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Lucian Build Guide by Mark Suckerberg

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mark Suckerberg

S5 Main Lucian ADC /// Detailed description how to build and

Mark Suckerberg Last updated on October 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal You beat Ezreal in every Part of the game. Ezreal isn't viable anymore, you outtrade him in early, mid and lategame. You can dodge his most important ability, his Q, with your E. His range isn't as much better as yours, so you can just Q and use your passive on him.
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Hey guys,

this is my first guide and english isn't my mother language, so please have some mercy if there are some language mistakes in this guide. I'm having 160 Lucian games (at the moment, they're about to become more ;)) and a winrate of 59% on Lucian. You might ask yourself now why you should read a guide made by a platinum noob who has just 160 Lucian games and such an horrible winrate for Lucian being his main.
Actually, i started playing Lucian beside maining Caitlyn and Draven which were my two mains back then. I lost like ~30 games and won ~5 before i started playing him as my main.
Today he is my main and favorite champion. I started playing him approximately 1 month before he became a meta-pick in LCS! :)

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Pros / Cons

- Strong laning
- High mobility -> very useful in SoloQ as an ADC because of the kitepotential
- High burstpotential
- Has a good synergy with many supports
- Pretty safe pick
- Good waveclear with Statikk Shiv

- Has low AA-range
- Doesn't scale that well into lategame
- Has not one cool skin at all :(

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Passive: Lightslinger
Lightslinger is the reason why Lucian's laning is so strong. By using any of his abilities, Lucian gains a 2nd AA that deals the half of his normal AA damage to champions. To minions it deals the full damage of an AA. Use your passive for outtrading enemy ADCs.

Q: Piercing Light
Piercing Light is Lucian's main ability. You usually cast Piercing Light onto the enemy ADC combinated with your passive Lightslinger for awesome pokedamage while laning.
If the enemy too far away to let you cast Piercing Light onto them, you can also cast Piercing Light onto an minion that stands in one line with the enemy you want to cast Piercing Light on. By that you push the lane and poke the enemy.

W: Ardent Blaze
Ardent Blaze is not useful for our Lucianbuild. You might use Ardent Blaze for chasing an enemy in lategame, but in laning you wont need it that much.
You usually need Ardent Blaze just for getting your passive off, so you can - for instance - damage the enemy tower with your passive Lightslinger or deal damage to an enemy. You only use it if you know that you won't have any Manaproblems, because it costs you 60 Mana. Piercing Light only needs 50 Mana and deals damage to the enemy.

E: Relentless Pursuit
Relentless Pursuit gives you a lot of mobility. As I'll also say in the Skill Sequence, it's the key why Lucian is such a good champion. It makes you able to kite enemies.
Relentless Pursuit resets its CD by every shot of Lightslinger getting fired out of your pistols.

Ultimate: The Culling
The Culling is a really nice way to waveclear, as it deals 400% damage to minions. While casting The Culling, you may also cast Relentless Pursuit if you aimed your Culling a bad way. You can also use The Culling to finish off enemies if you can't get in range to kill them with your Piercing Light or AAs. You can also use The Culling for kiting an enemy.
The Culling also gains you your passive Lightslinger.

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Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
1x Greater Mark of Critical Chance is the "lucky-trading-rune". There is the 1% chance that you strike critically while attacking, which might win you the lane. It's also useful if you are playing an ADC that is based AAs like Caitlyn or Lucian.
8x Greater Mark of Attack Damage are the usual attack damage runes.
9x Seal of Armor are the usual armor-runes.
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are the magic resistance runes for earlygame. We are focussed on fighting in earlygame. If we would be focussed on lategame or there would be no ap enemy champion, we would get the scaling health runes.
2x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage are the usual ADC quints. We need this flat AD for dealing damage in earlygame.
1x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal are needed to sustain in lane. With Doran's Blade and these Runes, our AD is 77 and our Lifesteal is 4%. So one AA will give us ~3-4 HP back.
Also later in game, when we got 200 AD and 4% because we got no BT/BOTRK yet, this will give us ~18 HP per AA back (Not including enemy's Armor).

