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Jinx General Guide by RobinSucks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RobinSucks

S5 Jinx: Don't Climb the Ladder, Blow it Up!

RobinSucks Last updated on August 10, 2015
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Jinx Build

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Intro to Insanity

Hello dearest reader, I’m a Jinx main with 100+ games on her, and I’m writing this guide to show you how to win with what is arguably the most powerful teamfighting adc in the game. (Even after her nerfs!)
If you’re anything like me, you’ve already flipped through a bunch of Jinx guides, all showing you the same build and giving you the same advice, which you already knew, and are desperately looking for the small niche things that you haven’t heard about.
Alas, I must get the items and runes and such out of the way first. You’ll probably skip them. I would too, but there are summaries with some condensed advice…

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What you care about for Runes:
Most important portion is the Attack Speed Quintessences.The 14% attack speed increase from having the right Quints is a huge boost in damage, and immediately noticeable in game. If you want to pretend to be a Korean that never gets hit by spells and doesn’t need magic resistance, get Attack Speed Glyphs too.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

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Standard masteries for any adc. Nothing too special.


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What you care about for Items:
Farm hard and get Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer and Berserker's Greaves, then group and kill stuff. Statikk Shiv is great if you got dumpstered in lane and need to stall the game with more waveclear/better poke, but Phantom Dancer really is superior. If they have no armor, get The Bloodthirster. If they have armor, or you are behind, get Last Whisper. Or just farm/snowball like crazy and get both, n00b. If you are snowballing then getting The Bloodthirster and building into Spirit Visage as a defensive item is a great idea, because it increases healing from all sources by 20%(Boosting your The Bloodthirster healing by 20% too!) Otherwise Banshee's Veil is better for the spellshield, and is my personal default defense item most games.

Guardian Angel is also a thing, but in my experience most of the time they just stand on top of you and kill you the moment you revive. Better to get another defensive item and try not to die. Grab this if something like Annie is just flashing and vaporizing you, and its late game. If you’re 50 minutes into a game, sell Berserker's Greaves and buy a second Phantom Dancer, the 5% movespeed bonus makes up for most of the boots. Frozen Mallet as your last defensive item combined with rocket aoe is hilarious. But don’t tell anyone, nobody uses it. Shhh.

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Philosophy of Insanity

Get in the JINX MINDSET.

You love destruction. You want to deal the most damage and destroy everything. Not just champions, but towers, inhibs, and other objectives. Destroyed bottom tower? Force bottom lane to recall from a full combo with your Flame Chompers!, Zap!, and Super Mega Death Rocket!, then rotate mid and kill that tower. Rinse and repeat and try to grab Dragon , or even top tower. Minigun is great for this, and Zap!+ Flame Chompers! will poke/zone enemy champions away from their towers with ease. You and your support roll up on midlane and make it a 3v1, and you get a free tower. This is how you turn your snowball into a team-wide avalanche.

You are a criminal, a crazy lunatic that runs from the law and wreaks havoc. Stay away from the enemy champions and don’t die, because that would mean you have to stop killing and destroying things like minions and towers. The faster you get your core items, the faster you can destroy even MORE things. Try not to waste time being bored in a gray screen, not destroying things.

You love exciting things, and hate being bored. The bigger fight is more exciting. You excel at large teamfights, but even then aren’t truly excited until the blood starts to spill. Try to Get Excited! before running around cleaning up fights, sit a decent distance away and shred the frontline with Minigun/Rockets, then use Zap! and your Super Mega Death Rocket! on a group a few seconds into the engage, something should die, and then go wild. Remember that you are squishy, and have no escapes without your passive on. Being dead is pretty boring.

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Tips and Tricks for Jinx

NOW, on to the tips that you want to hear.

1. Your Flame Chompers! have huge range. Like, massive range most enemies don’t expect. Seriously. Abuse this. Blow flashes by throwing them way behind enemies in lane during ganks, chuck them onto the enemy backline in teamfights, catch people out that venture too close to poke. This is one of your most powerful, underestimated, and underused abilities. Learning to be quick and instinctive to deploy Flame Chompers! will rapidly separate you from the average Jinx player.

2. Flame Chompers! are cast instantly, but take a while to open. If you don’t account for this your enemy will run over them before they finish deploying. You will probably quickly learn not to make this mistake, because it will get you killed or make you lose kills.

3. USE THE MINIGUN. The only exceptions are when you can hit more than one person, are out of range of the Minigun, or need to stay far away. The single-target damage per second increase is gigantic.

4. Utilize your passive Get Excited! to make cheeky plays…very situational.

  • Flash into their team to finish a kill and run away with your passive. Or…
  • If you get caught out, try to kill the low-health guy and run away. Or…
  • Dive the tower and escape with the passive. Or…
  • The enemy baits you and their jungler jumps out, kill the bait and run away laughing.

5. Zap! has a pretty long cast time and can be sidestepped. If you are trying to escape from someone, firing Zap! often isn’t the right choice, it may be better to keep running and wait those few seconds for your mines to come back off cooldown.

6. The first attack after you switch from Pow-Pow to Fishbones still has the attack speed buff from Pow-Pow. Nice to know when chasing. When you’re hitting them with the Minigun and they get out of range, you can switch to Rockets and get that last autoattack off most of the time.

7. Your Super Mega Death Rocket! does extra damage based on percentage of health missing. (25% at lvl 1, 30% lvl 2, and 35% at lvl 3) After the nerfs to Jinx’s Ult, nobody thinks it’s useful at close range anymore. This percentage of missing health bonus is UNAFFECTED BY THE DISTANCE THE ULT TRAVELS. So if the enemy has low health, you can do huge damage without needing distance for the rocket to ramp up. This is especially useful against that annoying tank that stacks a lot of hp who will sit on you and just refuses to die. Looking at you Nunu and Sion

8. I’ve watched hours of Deft (Pro player from EDG, and certified Jinx god.) playing Jinx, and he buys a Mana Potion on first recall most games. You don’t need multiple mana potions, just snag one. I was just as skeptical as you, “But won’t that 35 gold delay my B. F. Sword by 8 seconds??!?” Yes. Get the Mana Potion. The ability to use Fishbones to farm and Zap! without fear of running out of mana is very, very useful. You can trade with the enemy, use all your abilities, and then use the Mana Potion and have mana while your enemy has none. Hugely underused item.

9. Jinx is not Vayne or Draven , she is not supposed to duel. You are probably the scariest teamfighting adc in the game. If you see a potential 1v1 situation, be wary of taking it. If you both get equal farm, you will be more useful and scale far better. Your abilities can be sidestepped and your Minigun takes time to ramp up. Trade the sick 1v1’s for much sicker Pentakills. With no escapes or dodges all-ins are risky business, and the consequence of you dying is delaying your core items by just that much longer.

10. That being said you can still get kills 1v1 and 2v2, just be opportunistic about it. Just poke them with w and rocket autos until they’re low, then you can try to land your mines and execute them with a guaranteed hit from a W-R combo and more autoattacks. Your range advantage is your best friend.


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