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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jayce Build Guide by Hypn0tic

AD Carry {S3} The Jayce You Can't Face!

AD Carry {S3} The Jayce You Can't Face!

Updated on February 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hypn0tic Build Guide By Hypn0tic 4 3 20,830 Views 21 Comments
4 3 20,830 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hypn0tic Jayce Build Guide By Hypn0tic Updated on February 18, 2013
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Hello there, My name is Hypn0tic, and i'm here to tell you guys about jayce! He is my favorite , top and adc champion. This is my second guide, my first one was a garen guide that was succesful and got a 6/1 in favor, though is still not fully finished with it's votes i am certain both these guides will become top five some day.

If I knew how I'd show you that im successful with this build, but I'm not the best guide maker yet
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Why These Masteries?

I chose these masteries because of the recent nerfs on jayce, his thundering blow got nerfed, and the 3 points in mana regan are way to useful to be wasted, he can lane for a long time. and poke for a long time becasue of these masteries
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Red Runes.
Some people think that getting armor pen runes are a lot better on jayce, and i'll tell you right now yes they are better at mid and late game, but that means that early game you will have a real hard time killing , and poking ,and last hitting minions, jayce has a really low starting atk damage or 53 at level 1, there fore, his best things are getting attack damage early , therefore, winning his lane, winning in cs, and winning in pokes, leading to getting kills and towers and not needing that armor pen for late game cause your fed on cs and kills.
Yellow Runes.
If you are going top or mid lane, your going to need a seal or armor. Your most likely going to face ad's and without this your just going to be an easy target, quite simple you'll be twerking at target for price cuts.
Blue Runes.
Exact same as the yellow ones. it is a must need for most champs, you will have way more sustain, and without it, you might lose your lane, especially if it just so happens that your top or support (enemy team is an ap. then your screwed.
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Pros / Cons


-High mobility
-Good burst
-Nice early / mid poking
-Some CC
-Cool game changing moves
-Team booster
-Strong lane phase
-You can get to steal jungle with you're E+Q combo from far away.

Cons :

-Not a good dueller till you are good itemized (fed)
-He is quite skill dependant and it takes some time to learn when to use stances and when do not use them.
-No real scapes if you are getting exhausted / focused with high cc
-You are not an initiator. Even though you can do it, you will be blown in seconds and you're dps goes to waste, you need an initiator.
-You might get flamed and tagged as troll because "that char is useless" (I was at least)
-You must have RPS in order to feel good about playing him.
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It is a must need for most champs, easy to get away from people, or catch people and it can also make very, very important plays for your team

Also a must have on ad's for it deals more damage, and can finish off running enemies therefore you wont have to chase them to kill them, you can move on to your next target or go back to farming
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Jayce gains 40 movement speed for 1.25 seconds and ignores unit collision each time Transform is cast.
You move faster, that's it, so you should be spamming this like a madman everytime it is available when you are travelling. It also helps you poke better when you come out the brushes. Thats it.

- To the Skies!
Jayce leaps to an enemy, dealing physical damage to his target and to enemies in the area, slowing them for 2 seconds.

- Shock Blast
Fires an orb of electricity that detonates upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area of the explosion.

If Shock Blast is fired through an Acceleration Gate, the area of effect, missile speed and range will be increased, and its damage will increase by 40%.

On hammer form you jump to the target slowing enemies in the area of the explosion, dealing some damage. It is basically used as a gap closer more than a deadly spell.

On cannon stance you launch a missile with decent range and decent early / mid damage but the great part of this spell is that if your missile passes through the acceleration gate it will deal +40% damage and boost the speed of the misile, making it a scary early-mid game spell and a nice poke spell (it reveals enemys in the brushes, you can avoid facechecking with this) Also when thrown through the gate not only does it go faster it has a much much longer range

- Lightning Field
(Passive): Jayce regenerates mana each time he strikes an enemy while in Hammer Stance. (Active): Creates an electric aura, dealing magic damage over 4 seconds to nearby enemies.

- Hyper Charge
(Active): Jayce gains a burst of energy, increasing his attack speed to maximum for 3 attacks. These attacks deal varied damage depending on rank.

On hammer stance this is basically used for early game mana regen. You lasthit on hammer stance everytime you can and it allows you to get some free mana. It is also used when you are going for an all-in duel vs the enemy champion as it gives you some free damage, but not that much.

On cannon stance this skill makes you fire 3 auto attacks to the maximum speed but you will do less damage with every attack at early levels, so you basically use it to get some extra attack speed and to add some extra damage to enemies.

- Thundering Blow
Deals magic damage equal to a base amount plus a percentage of the target's maximum health, knocking the target back a short distance. This damage is capped against monsters.

- Acceleration Gate
Deploys an Acceleration Gate for 4 seconds, increasing the movement speed of all allies who pass through it for 3 seconds. This bonus fades over the duration.

This is the spell that makes Jayce be able to carry games

On hammer stance this spell gives you some NICE damage added to your burst, and as you level it up you will have less CD so if the enemy ignores you, you are going to make them pay. It also offers a nice knockback spell, like a Lee sin's ultimate. It is extremely powerful mid game and quite strong late game, but if the enemy team ends up stacking some nice MR it will fall down a bit. It is also very important to know when you can kill your enemies or you will end up saving them.

