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Ryze Build Guide by Timiawesomez

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timiawesomez

[S6.11] supRYZE - Toplane Guild

Timiawesomez Last updated on June 12, 2016
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Welcome to my ryze build guide, this is my first guide here on mobafire so don't be too hash on me ;)

In this guide I'll try to cover the main points of this build and why it is build the way it is. I'll mainly focus on the items used in this build, as well as the way the runes and masteries are being used to make playing this champion as eazy as possible while owning your lane.

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As first, runes, the runes in this build are aimed to maximize the damage you do at your mid game. This because this is the time Ryze will relativily be at his strongest. The AP scaling runes are chosen to maximize your burst damage with your items at around lvl 11, this way you can almost kill every enemy in 1 burst (and even deal a lot of splash damage while doing so)!

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The masteries are designed to maximize burst damage as this is the main power of Ryze. The amount of burst damage the Masteries provide together with the items and the runes is insanly high!

This resuilts in you being able to almost kill every enemey at any given time in 1 or 2 bursts when executed correctly!

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Why Dorians Ring?

Even though I have played Ryze a lot and have almost masterd him I still find it realy helpfull to start off with Dorians Ring. This because the extra AP it gives you to start off with as well as health and mana regen.

I have been starting off with a mana crystal in the past, however as you won't need that item for Luden's echo there is realy no point in building this item in stead of Dorians Ring.

Luden's Echo?

The main problem you will have if you start playing Ryze are at the start the amount of mana you have as well as your movement speed. The mana problem starts to solve itsself over time, however the movement speed problem won't.

I have found out that it's realy rewarding to buy boots early game as well as to start off with Luden's Echo for 2 reasons.

1: It will solve your movement speed problem as the boots give you movement speed (ofcource), howerver Luden's Echo will add 10% movement speed on top of that which makes dukes, escapes but also killes (they won't escape you, especialy with rune prison) a lot eazier.
2: Luden's Echo will give you 100 AP, which is a big help early game, this because Ryze is quite squishy and rather weak ealy game. Having that 100 AP bonus is of great help.

NOTE: I don't start off with Rod of Ages because this gives you a bonus over time, while this is great and all Ryze can realy use the instant boost that 100 AP gives you early game.

Rod of Ages

This is one of the most used items on Ryze, this is because when fully stacked the Rod of Ages will give you great boosts in AP, but also in Health and Mana.

Rabadon's Deathcap

This is a great item on Ryze, it provides a lot of AP as well as giving you a 35% total AP boost. At first this might be not such a big deal, however this late in the build it will provide you with atleast another 100 AP which is ofcource always welcome.

Warmog's Armour

While it might be not the first item you think off while thinking of ryze Warmog's Armour is a great item to build on him. The 800 HP it provides and Warmog's Heart it will provide at this stage in the game will increase your chances in teamfights as wel as in 1 v 1's drasticly.

The extra health it will give you will make you very hard to kill as well as giving you enough time to shoot at least 2 or 3 bursts on them. This should normaly be more then enough to kill them without problem.

An added bonus is ofcourse Warmog's Heart, this will provide you at lvl 18 with an aditional health regen of almost 500 HP every 5 seconds. This is great while running away from enemy's as well as giving you the ability to gank with low health because you can regain your HP while you are in the bushes, waiting for your enemy to set off your trap!

Def Item

This item is in this build again to buy you time to get off more bursts of damage before dying (if at all), while 3 of 4 will also provide you with aditional AP.

The combination of the extreme high burst power, the fast health regen and armour/magic resist will make you verry hard to kill and even at level 18 a feared enemy to run into. When fully build people will have to have build a real specific counter build to be even almost able to stop you.


When you are 10 kills ahead of everyone and you won't get killed anyways you might consider building Seraph's Embrace as Ryze scales on mana. This might not be visable in the amount of AP, though it will realy increase your damage (so the 1000 mana of Seraph's Embrace will greatly increase your damage)

Why not have Seraph's Embrace in your core items?

As this realy is a strong AP item, it did not make it in the core items because when full stacked the Rod of Ages as well as Rabadon's Deathcap deliver more AP.

As for Luden's Echo, this item's only purpuse is to make Ryze less vulnerable early game, granting AP as well as movement speed at the start. This made me choose for this item, it might not even be a bad idea to sell Luden's Echo late game and buy this one instead after finishing the build though, however this all comes down to preference.

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Skill Sequence


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Well this is it, my first guide here on Mobafire, I hope you enjoied it and I realy look forward to some feedback as well as some resuilts people are able to achieve with this build!

Thanks for reading!