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Soraka Build Guide by MsBean

Support s11 Soraka Guide by a totally good player.

Support s11 Soraka Guide by a totally good player.

Updated on November 1, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MsBean Build Guide By MsBean 18 1 27,832 Views 0 Comments
18 1 27,832 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MsBean Soraka Build Guide By MsBean Updated on November 1, 2021
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Runes: The runes I take

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Bone Plating

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
Take majority of the times
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

s11 Soraka Guide by a totally good player.

By MsBean
How to play her

Soraka is a very straight forward champ, we know that Q gives us movement speed, heals us and damages them, We know that W heals our teammates but also damages us. Her E will silence and stun enemies if they stay long enough in it. but, what are some plays we can do with a Soraka?

So to begin with, if you're being chased USE Q, they will give up eventually, and you'll get away most of the times. Use E if needed too. Soraka's Q is quite a stinger for the opposite team, she has a low cooldown on her Q and while in a teamfight it can be problematic for the enemies. Make sure to center your Q in a fight to get as much out of it as possible. Use your E to cancel ults, you can cancel ults like Katarina which can help the team, in other words she can stop channeling ults. Make sure to take advantage of this to help your team to the max in a team fight.

What you wanna do is Q the enemy and wait for the green ball to reach you, you will be affected with something called rejuvenation, make sure to heal your mates when you're affected by this as your health will not be affected whatsoever. Very important to keep that in mind since healing is her main thing.

Another thing with Soraka is that she can only heal one ally at the time, so if you have your fed top laner vs your ADC that went 0 10 and has no items for the team fight, make sure you help your top more. Yes you will have angry people, but if you've ulted and used redemption then your ADC should understand and try to farm more. Top, jungle is the top main carries in a game. ADC too if they're good, but most of the times they stick to bot while top and jungle does the work. Prioritize the people that are actually pushing the game forward and carrying your team. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when and who to heal. Usually you wanna heal everyone of course, but her W has a cooldown, so be careful when and who you heal.

All together Soraka is amazing in team fights, you need to know positioning, which I would recommend looking up a video for, there's plenty good ones that explains positioning. As we know we take bone plating to make Soraka a little more resistant to damage, but ALWAYS stay with someone from your team, you benefit more from it. When you go out to place a ward, never walk too far from your team, your team values you because of how much you heal in a team fight and therefore they will most of the time save you or try to. Try to stay alive for your team.

Her ult, after patch 11.18. She clears grievous wounds, so take advantage of this ult as it's really op lol. although in patch 11.19 they nerfed her a little, shouldn't stop you from using it whenever it's needed tho.

When playing soraka you NEED GOOD MAP CONTROL, number 1 rule, since your ult is towards every ally, make sure you train your eyes to always look on the map every few seconds, look at the fight. Ult at the right time, very important, your team relies on your healing and ults especially your ADC so make sure to be a real support and actually support your team, it's the only way you'll get them forward. Good map control comes over time, I'm not the best Soraka in the world but I have more than decent map control, vision together with watching the map, easy clap. Vision is really important too, put wards at objective areas, like shelly pit (herald) drake, baron. Also try to put it at their buffs, but be careful doing so, putting on their buffs or in their jungle can help your team greatly, knowledge is key, when your Jungler and teammates knows where the enemies are, it's easier to make a move and predict the enemies.

When first starting the game, if you're confident enough in your gameplay, be aggressive, don't let the enemy sup poke you too much, if you're scared of who you're against, try to poke them if the enemy is being greedy, greed is what gets most people killed. Never push more forward than you should, especially if you're in solo queue with a random, never. People who do not respect a soraka and the poke and damage she does, will get back for it. Make sure to always punish them, low elo supports lack in positioning, so be the one to know how to and be the better support. Better support wins ;)

Soraka is really fun to pick up and I recommend her greatly for people who enjoys being someone's right hand. She is cute, loves bananas, and have some AMAZING skins, I picked her up ages ago and have been loving every second with her, even in rough games you still help your team, since you don't worry about damage. You base healing is good enough, She is a very good safe pick to have for support mains. Main Soraka :)
Baron warding

When your team or the enemy team is going for Baron, try to prepare beforehand so you don't get killed in the process of placing wards down. It's really important to scan the area so the enemy team is clueless of how much health the baron has or how many is in the baron pit, this makes the enemy team weak and wont be able to steal as easily. When placing these wards, not only does your team have vision over the enemy team, but you also have time to prepare if they're planning to steal.

