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Evelynn Build Guide by Harrisnyan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harrisnyan

S3 Jungle Eve Goes Hard In The Paint

Harrisnyan Last updated on March 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Put This On - Win! GO GO GANK!

Thanks for 10K views and spot number 8!

Special thanks to Matt for being a thug
- "I went something along the lines of 19/4/8"

- "Stats of 6/1/1, 6/3/16 and 7/6/9"

- "First game as jungle in awhile went 27/6/19... pretty OP"

All actual quotes from people who tried this build out. Stats don't lie.

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This is my personal preference, maybe you like Eve as an AP mid (you still think you're ALex Ich after patches?), or you like to build her differently etc. I'm not saying my way is the best - I'm saying it's a good high damage dealing build, with decent survivability. I love my way of playing Eve, and I thought I'd share it.

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- High damage
- Very good gank potential
- With good use of passive, can give all but first blues away
- Good pushing ability
- E steroid means for fast turret taking
- Excellent counterjungler

- Quite squishy
- Often targeted
- No hard CC
- Tendency to KS (Q spam)

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Evelynn's Abilities (Explained)

Shadow Walk Passive before you gank and passive to gain mana - so you don't need blue.

Hate Spike SPAM Q ALL DAY. Line up for Q for maximum effect.

Dark Frenzy Use this to remive slows, and to be faster in the jungle between camps. DON'T USE IT IF YOU ARE LOW ON MANA even though it has no manan cost, it stops you passive's effect.

Ravage Use this for the attack speed steroid when taking turrets, use this ata the start of your ganks if you aren't opening with R.

Agony's Embrace Try hit as many people as possible with this. Not the largest cooldown - but don't waste it. Use it to kill - but also gain the shield to help you survive.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash. Why?


Can you ghost over a wall? You already have a speed boost, why do you need another one?
Flash can be used to surprise people. Flash E-Q can do alot of damage to secure a kill too.
People who see a superspeeding Eve can CC you or just use other escape mechanisms.

If you've read the rest of the guide, you'll see that I say to play Eveylnn with teams that have CC - if you have to Exhaust for CC - you aren't playing Evelynn with the correct team composition. Exhaust can be useful for uncomfortable 1v1s, but I would say Flash would be helpful for getting away from those if you feel you can't win - if you CAN win, you don't need the Exhaust.

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You're AD - Why All The AP Runes And Masteries?

Evelynn does more AP damage early game (in my opinion), and late game she seems to do more AD. The AP setup at first helps you with early ganks and good early clear speeds. The fact yopu started AP isn't noticeable at all mid to late game.

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Why Cloth Armour and 5 Pots - Even With The Jungle Changes?

As I said before, this is MY EVELYNN feel free to change it up - I just like this start more.
This guide is not telling you to play Evelynn exactly how I play her, change up my ideas if you think it would work better - and tell me if it does or not!

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Jungle Route

Start at blue, then wolves, then wraiths - then immediately look to gank your midlane. Eve's early game ganks are ridiculous. A midlaner with good CC makes for an easy first blood. Depending on how the gank goes, head for red if you feel you have enough HP to take it - or otherwise head to big golems. Rinse and repeat from here on out.

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Because of Eve's low cooldowns, you can be in and out of lanes all the time. Gank whenever you see an opening. Gank through tri-brush with passive up to get behind enemies - lead with R if only if enemies flashes are down. Gank mid from by their wraiths, sneak right behind the enemy midlaner.

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Whenever I jungle - my friends always tell me off for counterjungling too much :(. Evelynn has insane CJ-ing ability because of the speed she can take buffs - and her passive leads to nice smite steals. If you have a fair idea where the enemy team is - feel free to go hard and counterjungle. Remeber to leave small parts of each camp behind. If Eve runs into the enemy jungler - she can easily escape, or fight them 1v1 most of the time. Watch for the enemy team collapsing onto you if you decide to stay and fight.

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Team Composition

Due to Evelynn's squishiness, she needs to have a tankier team with her. Due to her lack of hard CC, she works well with a team that has hard CC. Evelynn also works amazingly with allies whos ultis can hit with hers - such as Malphite, Leona, Morgana and Orianna.

For example, Malphite/Udyr top, Ryze mid, AD TF and Leona bot (Note: AD TF and Leona is the best bot lane out there). This team composition has excellent CC, good tankiness and the ultis can be combo-ed with hers to easily win teamfights.

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Evelynn is an excellent decision to join a tanky team with decent CC. She offers high damage, good ganks, fast clearing and pushing, quick turret taking, fast general map speed and excellent counterjungling.

However she is somewhat squishy and lacks hard CC.

She can destroy in laning phase - and in teamfights should aim to stay near the back, only going in to cast her ultimate, and to take out the enemies highest damage dealer.

Feedback always appreciated
- Harrisnyan