but you have to look at their team and determine what they are doing about your damage.

Sorcerer Shoes

Kayle needs penetration(LOL), and the shoes are great because of reckoning and Righteous Fury. 20 more magic penetration also adds with armor penetration and the 15% from Archaic Knowledge, AND the bonus from her passive (up to 15%!) This makes the physical and magical side of your attacks do more damage, not just one. This makes Kayle EXTREMELY hard to counter. She will deal big magic and physical damage, as illustrated earlier.

REMEMBER:You can always go for Berserker Greaves as well, it's preference. Berserkers are geared for DPS and if you aren't going to get archangel, and you know it.


This item is a must for every single Kayle build that isn't a tank. Ability power makes her damage go up as she attacks, and attacks faster. Such an amazing passive. A good way to keep stacks is to use divine blessing before you think a fight is going to break out, this keeps the stacks going so you start out with the bonus speed and damage/AP.


Kayle lacks attack speed for this build. You really attack EXTREMELY slow without this, only getting to about 1.2 with all of guinsoo. You need to attack faster to kill, so that's why we get Stinger. Stinger gives you that speed, and also a nice 10% CD reduction.

After Stinger, anything could happen. Kayle has to adapt to her opponent's resistances, and counter then effectively so she can dominate some more. The next items are merely just optimal choices for when the opponent doesn't get any kind of armor or magic resistance.

Nashor's Tooth

This item is very good for Kayle, since it improves her overall DPS and abilities in 1 item. 55% attack speed is a great boon, and the 25% CD reduction on 1 item is tops. Ability power is nice for the extra boost to reckoning again, adding an extra 17 damage to each hit, not including Holy Fervor.

Now you are faced with a choice. Examine the items of the opposition; Are they stacking Armor, or are they stacking magic resist? If it's armor, grab Archangel, and benefit from stronger reckoning and totally Righteous magic damage, and make them wish they had grab magic resist instead. If the level is equal, get Manamune because then you deal more damage even without Righteous on, with it's long cooldown. Both are very good, but manamune is usually your choice. Obviously stacking magic resist calls for Manamune.

Hextech Gunblade

This item usually ends the game, if not already over. The double stats also give you a nice bit of lifesteal and spell vamp. This makes all attacks double beneficial! Righteous gives you 20% of 200, and 20% of 130. Each attack heals you for 66 hitpoints. Huge. Then, it gives you the extra 3 seconds of slow. Mega slow added with reckoning and potential exhaust, guarantees a kill 99% of the time. Don't forget the active, please.

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How to-Lane, mid game, late game


Just know that you won't be a factor early, period. Kayle doesn't gain power until around Manamune/Archangel.

Early Game
This is the stoplight of Kayle's intersection. You have to wait. Don't go on red. You lose. Cops(Opponent) get you every time. Just play it cool. Buy Dorans and a mana potion(unless you have clarity then you want health). Head to a lane with just about anybody. Kayle has ranged abilites, is tough early,handles harassment easily, and can harass back. Just try and farm, don't waste your reckonings on useless harass unless you got clarity. You need it to deny theirs and farm with righteous. Kayle is extremely item and very mana dependent. She lacks both of these early(unless you grabbed clarity), which is why you aren't very strong early.

Divine blessing after you get Tear of Goddess becomes extremely important, because it is so cheap and spammable. Use it as much as possible. This is because it will make your mana shoot up like a ROCKET. The more you heal, the more you deal. Manamune will be ridiculous if you remember to spam blessing.

If you can get a chance at solo laning, take it by all means!(unless you have a morde) Kayle excels at soloing, just be sure you get someone to cover you when you can buy a tear. Tears are vital to your survival laning. Divine blessing and righteous allow you to hold the lane easily, and solo lanes give more farming which you have a hard time with anyway.

Mid Game
The light turned yellow...(wait WTF? It's red green yellow...)Anyway yes it did. You start getting stronger now. Guinsoo's is coming along, and damage and AP is climbing. Still, save other carries over yourself. They need it more right now, and are probably stronger. Use Righteous to get some kills/assists, and reckoning to slow. Also, divine blessing gives you an assist if you heal someone who kills the enemy. Heal away!Ganks are to be organized.
At this point you still want to keep healing others, ulting others, and only using righteous and reckoning to attack opponents. Try to be the last one in since you have massive range on your heal and ultimate.

