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Ryze Build Guide by shendoxjoey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey

Ryze the Mana Limit

shendoxjoey Last updated on March 15, 2015
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This is a Build I made for a friend of mine and I decided it would be easiest ti just publish it to everyone because I feel this build is pretty good.

Originally I had made this build with giving Ryze AP, which is not a good idea( I found this out when someone said "Hey why do you have Mejia's Soulstealer? Ryze scales better by Mana not AP")

So this is a revised, and renamed version of the build i had already made. Hope you like it.

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The runes I choose where just some things I thought could help with getting the kills in game. I will most likely alter them shortly enough, but my friend for now is only level 5 so I feel i have some time before runes even factor into his use of this build.

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The utility mastery tree I felt was best for a support style character, even if you will be uncontrollably spamming spells to the point where at level 3 you can destroy someone without them even being able to do anything because of a near permanent stun.

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I come back to the comment about him scaling better by mana than Ability Power, these items are set up to get the most mana you can, the most mana regeneration, and the most ability cool down.

The mana comes in handy because he scales by mana and he will need alot of it in order to keep using his skills.

The mana regeneration is useful for getting all that mana he has back much quicker.

The spell cool down is there so you can spam your spells, on top of the cool down he gets from his first skill and the 1second reduction he gets from his passive.

The philosopher stone is used to get you some early mana regeneration and some early "income". this is useful because of the extra gold over most everyone else.

The Ionian Boots give you that extra spell cool down right in the beginning, this will help your ability to get you skills to be like almost instant cast right after you use the skill.

The Frozen Heart will also give you spell cool down, but it will also make it so your first two spells do extra damage because they are enhanced by your amount of mana. Also the item gives a bit of armor which is useful in staying alive, early and late game.

Archangels staff gives a bit of AP which helps your spells do a bit more damage, but it also increases your mana a whole lot which will also give you more damage, but twice because the staff itself gives you more AP based on your max mana, so it is totally awesome and totally damage orientated. Did I mention the extra mana regeneration it gives?

So the Manamune is an item that will increase your max mana giving you more damage also it will increase mana regeneration and it will make regular attacks more powerful because it will convert a percentage of the max mana into attack damage.

I replaced the Catalyst with a Force of Nature because in use of the build it was discovered that you have low survive ability and little magic resistance, this item will hopefully correct that with it's health regeneration and Magic Resistance.

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Skill Sequence

I go with overload to start because it is a damage dealer and has an insanely fast recharge time. But basically you can sit there and spam this skill in the beginning to get the first kill.

Rune Prison I go with second because then you can kind of do a combo where you:

Regular attack
Rune Prison
Regular attack
and as the enemy champion is running away, Exhaust quickly followed by an ignite
and last a regular attack if you can get it in.

Spell Flux is really a mobbing skill so you don't need it as much early game because even with it you won't be doing enough damage to kill minions with one hit of it.

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Summoner Spells

These two summoner spells, I think, are the best in order to get the first kill. and again the first kill is very crucial if you want to be successful in this build.

If you are not a high enough level to get both of these skills then I would at least get exhaust because that comes in handy, and at the moment my friend is using Heal( I don't really recommend this skill because it becomes almost useless late game when you are a high level).

Ghost and Ignite work great together because if you can get the enemy champion down to about 50% health points then you can cast exhaust to slow them as they try to retreat then some of you spells, save rune prison for last, and just after you use rune prison lay down Ignite to get the damage over time and an Overload if you can to stop them from getting away.

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Pros / Cons

You will never run out of mana(mid to late game, early game you do).
You will almost always have a skill to use(Even right after you have used them all).
Great damage in the beginning.

You are SQUISHY, you must manage your health a lot, and try not to get double teamed.
If you run out of mana, you will be waiting a long time for it to regenerate.
If you are ganked in the beginning of the game your are pretty much dead.

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So basically this build is used as either a support to a melee character on a side lane, or my personal favorite, doing mid by yourself and destroying every enemy you touch.

Please Please Please comment with any suggestions for this build, i would very much appreciate it.

By The Way I do not use Ryze, I just made this build for my friend to use, therefore I have not YET used the build myself, I will probably right after I'm done making this description.

I just used Ryze not to long ago for the first time with this build and I found that this build is great for the middle lane. If you can get that first kill then you are pretty much set because your first two items are very inexpensive and help a lot, not to mention you get more gold every 10 seconds. So basically you will be ahead of the game.