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Warwick Build Guide by Todorov

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Todorov

[S4]Howling Warwick, Fear in the Jungle

Todorov Last updated on November 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Warwick? Pros and Cons

Well since i started playing LoL one of my favorite champ always have been Warwick, usually my role on my team its to play jungle and i found Warwick a very fun champ to play with, since the times from old Madreds + Wit's End i always loved him so much.
My old builds were usually AD with Attack Speed with some Frozen Mallet and stuff like that but i start making him with a litlle bit AP to see how much Q healing was affecting and since then i always prefer play AP Bruiser Warwick over a AD one, although i sometimes still make a very diferent build from this one.
Warwick its a pretty easy champion to learn so its ideal for those that are just start on LoL, expecially for those that like to do jungle, but i must say he is not one of the top tier champ but still worth to try sometimes.


[*] Warwick Q its a very strong ability at mid game a Q can heal like 40% Warwick HP and its pretty spammable, so that+Iceborn+E makes WW a pain in the *** for a enemy trying to run away from him, his Q its one of the reasons that make him a very good fighter using Spirit Visage to boost even more his healing can turn up a fight.
[*] Warwick R can supress an enemy for a long time, allowing your team to shut him down ASAP or to run away safelly
[*] Warwick got a Team support ability (W) that allows everyone to destroy turrets or baron really fast
[*] Its a very strong jungler and an early drake controller
[*] High Sustainer and a very good fighter on 1 vs 1
[*] Very strong Mid game ganker

Also Hyena Warwick's laugh and chase are awesome animations!


[*] His ganks at lower levels are weak
[*] Depend on mana too much
[*] Gets weakier at team fights late game
[*] Depends on a decent early and mid game
[*] Isn't a full tank champion neither a burst one(although this might not count as Con) so dont try to make him full Tank or Full AP/AD

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Season 4 Jungle Route and Ganks

Level 6 Route:

Its not all set in stone right now, but i would probably go for Blue (smite) >wolves >Red(smite)> Wraiths or Gank Mid/Bot> Big Wraith> Wolves> Golems then depeding on your gold go Base and repeat or go back to Wraiths> Wolves, this is a pretty safe and viable route, allows you to level pretty quickly and get a pretty good amount of gold.
After the first route its over you probably gonna be lv6 or at least close, if you cant gank ATM keep clearing the jungle until you get red then gank top if your top have good CC like Jax, Pantheon or Riven or if their team doesnt have good escape like Mordekaiser,Darius and Rumble other option its to visit Mid if you feel like your mid can burst the enemy fast like Leblanc, Fizz and Annie after this first gank, check with botlane if the enemy team got wards or if you can get them fast now this its a very rewarding gank, if you guys manage to kill both champs on botlane you got 2 choice(depeding on enemy jungler or mid) 1st option would be to clear the enemy turrent (this makes easier to control drake, steal enemies blue and also some global gold) 2nd option if enemy jungle isnt close its time to take drake asap, if you get 2 kills but loose 1 or 2 allies better go back to the jungler, start at golems this time. Its important not to tower dive at this levels and turn your own gank a little victory for the enemy team.

Never forget to turn off your E (Blood Scent) and only turn it on when really chasing some low hp champ

Counter Jungler:

Warwick its an awesome fight in 1 vs 1, espectially at midgame, if im feeling bold i usually go for their red and go back to Blue asap, its important that after you do their red to do blue and check your own red otherwise could get stolen or ask for mid and bot ward the entrace for your jungle

So its something like this:

Their Red(smite)>Blue>Red(smite)>golems>wraiths>wolves>Big Wraith>Gank TOP

Invade their jungle all time!

At early and mid game Warwick can clear jungler camps really fast so its always profit to help the enemy jungler a little bit, so if the enemy jungler is ganking top its a good time to check their wolves and kill the big one, if he ganked bot go to their big golems kill the big one and leave a ward near the red if you feel you are stronger than enemy jungler you can start find alot of gold there, just bully him away from his own jungle, use the wards near the Red to know what the enemy jungler is doing and suprise him at wraiths or Golems, stealing the big ones with smite or a Q, always take care with their mid and top

Junglers to invade:
Amumu, Evelynn, Malphite, Shen and Hecarim

Jungler you shouldn't invade:
Nocturne, Xin Zhao, Udyr, Khazix, Lee Sin and Aatrox

You can still try to steal some monsters when he is ganking top or bot, but aint a good idea to fight them 1 vs 1

On a 1 vs 1, dont start with your R, just Q > AA > Q then if need R > Q and he should be dead by now, if you got Ice Born Make sure you Auto-Atack him after every skill

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Stages of the game

Early Game

At this time your main gold its to farm and jump to level 6 as soon as possible, make use of Warwick natural ability to clear camps fast and jungle as fast as you can, there is no real need to waste time camping a lane since your ganks will not be very effective

Mid Game

Now you got level 6 its the time where Warwick its stronger in game, using your Ulti your ganks will be very effective, make use of your allys CC to suprise the lane then you enter the lane and CC them and hope for your ally to shot him fast, this is specially true at bot and mid lane if your team got champs like Elise and Morgana or Thresh and Leona at bot dont loose focus and continue to jungler and counter jungling, get your objectives straight and ward drake and enemies buff, at lv6~8 you can do drake really fast with botlane help, even if you are behind the enemy you can steal the drake by using your ulti on enemys jungler and prevent him to smite and allowing you to smite the drake while you are supressing the enemy jungle.

Late Game

If you are playing Warwick the game should be over by now, but if you find yourself with Warwick lv16~18 you can still be pretty usefull, make sure you ward enemy jungle alot, at team fights you will be in charge of focuing the enemy carry(AP or AD) and everytime he makes a mistake you punish him and allow your team to shut him down in 2 secs, you can also use your ulti to save your carry when a Renekton dice towards him.
But dont forget your real objective, Baron, make sure you have control over baron and since you probably got some Attack Speed by now you will be very strong at killing it, make use of your W on your entire team, always save your smite for Baron.
If the game is tied try to split push, making use of your insane movement speed + fast turrent "melting" attack speed you can separate from the rest of the game and start getting some global gold for your team and push your away to the enemy's inibitor, of course this aint a good tactic for every game, depeding on your/enemy team combo, if you get a Master Yi on your team, both of you can destroy a turrent in seconds, also its a good to put the enemy team away from Baron. But like all tactics you have to analyze the game and decide what is best and when to make the move so just be calm and play smart

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Team Work and Best Matchup

Warwick's ulti allows him to have a pretty cool combos, per example Warwick plus Malzhar at level 6 its a guarantee kill at mid( as long as the enemy dont have any anti cc ability or item).
Malphite is also a pretty good matchup as soon as malph engage warwick can find the best target and ulti him.
Nunu its an awesome supp if you get ww, at level 6 you both alone can solo drake easly, plus Blood Boil + Hunter's call on the adc make him a beast
Lulu its also pretty cool as soon as WW ultis she just ulti on Warwick to know everyone up, more awesome only if you have a Orianna shield and ulti at the same team full wombo combo

WW ulti its pretty awesome to help skill shot champions to hit their abilites like lux, Ahri, Ezreal etc...