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Graves Build Guide by KamiKZ

Jungle S14 72% WR Challenger Graves Jungle Guide

Jungle S14 72% WR Challenger Graves Jungle Guide

Updated on April 6, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KamiKZ Build Guide By KamiKZ 1578 112 5,955,339 Views 33 Comments
1578 112 5,955,339 Views 33 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KamiKZ Graves Build Guide By KamiKZ Updated on April 6, 2024
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Recommended Items

Runes: Graves runes

Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Zombie Ward
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Unleashed Smite

Unleashed Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Who is KamiKZ ?

Hello Guys I am KamiKhaZix previous Rank #1 Kha Zix on EUW

I was Rank #1 Kha Zix EUW in season 8 & 9 according to some websites

Here is my Kha Zix guide

I am live streaming on Twitch: if you have any questions about League of legends or my Kha Zix guide feel free to join my stream and ask me there

I have been maining Kha Zix since season 6

My ranks through different seasons:
- I have been playing league of legends since season 5
- season 5: Riven/Irelia two trick, peak platinum 1
- season 6: Kha Zix One Trick Pony, 500 games, peak diamond 4
- season 7: Kha OTP yet another season. Became #128 Kha Zix in the world according to Peak Diamond 2
- season 8: Masters 100 LP
- Season 9: 3x Grandmaster peaked 345 LP grandmaster EUW
- Season 10: Challenger elo got rank #1 kha zix on both EUW and EUNE this season so far
- Season 11: Grandmaster on EUW so far (June 2021)
- Season 12: Challenger 1074 LP + Rank #4 Jungler in Denmark + Top 100 Junglers on Lolpros (Graves second most played champion, with 60% WR with 115+ games played)

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Graves Pros & Cons


Strong soloQ jungler
Always good no matter what your team comp is
Very healthy clear always full hp as long as you kite jungle camps properly
Good carry potential
High damage
Fun champion - fun kit
One of the few ranged junglers that actually works
Good at 1v1
Insanly good at kiting
Good at taking scuttle
Insane scaling
Very flexible since you can go crit graves, tank graves, bruiser graves and lethality graves


No cc
Brings nothing to a team wombo combo
Weak vs peel comps
Weak vs long range comps
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Graves rune page #1: Fleet Footwork
Fleetfootwork is good with shieldbow graves since shieldbow will give you insane amount of healing and with fleet footwork on top you will get even more healing and slight movement speed buff

Triumph is good on Graves to survive from ignites or other burn damage items such as Liandries or champions such as darius bleed passive

Legend Alacrity is good with graves since this build focuses on auto attacking a lot and getting constant stacks and resets on your so you can auto attack even more but if enemy has heavy cc you should go Tenacity instead of alacrity only go alacrity vs no cc or minimal cc

Last stand is good with graves since last stand will be procced when you use Goredrinker which means you will do more damage while on low hp with that bonus damage you will then hopefully be able to win the fight.

Zombie ward is great for Graves since we rush Umbral because we run zombie ward in our runes and umbral is a cheap legendary items which gives us early quick powerspike that we should abuse to play aggresive in enemy jungle

Treassure hunter Treassure hunterSince we play aggresive on Graves in the early game due to the fact that we are ranged we will go Treassure Hunter to snowball even harder whenever we get a kill

You can go tenacity instead of alacrity if enemy team has a lot of cc
You can go last stand instead of coup de grace against enemy team comps that dive on top of you (example assassins)
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Why Fleetfoot work

You should go the fleet runes and build when playing against a lot of melee champions on enemy team and if the enemy doesn´t have a lot of cc or if you play against a tanky team comp.
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There are many different builds for Graves

There is:
Crit Graves
Full lethality Graves
Bruiser Graves

To see all builds I recommend using lolalytics:

This guide will focus on Lethality graves which in my opinion is one of the strongest graves build at the moment in this current meta.

The best lethality build is

Late game items are situational

You will start with red smite and sweeper without potions due to the fact that graves has such a healthy he clear he doesn´t need potion for his first clear.

Fleetfootwork will heal you the small amount of damage you take since you are ranged you just kite the camps while taking minimal damage.

By not going potions you save 50g which means you can get to your serrated dirk even faster at 1050g rather than 1100g which basically means you can clear 1 camp less and get your item faster that way.

Your first item will always be ghostblade and you will build it by going serrated dirk first because the early game is really really strong for burst damage and afterwards you will build the second part of ghostblade which is Warhammer and then you will finish ghostblade. once you have ghostblade you have the extra crit and extra movement speed so you should look to play very aggressively as soon as you have your mythic item on graves.

