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Blitzcrank Build Guide by PREGNATOR

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PREGNATOR


PREGNATOR Last updated on March 21, 2014
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welcome summoners! This is my first guide so go easy ;P. This guide will be short and to the point. I will basically tell you what to build, mentality of an annoying blitz and how to grind your enemies faces for the hell of it. The build i have supplied is based on my exact build and how I play blitzcrank. Please don't down vote my guide, if you have any questions/ problems with my guide hit me up.

This guide may be bland and crude and I realize that but Appreciate that it still took time. Also consider this guide to be for people who know what they are doing on league of legends so the detail that the guide may lack is not desperately needed as everyone should have a good idea of what they are doing anyway and only seek a nudge in the right direction build wise for the new season.

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Mentality for playing blitzcrank is KEY. You want your enemies to know that you know how beast you are! easiest way to do this in laning phase is to get in their faces and deny them cs and opportunities to harass your ADC. Do this buy dominating bush control however you have to. When you are camping the bushes the enemies will put their minions between them and you [if not then punish the F@#K out of them for disrespecting you]. This will leave them half the lane to maneuver in making it easy for your ADC to poke.

NOTE: If you miss your grab in the early stages of the game you will dramatically decrease your presence in lane until CD is up. The enemy WILL know this and, if they are smart, will punish you and your adc for it. The most important thing for you to do is show your gigantic golden balls through out the game by going balls deep in everything you do.

If your adc is not doing well when it comes to team fights, don't peel for them. It may sound ridiculous but hear me out. If your adc is behind or bad or toxic, help someone else. The biggest con in all support mentalities is that they must hold their adc's balls where ever they go and in team fights, roll over and submit to the adc's wishes. WRONG!!!!! if you are unwilling to do these things for the ADC then don't there are 3 other people on your team putting out damage, help them.

If you have stomped your lane and your ADC is capable of 2v1's or is just getting free farm because the enemies are smart enough to keep their distance then roam. Just because you are support it does not mean you have to stay with your laning partner and feed them kills. In season 4 supports play an enormous role. My advise to you is to leave your adc in lane [if they can manage] and go help out mid with your jungler or even on your own.

The last note i will make on the mentality of a blitz is tied in with the first, Be cocky. Be the biggest douche the enemy has ever met so that you throw them off their game. What you say in chat greatly influences the game. I recommend trash talking a carry on their team so that in fights they will literally run through your entire team just to get to you.

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stomping time!

This will be short and to the point. If you want your enemies to suffer, It is up to you. Initiate as many fights as you can with your Rocket Grab. Don't grab their front line. Try to pull the ADC to the front of the battle to drop them. The ADC is a crucial component in a team fight[ if played right] because of their enormous DPS potential. taking out the ADC can relieve a lot of pressure from your team.

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That is literally all there is to a blitz support, if you have any questions or problems with my guide structure/ opinions please voice them i would love to hear them. once again this is a build made on my experiences with blitz and opinions on how he is to be played.

Thanks for reading, and remember, Be a D**K it works!