As a support you are obligated to ward objective, whether you know they're going for it or not, it helps our team more to have vision over an area.

Red squares - Red team
Blue Squares- Blue team
Green Squares - Both teams
Drake warding

Same goes for the dragon pit, These ward places are super good to remember as you'll have the most vision over enemies, make sure to prepare before going for drake, if you get caught you will die. It can also be good to prepare E in case the jungler is going to steal, E the jungler and hope your jungler is faster with smiting. When it comes to positioning, make sure you are in the back waiting for the enemy team, try not to take too much damage from drake, and heal your team as much as possible. Never front-line as Soraka. If dragon is lost, make sure your team survives, do not give up on your team. If you're being chased by the jungler, pray to god.

Red squares - Red team
Blue Squares- Blue team
Green Squares - Both teams
laning phase
Good positioning
Laning with Soraka is not hard, but knowing positioning is very important. The picture above is you, your adc and the enemy bot lane, here you can see your adc is farming getting gold, the enemy team is staying within their lane and not pushing more than they should, and it's all chill and relaxing, get some popcorn, just kidding ofc :). But letting your adc farm undisturbed is important, CS is the most important part in lanes, it's how you guys win. Kills is not everything as 2 minion waves is basically one kill in gold. Do not overextend, don't push your adc to fight uncomfortable fights like the picture below. When you overextend, your adc has to leave farming and help you, the trades will be unfair as you will take more damage then you do to the enemy team, and your adc loses farm, you should only be aggressive when:

1. You and your adc have a stronger early game
2. They don't have champions that can hook you (cough cough blitz)
3. If you're playing it safe.

by safe, I don't mean take a 50/50 risk and hope not get hit, it's important to understand that some ADC'S and some supports have certain abilities that forces you to not be aggressive, let's take an example, they have a Caitlyn ADC and Maokai support, going into bushes to poke them is simply impossible if you don't constantly buy wards, which early game can be tricky unless you find a way to finish frost fast. But lets say you don't. You going into a bush with both Maokais little minions AND Caitlyns traps, will lead you doom, Soraka is not a tanky support at all. Which means that in that specific scenario you are forced to stay open in lane, and try to poke them openly. If you practice this, it will be no problem against any lane, except blitz, seriously, don't piss a blitz off.

But knowing positioning, is something I strongly advice you to learn first. As it's really really important. Of course along with map control. If you're completely new to soraka, I would take a few games to both be really aggressive and be really passive, to feel and learn your own boundaries, because the champ will play in your favor. if you get really good with soraka and play her really aggressively, it can pay off really well but if you mess up it can end badly. Do keep in mind that you are a support, you are there to support your team, your adc for the most part. Which means that when you do unfavorable things both for you and your adc,

So be the better support and only poke them when its favorable for you and your adc, for example, if they push too much and their support falls out of position, take advantage of that and poke the support as much as possible, an alone ADC is a real snack, 300 gold and a nice KDA will leave your ADC happy.

Bad positioning
A little about myself
Hello My name is MsBean :)

I used to be top 2000 Soraka, before I took a break with school stuff. Was really proud of that, cool stuff.

100k mastery points

Thank you for reading my guide <3 as I was a little insecure to post it, I chose to put time and effort making one because I feel like a lot of people these days don't really play Soraka that much. At least not what I see. Even though I may not be diamond or challenger, I enjoy playing the game non ranked, and enjoy playing Soraka a lot, so much that I've learnt more with Soraka than school lmao. She's a great way to learn map control and that's what I liked about her. Generally I'm a chill person, so to play soraka was a fit for me, and she likes bananas, what's there not to like....
League of Legends Build Guide Author MsBean
MsBean Soraka Guide
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s11 Soraka Guide by a totally good player.

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