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Syndra Build Guide by ivagination

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ivagination


ivagination Last updated on February 17, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings, Summoner!

Hello friends, this is my first champion guide so constructive feedback is much appreciated! :)
I am trying to keep things simple and straightforward. Details and other sorts of decorative maymays are being kept to a minimum because I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING LOL. I am by far nowhere near mastering Syndra but this is the raw knowledge that you'll be needing. A lot of things come down to personal preference and your own comfort so do tweak in game.

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Syndra, the Dark Sovereign.


Power belongs to those who can wield it. -Syndra
Born with immense magical potential, Syndra loves nothing more than exercising the incredible power at her command. With each passing day, her mastery of magical force grows more potent and devastating. Refusing any notion of balance or restraint, Syndra wants only to retain control of her power, even if it means annihilating the authorities that seek to stop her.
Throughout her youth in Ionia, Syndra's reckless use of magic terrified the elders of her village. They took her to a remote temple, leaving her in the care of an old mage. To Syndra's delight, the mage explained that the temple was a school -- a place where she could develop her talents under his guidance. Though she learned much during her time there, Syndra no longer felt her power growing as it had in her youth. Her frustration grew, and she finally confronted her mentor, demanding an explanation. He revealed that he had dampened Syndra's magic, hoping to help her learn control and restraint. Accusing him of betrayal, she advanced on the mage, commanding him to lift the spell that was holding her back. He backed away, telling her that if she couldn't control herself, he would be forced to nullify Syndra's magic completely. Furious, she summoned her power and dashed the old man against the walls. With her mentor dead, Syndra felt the rush of her unbounded potential for the first time in years. Though she had won her freedom, she refused to return to the society that had tried to steal her gift. Instead, Syndra decided to claim her former prison as a stronghold. Pushing the boundaries of her magic, she tore the structure from its foundations and raised it into the sky. Free to delve further into her art, Syndra now aims to grow powerful enough to destroy the weak, foolish leaders of Ionia -- and anyone else who would dare shackle her greatness.

One of the best lores if you ask me.

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Pros & Cons


+ great lane harass
+ so much untapped power!!!!
+ has a slow and stun
+ ult=delete enemy champion
+ very long range
+ easy to kite with
+ can use abilities without stopping or slowing down
+ multi-stun


+ mana heavy
+ needs some movement prediction
+ needs a ton of practice to master
+ requires one basic ability in order to commence with other abilities
+ abilities are minuscule aoe damage
+ squishy
+ no apparent getaways besides a 1.5 sec stun that has long cooldown
+ all abilities can miss except ult
+ stun is not very visual and is hard for team to follow up

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This is a flexible and safe standard rune page that reaches out to just about any AP mid.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
+ 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (7.8 magic penetration)**Red pens to go through that magic resist and deal some more damage.

+ 9x Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration (3.7 mana regen/5) **Syndra requires plenty of mana and you're not going to land every spell. Mana regen yellows are a must in order to outlast and poke.

+ 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (12.6 magic resist) **Syndra 2squishy. This gives quite a considerable lot of survivability, especially at lower levels.

+ 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (14.85 ability power) **Tons of damage!!

This has everything you need for the daily grind. :D

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Standard 21 points in offense and 9 in defense as opposed to utility. Syndra is naturally squishy, like I mentioned plenty of times before. You will be needing the +36 health which, with Doran's adds up to a whopping 51 health!!

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Transcendent: Each of Syndra's abilities gain an extra effect at maximum rank.

⇩ READ ⇩

  • Maxing q first is a must. The 15% bonus is vital to dealing damage and poking.
  • Personally I max Force of Will second because it deals more damage and its more certain to hit as opposed to Scatter the Weak. Many pro players and people I know max Scatter the Weak second for the spell width increase and lower cd on stun. Feel free to max out whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Dark Sphere: Syndra conjures a Dark Sphere at a target location, dealing magic damage. The sphere lasts for up to 6 seconds and can be manipulated by Syndra's other abilities.

Basically, this is her bread and butter skill. Her w and e really are pretty useless without it with the exception of some interesting stuff that w can do which I will explain further down.

  • During laning phase, watch your enemy closely and as they go in for a last hit, drop a Dark Sphere on them for easy damage with extremely low cooldowns and minuscule mana drain.

  • HER Q DOES HAVE A SLIGHT CASTING TIME. Play around with her balls a bit and you'll grow accustomed to the cast time. You should be placing it slightly ahead of your target and towards the direction they are going in order for it to actually hit. Her cast times require a smidge of movement prediction but that will come over time and practice.

  • Each Dark Sphere stays for 6 seconds before disappearing. Grabbing it with Force of Will resets the duration allowing it to stay beyond it's original 6 seconds.

Force of Will: Syndra picks up a Dark Sphere, enemy minion, or neutral minion and throws it to deal damage and slow. Units are invulnerable while grabbed and can stay grabbed for 5 seconds.

Syndra can grab the following units:
  • Tibbers (still retains burn effect while in stasis)

  • All neutral minions such as golems. If you have sight on a jungle creep such as the wight wight then you may throw it over the wall and in front of you. This is an easy way to steal buffs and counter jungle.

  • Force of Will deals additional effects while throwing Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder. Throwing Ancient Golem will give back 10 mana and reduce Force of Will's cooldown by 1s. Throwing Lizard Elder will inflict Blessing of the Lizard Elder burn effect upon all targets hit by it.
  • Enemy minions.

  • Existing dark spheres.
Syndra may not grab the following units:
  • Dragon

  • Baron

  • Champion clones like Wukong and Shaco

  • Friendly minions

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