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Jinx Build Guide by lurviq

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lurviq

[S5, patch 5.21] Hurricane Jinx ADC

lurviq Last updated on January 22, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Jinx with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Miss Fortune Really easy. She doesn't really have anything to fight you with. Just outrange her and poke her. Easy.
Kalista Her range is quite low. She can juke your W pretty easy, but she's not escaping your easy poke. When i say poke, i mean your long range Q basics.
Graves Has low range. Easy to poke, easy to trade with. Use your minigun when trading. Poke with fishbones.
Lucian Jukes your W easy with his E. Can also get into range with his E, but that will sacrifice his ability to juke your W. Has low range and gets out-poked.
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This guide will cover how i play Jinx to carry myself out of gold to platinum. I usually main Jinx and Ezreal. This guide will cover Jinx.

What is unique about this guide is how i include [Runaan's Hurricane] . It's strengths and weaknesses and easy pentakills.

The same day as i wrote this guide, i got two pentakills with jinx(January 17 2015.)
You can check my match history on the website.

I just played my s5 provisionals and won 10/10 with jinx.

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Why hurricane is great

Jinx's Q: Switcheroo, has two modes.
POW-POW: Jinx's basic attacks grants her more attack speed the more she basic attacks, stacking up to three times. Every time you do a basic attack, she will get one stack. Meaning if she hits three times, she will have her passive stacked, attacking very fast. In lane, try to maintain this passive. What's good with hurricane here is that you only need to attack once to get full stacks if there are at least three minions. But this is not the reason i get hurricane with her.
FISHBONES: Jinx switches to her rocket-launcher. Gaining more powerful basic attacks and GREAT RANGE in sacrifice for attack speed. These attacks explode upon impact, dealing 120% AD area damage to all surrounding targets. Here's where [Runaan's Hurricane] comes in. Hurricane's two side-shots apply on-hit effects. That means that even they will explode and critically strike. Combine this with the 700 range she gets with her rocket launcher, which is MORE range than Caitlyn(650) and only THREE numbers less range than TRISTANA at level 18.

With this, you will stand very far away in teamfights compared to other ADCs to shoot three rockets that all explode on impact. This is a VERY GREAT advantage when the enemy team is grouped up.

Blue= Allies
Pink= Jinx
Red= Enemies
Orange= Jinx's Rockets + Explosion Radius

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My Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

I like to use a normal AD/Bruiser page for offensive and defensive bonuses.

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Pros / Cons

Getting hurricane with Jinx usually means that you have to sacrifice Armor Penetration or another AD item. 1v1 trades early can be hard but your team takes teamfights easily if they peel you.

If you can sit with your cannon from afar while dealing devastating damage to the enemy team, then you have yourself a win.

Another good thing is how it gives 70% attack speed. You will have about 2.0 attackspeed without your minigun and just your rockets.

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Team Work / Supports?

The only note-worthy strategy when it comes to teamwork is effective peeling. This means picking a champion with at least moderate mobility and high cc is a good thing. Leona or thresh are good examples. Alistar is good too. When in teamfights, you want to make sure one or two people peel for you. Jinx is a fragile champion if focused early in a teamfight or caught off-guard. Once she starts rolling in the kills and getting huge speed-boosts with her passive she'll be unstoppable, though.

In lane, you want to pick a support that can cc the opponents easily. Leona is a very good pick as her passive helps with your great basic attack poke. Braum is a good choice too, because your attack speed stacks his passive fast.

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Farming with Jinx is pretty easy throughout the whole game. ESPECIALLY after you get hurricane. Before you get hurricane, use your minigun to farm. If you are getting zoned and can't reach the minions, use your rockets and sacrifice mana. Play safe if getting zoned and pushed against. Once hurricane, use your rockets in massive minion waves to clear 20 minions in three shots. Easy as that.

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Last item choice?

When you've built five items, your build should look like this:

Berserker Greaves, bloodthirster, phantom dancer, Runaan's hurricane, infinity edge.

You can either;

    Get another phantom dancer
    Get Statikk Shiv for the extra AoE and magic damage
    Get Last whisper(only do this if a lot of armor)

I usually stack two phantom dancers, as they buffed it in patch 5.21 to give 5% more critical strike. Now you'll have 90% crit with full build and 2.0 attack speed with your rockets.

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I hope you liked my Jinx guide. I decided to share this with everybody as i am carrying myself out of gold quite easy this way. I'm not sure how it works in higher elos, but i know for a fact it can carry at least gold with ease.

Please comment and give feedback. I'll read them all and take everything into consideration.