Then you will buy collector for the extra lethality ad and crit as well as execute damage which will give you insane burst damage in early to mid-game

Plated steelcaps vs full ad comps otherwise mercs always because we already get armor from graves e stacks

Black Cleaver 4th item pretty much always because the armor pen on Graves feels really nice on top of the ability haste which mainly will be used for being able to your E off cooldown each time you get 2 auto´s off

It will ofc also be nice with stacked ability haste for your Q and R but it´s mainly for your E resets

Bloodthirster is a great late game item on Graves because of the insane amount of AD it gives and having lifesteal in late game is great since you can sustain yourself in teamfights as long that you can AA something instead of having to recall every time you get down to low HP
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S14 Jungle path

You have 2 options for Graves clear in season 14

Either full clear or invade clear:

Invade clear will look like this:
Start your own red buff (use smite)
E over pit and invade enemy on their blue buff/gromp

If enemy blue is up you take blue and gromp and go back to farming your own jungle

If you see blue has been taken, then you invade them on their gromp and focus the enemy champion not the gromp (because you don´t have smite)
If you kill the enemy champion, you take the gromp
If enemy flashes over the wall you can kite the gromp either up or down depending where enemy flashed over wall and then finish it

Full clear will look like this:

1. Start on red buff
2. Go to your Krugs
3. Go to your Raptors focus the big raptor with auto attacks and use Q on all the raptors
4. After Raptors go to Wolves, if you haven´t used smite yet, then smite wolves
5. After Wolves then go to your Gromp first and then blue

(Gromp first is important because Gromp has 2:15 respawn timer while blue has 5 min respawn timer)

After blue buff you go clear scuttle crab and then look to either gank, go double scuttle or simply reset.

This is how you wanna clear on Graves preferably every game.

If enemy jungler comes to contest you on the scuttle look if you have prio on your nearby laners, if you have prio you can still go for the scuttle but play it slow, if you don´t have prio then let enemy jungler get the scuttle and you try and get the other scuttle.

First back base depending on gold
700G = 2x Long Sword
1050 = 3x Long Sword
1100 = Serrated Dirk
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How to clear the jungle as Graves

You can pretty much clear all camps quite easily with graves as long as you kite them out properly and remember to split up the jungle camp a little bit so your passive auto attack can hit mutiple targets at once

Always kite the jungle camps

Always auto a jungle camp once and then e immediately after your first auto attack to gain a stack on your E passive and gain an extra auto attack

Always kite towards the next jungle champ

Smite Krugs or Wolves

Your passive knocks back jungle camps which makes scuttle crab go from having 60 armor and magic recist to only be having 10 armor and magic recist which makes scuttle really easy to kill as Graves

A super important for graves jungle and his clearing is to stack up his E passive you do this by constantly doing damage this refreshes the current amount of stacks you have on your E passive and you gain another stack by using E it can be stacked up to 8 times

Each stack gives bonus armor
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How to gank as Graves

Try to gank laners who has cc since you don´t have any cc in your own kit except W which is little slow.

Try to gank when you have red buff, since red buff provides extra damage and a little slow on auto attacks aswell.

If your laner has no cc try to walk up behind the enemy and start auto attacking, you can start using your w on top of the enemy if needed. Wait with your until the enemy either uses their dash or flash and then E after them to always be in range to auto attack the enemy

Remember you can always finish your opponent with your R after they used flash
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How to play teamfights as Graves

With this build you have a lot of damage and a lot of healing so the only way you can only die is if you get cc´ed and can´t auto attack anyone to heal up.

With this graves build you wanna play kind of like a mid range ADC, in the backline behind your frontline but still in front of your full back line which would be your traditional caitlyn adc.
If you don´t have any frontline what so ever in your team comp you can either be the frontline yourself or you will have to find flanks from the sides or from behind.
Most important thing is that you always want to be in range to auto attack enemies.

You wanna try and hit as many ranged champions with your W since if you smokescreen them they will have a really hard time doing damage while in the smokescreen so they will have to run out of the smokescreen first before they will start doing damage again.

You also wanna keep your E stacks up all the time for the extra armor in teamfights.
You do that by constantly auto attacking someone and using your E to get another stack.

You wanna use your ultimate to snipe someone in the enemy backline and blow them up.

You can use your Q on both frontline and backline, just use it on whoever you are in range for to be honest.

And then just kite the enemies around with your E W R and movementspeed from fleet footwork.
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My stream

I stream on at

I stream in english
I read chat while in game so feel free to ask me questions live on stream
I play soloQ mainly in high elo but also do viewer games etc

Hope to see you on my stream <3
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Support me

If you wan't to support me you can do that by following me on social media:


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I am doing an RP giveaway on my stream when I hit 38k followers on twitch

The giveaway is 2x 10€ RP Gift card (2x 1580 RP)

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Coaching & Videos

Here is a youtube playlist of me getting coached by XL coach from the LEC in season 12
Many of the same concepts from these videos apply to preseason 13 and season 13:

Here are some useful Graves videos from my youtube channel that I know will help you become a better Graves player and jungler over all:



If you want to get coached yourself by me on Graves add me on discord KamiKhaZix#1616
Vod review: 25$
Live game review: 35$
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