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Nocturne Build Guide by H4WK3Y3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H4WK3Y3

S3: 3v3 - Nocturne - "Dark with a Chance of Pain"

H4WK3Y3 Last updated on June 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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General Guide


Nocturne is a champion that I have played since my first week of League of Legends, and I've grown to become a very strong player with him. The way that I play Nocturne, and will be showing you, is going to be a sort of assassin, non-carry AD champion. He is going to get in, hit hard, and get the job done. Basically, I don't buy nearly any items for defense, because if you learn how to time your "w", you really can block anything. (ex: I'm about to die, but I've gotten Garen very low as well. He chases me as I run, thinking he'll get the kill with his ult. I turn on him, and see him kneel for the ultimate, immediately I pop my shield, BLOCKING his ultimate completely, and giving me a massive attack speed buff, allowing me to kill him, and walk away from the fight)I'll be showing you a lot of tricks that you can have as Nocturne, and if you manage to pull of everything I've shown you, you'll be going 20/1 in no time.

What you're going to want to do when you play Nocturne, is farm a lot early game. You've got your Duskbringer at level 1, for some good lane dominance and poke early game, and fine sustain with your passive ability. If you can get your team to do it, assuming your playing top, have them come out of there lane, come through mid picking up the health buff if they need it, and have them come up from behind the enemy in your lane. Once the enemy champion sees this, they'll be forced right into you, unless they try to go directly through your teammate, in which case you can double team the enemy and dominate. Assuming he runs towards you, immediately pop your Duskbringer to get the speed and extra damage on him, and just chase him down straight through the middle of the map, or force him down into your turret. If you manage to pull this off, its an EASY first kill, and will show your enemies that you mean business.

Now that you've established some sort of dominance in your lane, you can start to farm. Get your abilities, and max Duskbringer as quickly as you can. Basically, try and get to level 6, or as close as you can, before recalling. Ideally, one your first recall you can pick up both Grez's Lantern, and the Berserker Grieves. Once you've got these two items, go in for another team, calling for a gank, or going wherever you can, and pick up another easy kill. Having gotten 2 maybe 3 and 0 now, you and your team should have an easy time finishing up the rest of the game, fed as you are.

Ability Sequences

The way that I use my abilities during a fight, is very simple. Either A. Duskbringer into a fight, this is the usual way you want to enter a fight, or B. Ultimate into a fight. Duskbringer gives you a huge damage and attack speed buff, use it. You shouldn't be going into a fight unless you're extremely fed, or your confident you can finish the fight. Once you've gotten into the fight, immediately use your shield, as chances are you'll be targeted by some sort of an ability or a CC. Having dodged that hit, and now having double attack speed, comes the fun part. As they turn to try and run, use your third ability, your Fear. Unless they burn their flash in their escape, they'll fall easily to your Fear, in which case you can finish them off easily. This is the best possible Nocturne ability sequence in my mind, and has server me when in many a fight.


Nocturne is an extremely strong Champion to play in 3v3, and I rarely lose a game when I play as him. This guide is fairly short, and new, but I will try to add some information to it as soon as I can. If anyone has any questions or wants a few extra tips, I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks for reading, and give this guide a thumbs up if you think it is helpful.