Light is green. GO. Kayle is now unstoppable, huge damage, anti-CC, Invincibility, and a heal and slow. You should be totally sending all their team to hell with your sword, destroying face. Finished sheen should be where you are at, or close. Kayle now decides she needs that ult unless she is giving out sentences while you get owned, and gives herself infinite speed boost. Righteous can kill anybody except the toughest tanks in seconds, and you chase like the cops on a red light runner. It's GG if you did good. Period.
At this point of the phase you should be either about to buy manamune/archangel, or almost there. You really, really, REALLY need to make sure you are making the right chocie between manamune and archangel. If the carries start to stack something, and the tanks stack differently, counter the carries, not the tanks. You want to shred the damage dealers, crippling the team. The whole idea behind this build is they can only slow you down moderately, because you get magic and physical. Manamune or archangel is the choice between magic and physical for the major damage. You have armor and magic penetration, so you could also get something like brutalizer or haunting guise for either. If you notice the enemy stacking your major source of damage(MR or armor), you could get last whisper to counter armor stacking or void staff.(In very long games, maybe even both!)

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Situational Items for Kayle (Offensive)

So after looking at it, I realized there are a lot of items you could sub in at different times after the core build.

IF you think you need one of these, you do. Don't be afraid of deviating from the build, it will make you much stronger against the enemy.


Youmuus has been removed since it's melee attacks only. Sadface.

Haunting Guise is a good way to get that extra penetration on their magic resistance, while also gaining some health and ability power. Another option you could use is , a more expensive and supportive option, since the entire team gains the 20 magic resist reduction in fights.

These options are for when you feel you are getting pounded very hard and somehow your targets escape. They beef you up incredibly, and give extra damage and a slow. Depending on the situation, get Rylai's or mallet. You could become a very tough DPS if you managed to grab both in a very long fight. An extra 1200 HP would make you much harder to kill. If you get one, you can either compound with your manamune/archangel choice and get the same, or keep them off balance even more by grabbing the opposite. (manamune with Rylai, archangel with Frozen).

The choice between these two is whether they get magic resistance up the wazoo or armor up the wazoo to stop you. Counter each with it's own item, and get haunting guise or youmuu's for when they get a more balanced approach.

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Situational items for Kayle (Defensive)

Frozen heart is awesome for kayle. When the dps starts coming, a smart manamune/archangel user turns to certain items, and one of them is THIS. If you use manamune, this item gives 500 mana, which translates to 10 bonus attack damage as well! If you use archangel, it gives you 15 ability power! Then that nice 99 armor and attack speed slow aura greatly aids teamfights, and fills that support role of Kayles. Recommended for when you're either focused by DPS or going against a very heavy DPS team of at least three.

Banshee's is what is used to stop those pesky mages and their CC. If you get bogged down by stuns and silences, grab a banshee's and make it all better. If mages swarm you, you can also get this, but the next item is a better choice in certain situations. Don't forget this also gives you mana, 375 of it! That translates to 7 attack damage for manamune and 10 ability power for archangel. Rounded up of course.

Highly. Underrated. For 1800 you get 35 attack damage(thats 70% of a BF sword people) which is also 11 ability power and 30 magic resistance. As if it wasn't a good enough mage counter, you get a boss 300 magic damage shield every time your health is low every 60 seconds! Anti-Karthus item so you can save your pal and yourself, or just survive that pesky malefic visions or mordekaiser ult! This item is actually very good because it increases your dps at the same time! Don't knock it til you try it.

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Summary; Looking back


Kayle easily passes the test for massive dps carry, with her dual ranged damage. She also avoids that nerf that ranged carries like ashe and trist are getting! You need to evaluate on how you did, if you chose manamune or archangel correctly, and move on and dominate some more. Give me feedback, don't troll, and PLEASE don't let this massive amount of text scare you into trolling. I hate it when a huge build that's in depth is trolled because people want theirs to look good.

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If you haven't signed up for LoL...

Then sign up! It's pretty simple. Make sure no matter what champion you play, use guides! Don't do what I did, and try to do it without help. Sign up here(It gives me a referral if you get to level 5, which helps me when they accumulate!)