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Taric Build Guide by L3gislacerator

Support [S13] Surf's Up! | Master Taric Support Guide

Support [S13] Surf's Up! | Master Taric Support Guide

Updated on April 20, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author L3gislacerator Build Guide By L3gislacerator 1663 68 4,577,842 Views 169 Comments
1663 68 4,577,842 Views 169 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author L3gislacerator Taric Build Guide By L3gislacerator Updated on April 20, 2023
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Maintained (201) | February 18, 2020 5:17pm
I don't think there's anything I can say about this wonderful guide that PsiGuard hasn't already said a million times now. Not only is this by far one of the best guides on the site, but it's also one of the only guides that have consistently been of high quality, and 5 contest wins reflect that. You have blessed this site with over 3 years of a gem of a guide, and just like Taric's gems, your guide isn't merely outrageous, it's fabulous. That being said, I'm still a scout so I am not only obligated to review this guide, I'm also proud and honored to do so. I'm also going to ask you to forgive me if my feedback overlaps any of the other scouts' feedbacks.


Forgive my relatively short feedback, but the guide super great as it is, so I couldn't really find a lot to talk about. Here's to another year of this wonderful guide!
L3gislacerator (49) | February 22, 2020 1:11pm
Hey Maintained! I appreciate all of the suggestions.

  • My cheat sheet can surely use some shaping up. Thanks for finding specific ways I should do so. The runes are something I'm going to experiment with more. Inspiration as a secondary is what I'm most comfortable with, but I have not tried Precision since the POM changes. I'll see how it goes so I can make a more educated suggestion between those two options.

  • Gargoyle's works fine on Taric, although it is situational because engaging is not his forte. If he is played as a frontliner though, Gargoyle's works well and prevents Taric from getting bursted. Also, it has an interaction with Starlight's Touch because by doubling your bonus health your heal becomes stronger for that period. Pretty neat! I can see it having a spot in a more aggressive player's item set.

  • It depends on the matchup, but I sometimes do take Heal in those cases.

  • I also miss old Aatrox. Gone but not forgotten. o7

Thank you again for the great feedback! :)
Fruxo (325) | February 14, 2020 3:22am
Hello again L3gis, here’s also another actual review from me. :)

click for review

Good luck with any new updates you make for your guide L3gis and another big Congratulations in being the first Featured Guide in the new system! :P
L3gislacerator (49) | February 22, 2020 12:57pm
Thank you Fruxo! This is a wealth of great suggestions all around. You've identified a lot of areas in which I can improve the guide.

- I see what you mean about describing my item sections more. I'll see what I can do to add more clarity.
- The "Levels 6+" part of ability sequence mostly covers this, specifically why to max what first. I can add more about why starting with Dazzle is good though.
- While I do have more details in the matchup chapter, I can see myself adding brief descriptions in the cheat sheet for skim readers. More champion matchups, too.
- p.s. i only added ezreal as a threat for the meme, lul

- The black backgrounds are something I am aware of. When I can, I would like to make all of those black backgrounds transparent instead. Thanks for identifying which graphics specifically need this work done on them.
- Thanks, I'm glad you find the visuals and content to be great! :)

- Runes: Once I try out Precision as a secondary more, I would like to return to the runes with a more educated breakdown of their pros, cons, and reliability.
- That's a typo in the Ignite section. Nice catch!
- I agree with adding Exhaust to the cheat sheet.
- Items: Thank you!
- Abilities/sequence: Lots of great feedback -- I will see what I can do here to make it more informative.
- General Gameplay/The Last Chapters: I plan on removing the spoilers as you and Psi suggest. I'll also go back and add more matchups since there's a lot more that exist and I can offer insight on outside of the current common ones I have listed.

I'll definitely be incorporating this feedback into future updates! C:
PsiGuard (1495) | February 13, 2020 7:44pm
Hey L3gislacerator, here's my more "official" review of your guide. :)

Click For Review

I've praised your guide on enough occasions that my stamp of approval should be a given. Still, every guide can always be improved so I hope I was able to give you some ideas of stuff you could do to make the guide even better.

Congratulations on being our first Featured Guide in the new system and good luck with your updates!
L3gislacerator (49) | February 18, 2020 5:48am
Hey Psi! Thank you for the very thorough review! :D

1. I could definitely fit in POM as a separate page on the sheet. It's becoming a more popular playstyle recently as well.
3. I often don't run out of mana with just Glacial Shroud or a Sapphire Crystal on me. In part is because of only putting 2 points in Q for most of the game, but I'm also fairly conservative with my spell casts. I don't speak for others, though, so I can see myself adding other mana options to the build.

3/4. I can see the lower parts of the runes section being more graphically appealing. I agree that more custom graphics and subheadings would make it look more cohesive with and less basic compared to other parts of the guide.
5. There's definitely a lot to work with in the matchups chapter. If there's any chapter in the guide I could see myself overhauling and making more stylish, it would be that one.
6. Interesting! That is good to know.
7. I can see more videos/gifs working here. It's easy for readers to avoid the spoiler or not click on videos.
8. Same as above.

1. Noted. I agree that mentioning those dangers would be very useful.
3. I have seen that trend as well. I will try that combination out and see how things go, then see how I can incorporate those experiences into the guide.
4. Nice catch!
5. You know what? They ARE pretty cool. They don't deserve to be hidden away under a spoiler.
6. Thank you! I like that section as well. Also, just for you:

Haha. Yeah, that Jhin
poem took time! Four
line form just made
that part glow. (Wink.)

I appreciate you showing me all these ways in which I can improve this guide. I did not notice a lot of them on my own. I will continue to work on updating it to be the best it can be. <3
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