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Jinx Build Guide by jshbee

AD Carry [S4] Glass Cannon Jinx

AD Carry [S4] Glass Cannon Jinx

Updated on February 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jshbee Build Guide By jshbee 5 1 40,649 Views 1 Comments
5 1 40,649 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jshbee Jinx Build Guide By jshbee Updated on February 24, 2014
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Welcome to JshBee's Glass Cannon Jinx build.
I've been playing Jinx like this for as long as I can remember since buying her. It revolves around an item that if playing Jinx you should get mid to late game known as Runaan's Hurricane.
Although not many Jinx players currently buy Hurricane, it should be noted that as Jinx, the rocket's splash damage does go on the Hurricane bolts, and that means that if there are three targets stacked, they all take maximum splash damage. Seeing as Jinx's rockets can crit, that's even more splash damage done to all three targets (and any target caught in the crossfire). This is good for standing at maximum range and still getting in plenty of damage so you don't get caught by the enemy assassins or bruisers. Without further ado, Here's the build!
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We start off with a Doran's and a red potion. I believe that Doran's is actually a strong item to start off with because it helps to sustain. I guess if you don't want the Doran's, you can go straight for boots or longsword. Warding trinket is nice, especially because some supports get Scrying Lens to help ward clear. After purchasing boots, a Vamp Scepter is usually good for lane presence. If it's a good Jinx, they can normally get a lot of shots off with relatively little poke hitting her. After Vamp Scepter, I usually want to finish boots, because Jinx's base attack speed is ****. After boots, I rush Bloodthirster because the +100 damage at full stacks and lifesteal is nice. After that, IE is what you need for the core of Runaan's (Jinx's primary rocket can crit.) After IE, you really want to get Runaan's. After Runaan's, I get a shredding item. If the enemy team is tanky on the armor side, I get a Last Whisper. If they have a lot of health, I go for Blade of the Ruined King. However, a slightly armor heavy team (mainly the enemy bruiser) calls for a black cleaver. After that, I sell my Doran's and get Statikk Shiv.
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I spend all of my runes in some form of damage enhancement. I believe that extra critical damage works wonders on rockets, and will take that with me to the grave. Increased attack damage because crits are nothing without damage to back them up, and once again, attack speed because Jinx's auto attack's base speed sucks.
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Although the build is called "Glass Cannon Jinx", I like to take a couple points in defense tree to keep lane presence. Seeing as Jinx is almost always better in lane then anywhere else, she wants to stay as long as she can. Increased movement speed allows you to chase quickly with Get Excited!, and the 22/5/3 Masteries are nothing to scoff at.
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Skill Sequence

Your main damage until you get Runaan's is Auto Attacks and Zap. Zap does an insane amount of damage to squishy enemies. Squishier supports like Zyra or Janna take tons of damage, making it an excellent harassing tool. Flame Chompers really only need one point to be effective, making it least priority. By the time you get Runaan's, Switcheroo should be nearly full, or at least close if you get fed enough. Super Mega Death Rocket is a very nice ultimate. Map Vision is an excellent thing for Jinx, especially bushes. Be aware of summoners with flash or champions with dodging abilities (like Ezreal's Arcane Shift).
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Pros / Cons

This build is for highly agressive AD Carries like myself. I try to spend as much time harassing the enemy lane as possible. If you like playing passive/farming adc's, this build is not for you.
- This build is really good for doing consistent damage all game. The early game damage is enough to make you a formidable lane opponent, as well as the critical strike to help you once you have at least your IE and can do everything you want.
- This build works extremely well with supports that have abilities that change or increase auto attack damage. Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing is one example of this, but Leona's sunlight proc also works. Fishbone's attack's splash detonates sunlight procs in an AOE radius, so it's good for taking out minion waves when farming with a Leona.
- Due to it's agressive nature, you may be constantly pushed up without an equalizer champion on the enemy team (Caitlyn is really good at keeping the bot lane consistently in the middle of lane). This leaves you open to ganks from the enemy jungler or a roaming mid lane.
- Some of your kills will rely on Super Mega Death Rocket to get, and if you can't aim that skillshot, you may have a lacking gold income. See if you can get some friends to help you practice the ultimate if you're gonna try doing it.
- This also makes you a high priority target because an unsuspecting Jinx will go down quickly. Don't use your flame chompers for pure harass purpose. Only do it when you need to assure a kill or are trying to escape!
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Ranked Play

Jinx may be hard to get in Bronze and Silver tier games because she's one of the most common ADCs to get banned due to how powerful she is in lane. If you're gonna try playing Jinx in ranked, always have a backup champion. Mine is Draven.
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Team Work

There are certain supports who really don't work with a Jinx in lane. Those who favor passive farming like Janna and Annie are probably not going to work. Try getting an aggressive support that complements your abilities, like Alistar or Leona or Nami. (Alistar's pulverize can allow Jinx to shut down enemies by laying down Flame Chompers afterwards.) Due to Jinx's aggressive nature, you may be pushed up too far to have an effective gank from a jungler. If you need a gank or believe that an enemy may be ganking you soon, try to ease up on the lane presence to make a safe amount of space for help.
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Jinx is good for early game farming because of Switcheroo's rockets. Enemy creep waves may have mulitple ranged minions with only one auto-attack left until they're dead. It may be an issue for some early game ADCs to get all the minions before one dies, but Jinx can get them all with one hit, and that can push the enemy lane farther from exp and lasthitting range. Once Runaan's is acquired, a Jinx can take out enemy creep waves like nothing alone. She's really good at defending or farming minions about to head towards an allied tower.
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This build is recommended for the aggressive ADCs in all of us. This is a dangerous build to go, seeing as you don't have as much defense, making you a prime target for the tanky bruisers and assassins, but allows you to keep enemies at bay with constant amounts of large hits. Remember that Runaan's is a very effective item when used correctly, and you don't always have to auto attack your primary target to do damage to it. Runaan's bolts prioritize enemy Champions.
This build will ruin an unsuspecting team's day, and it's really nice for picking up kills (I once even got three pentakills in one game as her!).
Many Jinx's right now don't know of the awesome power of Runaan's Rockets. Try this out in a bot game or blind pick to try out Runaan's and to get the hang of it.
Be safe and remember to be courteous to the enemy team. Don't kick them while they're down and we'll all make the league community a place where everyone doesn't hate everyone else.
Stay true to the Summoner's Code, and I'll see you next time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jshbee
jshbee Jinx Guide
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[S4] Glass Cannon Jinx

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