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So Fury gives us Attackspeed. I don't think I need to explain why it's better than CDR.
Butcher makes you clear waves faster. As Lucian, you got a pretty decent waveclear combined with Stattik's Shiv. This skill helps us do to it a little bit better.
Brute Force gives us AD. We're the ADC so I think AD isn't that bad, huh? ;)
Martial Mastery gives us AD, too.
Executioner makes us deal more damage to low-health targets. This spell is recommendable to every APC/ADC for dealing more damage.
Warlord increases the AD you get by purchasing items/gaining buffs. This is also a must-have for every AD-dealing champion.
Dangerous Game gives you a little boost after killing enemy. This spell is perfect for 2v2s on the Botlane. For instance, if you are killing the enemy ADC with 20 HP left and just have to E through minions to get the second kill, you need these 5% HP that are getting restored with the spell to not die to the minions that will get aggro onto you.
Frenzy is awesome for Champions like Yasuo or ADCs like Caitlyn, Lucian or also Ashe. Everytime you strike critically, you gain 5% attackspeed. This might win you 1v1s because you striker critically and the enemy ADC doesn't, so you gain attackspeed the enemy ADC doesn't gain.
Devastating Strikes has the same effect as Last Whisper or Void Staff. It makes you penetrate the enemy's armor/magic resistance and deal you more damage.
Havoc has the same effect as Rabadon's Deathcap. When buying Youmuu's Ghostblade, we would gain 30 AD without Havoc . With Havoc , we gain 31 AD. 1 AD might seem useless, but it's not. In close fights, this 1 AD might win you the fight or make the enemy win it.

Block is a very useful spell. It makes you get 2 less damage per enemy ADC's AA. Compared to Enchanted Armor that would gain you 5% armor, that would just gain you 1 more armor, Block is more useful.
Recovery is obviously useful for regenerating HP - I don't think I have to explain why we choose this spell.
Unyielding does the same Block , it just includes incoming AP-damage. It's stacking with Block , so we nearly got the half of the passive of Doran's Shield. This is very useful for trading.
Veteran Scars gives you 36 more HP. Pretty useful.
Juggernaut gives you +3% maximum Health that affects your Doran's Blade and Banshee's Veil or Randuin's Omen.

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Skill Sequence

There is no real Skill Sequence for Lucian.
The only thing you need to know is that Lucian's E Relentless Pursuit has 1 second less CD for every shot fired by Lucian's passive Lightslinger.
If you're kiting an enemy, you start with your E Relentless Pursuit. Then you use your passive Lightslinger and do 1 (2) AAs onto the champion you're trying to kite away from. Then you use your Blade of the Ruined King or Youmuu's Ghostblade -if you got one of them - and then Q Piercing Light him. The castingtime won't hurt you because you used Blade of the Ruined King or Youmuu's Ghostblade onto the enemy. Your Ionian Boots of Lucidity will make you able to kite them endlessly!

For poking in lane, you first use Lucian's E Relentless Pursuit, get your 2 Lightslinger-AAs off and then use your Q Piercing Light onto the enemy ADC and also get your two Lightslinger-AAs off.
You don't use your E Relentless Pursuit, if there is the danger of getting caught off by enemies or the danger of getting ganked. When you're low-level, Relentless Pursuit's CD is at approx. 12 when you got the combo off. You should be careful at using Relentless Pursuit offensively as the enemy might use your CD to catch you off.

Another pretty obvious Skill Sequence is the combination of Lucian's Ultimate The Culling and his E Relentless Pursuit. You can whether use that Sequence for kiting an enemy or finishing an enemy of.

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Flash is the basic spell on every ADC. There is no exception.
Heal is the current 2nd spell on ADCs. I'd recommend you to choose it, too.
Barrier is the alternative 2nd spell. From level 1-2 its better than Heal, after level 3 Heal is outscaling Barrier. Heal also heals another of your teammates.

Another possibility for picking Barrier is, that your support picks Heal. I'd not recommend you to do that: If you run the Heal - Barrier combination, you usually lose every 2v2 with your support. If the enemy support is running Ignite, your support's Heal is just going to heal 50% of the usual ammount. If the enemy support is running Exhaust, you lose attack- and movementspeed, your dealt damage is reduced by !40!% and your armor and magic resistance are reduced by 10.
There is simply no spell for support that is working better than Exhaust.

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So, this way my Guide for Lucian. I really hope you enjoyed reading it and I'd be happy if you could give me some feedback!
I'd also like it if you could send me some pics with your stats under this guide!

Have fun and good luck on the Fields of Justice, Summoners! :P