On cannon stance this spell gives you a free shurelya to your team. It is amazing to pop this out with a shurelya and see your jungler or ap make a good move due to the impressive movement speed. It also help your team to retreat faster, allowing some risky pushes to go as planned and back safe. It also boost your Q damage, and it offers all this much with the first point. You need to max it second anyway because it lowers you're cds, and you also need the damage from hammer stance.

- Transform: Mercury Cannon
Transforms the Mercury Hammer into the Mercury Cannon, gaining new abilities and ranged attacks. The next attack in Cannon Stance reduces the enemy's armor and magic resist for 5 seconds.

- Transform: Mercury Hammer
Transforms the Mercury Cannon into the Mercury Hammer, gaining new abilities and bonus armor and magic resist. The next attack in Hammer Stance deals additional magic damage.

Basically, it's what makes you jayce, you can turn into an adc, with the ranged ult, and then melee with the melee ult. (: best carry for this reason, easy ad kills.
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Item Explanation

Ninja Tabi

You only get these boots if the enemy team is ad, or has an ad fed, these boots are only really viable for and ad enemy team

Mercury's Treads

These boots are the boots that I get, they help you a lot in escaping, and chasing enemies that have a stun, slow, etc.

Black Cleaver

This is a core item for Jayce, simply because it reduces armor, and gives him a huge burst in damage. With this item, He can burst down tanks, and other tanky champions. It also gives you cooldown reduction, some armor, and some health

Last Whisper

This item is good for jayce just for that strong armor penetration, It really helps him burst down his enemy with a couple of hits and gets him very fed.


This is a MUST have item for jayce, it gives him sustainability, and a huge burst, I like to get another one of these as my last item (inspired by Maknoon) because it with it , its very hard for jayce to die. He can nearly burst down any enemy champ, without gaining more health than he loses, it will make him an efficient team fighter deal big damage, and be able to carry the game.

Guardian Angel
Most ad's and adc's need this. Not only does it make him more tankier, it also gives him another life when he dies, its very good in team fights, so if he dies, he isnt feeding, and can get back up and make his team win the team fight.

Trinity Force VS Bloodthirster

Because of the nerf on thundering blow, Trinity Force is no longer better to have on jayce, than a Bloodthirster. You will miss some damage if you rush this item, so I recommend getting it later on, judging on the game because the sheen proc, the phage proc, the hp and the movement speed are really useful but as I said this is no longer a must have.

Bloodthirster > Trinity Force
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Early Game

Early game really depends on the matchup, but you should be looking for early harras. If you harras the enemy he wont be able to do an "all in" duel and this way he will lose the lane. Most important thing about Jayce is to land your combos and to not run out of mana really quick. From lvl 1 to lvl 3 you should just cast 1 or 2 Q to pop an early potion (combined with auto attack harass). Play safe, do not jump onto him with your hammer form or you will be punished hard. Try to lasthit minions with hammer stance once you lvl up your W if you can do it not getting harrased to gain some mana in order to keep the harass going on in lane.

Once you get lvl 5 your Q+E (cannon stance) deals a lot of damage. If you get to land a couple of this you should be looking for the engage to force a flash or maybe get a kill with ignite. Remember, play defensive and tell your jungler that you cant duel a straight 2v2 if both enemies are 100% unless they are underleveled or what not.
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Mid Game

Midgame is where Jayce really shines. Once he gets to lvl at around level 13 he is a beast. You can Q+E (cannon) , pass through the gate and immediatly go for a Q+E . This combo will deal approx 50% of the enemy hp and you still have the speed boost to retreat to safety. After landing that combo ask your jungler for a dive or a countergank action, because one of those should be happening as he will be doomed tower hugging while you poke him from far away and some free hits as he goes for cs and you can burst him down again in some seconds. This combo is the bread and butter Jayce combo and should be used vs everyone. Do not get overconfident anyway because after that 50% you will be dealing almost no damage at all and you will loose any duel vs common top laners.

Remember: He shines midgame, look for engages, dives or force dragon / buffs, you need to get fed at this state of the game.

Tip : Try to have the enemy jungle warded, you can steal enemy buffs without being noticed and that will be the end of the enemy top laner.
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Late Game

Lategame Jayce is not as strong as some top laners. You can think about Jayce like a Renekton, an AD caster with big burst and decent damage. Jayce offers much more anyway as you can protect your carry like a tank and speed buff him up if he needs to. Sometimes you just have to E the enemy away from your carry to save him and win the team fights. Each game depends on composition / score, you have to judge it by yourself. You have to be either farmed or fed anyway, Jayce is really item dependant. If you got camped on your lane and you couldnt score some kills on teamfight you wont be as useful as you should be. That is the reason why you should always look for engages / dives / forces to get to this state as fed as possible. Focus the enemy ap or ad as jayce.
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Well this is the end guys, I will be updating this guide everytime a new item comes out, or something happens to jayce, thank you for reading this and i hope this taught you how to play jayce, have great fun playing him ! Hope you win to CHALLENGER TIER! (:

I give great props to Osgorath. Great credits.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hypn0tic
Hypn0tic Jayce Guide
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{S3} The Jayce You Can't Face!

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