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Lee Sin Humor Guide by WizZeh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WizZeh

[S3] Blue Lee Sin jungle

WizZeh Last updated on July 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Lee sin build is aimed to get high survivability and decent damage, It will make you escape situations if you have done something wrong, like going to far into enemy jungle.
It will also make you learn his mechanics more easy cause he is so tanky

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Skill Sequence

There is not so mutch to do when you are lee sin in the jungle,
Max your E first, put a point in your W at lvl 4 tom become more mobile.
Then after lvl 9 when your E is maxed, start putting points in your Q.
Put points in your ulti whenever you can.
Max your W as the last ability.

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Gank with flash: come from where ever you like, and try to hit your Q, then acti your Q again to close the distance to the target, then flash in the oposite way you want him to go, then use your ulti to kick him in the direction he dont wanna go.

Gank without Flash: Try to come from behind the enemy, example tri brush top and tribrush bot, then Q the target and ult him towards your team mates.

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Creeping / Jungling

You can choose from starting from blue or red.
But remember to ask your team from smiteless, so you can take the next buff in lvl 2.
If you start red go up to wraiths, then wolves and then blue, then you can gank either top or mid
If you start at blue go down to wolves, thyen wraiths and then red buff, then gank mid or bottom
If you feel safe in your jungle, try go and counter the other teams jungle, for them to get behind ingame.

One thing you should think of is lee's passive, so try use a spell once then 2 basic attacks then use it again, and then use another spell once basic attac twice and then use it again,
This will make lee sin never run out of energy

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Team Work

Early and mid game try dominating all lanes with lee sins high mobility and damage.
its also smart to counter the other team jungle to get him behind.
An behind jungler has to be more in his jungle, this means mutch less ganks and counter jungeling from his side.

Late game try use your ulti on ap carry so it can't focus your team, then go for the adc, it should be squishy enough the get bursted down my your auto attacks and Q and E. and some spells from your team

Teamfights in general: try to draw the attencion of as many of the enemies as possible, since you are so tanky they wont kill you so easily, but if you feel in real danger try W to a friendly champion or minion/ward.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: insane mobility
Extremly fun to play
Good early
insane mechanics

Cons: Hard to play
not too good late game
not tanky but not squishy either


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