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Sivir Build Guide by ktomi

AD Carry [S6] [ADC] Sivir Classic Build by CKC

By ktomi | Updated on March 25, 2016

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This is our first guide, so let us know if you have a good idea :D
We have a club named CKC - Cool Kids Club.
We are EUNE gold players, and we have more than 2000+ normal/ranked games.
Summoner names: Pulsefire Ezreai, BloodyBrine
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Pros / Cons

Sivir has the ability to attack 6 targets, shield a hostile spell, and buff every allied champion nearby. Also, Sivir can push very fast, but she has a lot of downfalls.

-One of the best pushers in the game
-Mastering Spell Shield is a huge advantage
-Easy to farm minions
-Good passive gameplay

-Very squishy
-First target in teamfight
-Short range
-Needs a lot of farm
-No CC
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-Fury is good because it increases your attack speed by 4%
-Feast for the lane sustain
-Vampirism for the early sustain, 5% lifesteal with Dorans Blade
-Oppressor is only good if you have a support with some CC (Thresh, Blitzcrank)
-Battering Blows for stronger autoattacks against armored opponents
-Warlords Bloodlust for the extra survivability in teamfights

-Wanderer is good for roaming mid game, or moving to lanes
-Secret Stash makes potions last 10% longer, and you also get mana which is needed for Sivir in the laning phase
-Meditation makes you regenerate 1.5% of your missing mana every 5 seconds, which is also very good for spamming your abilities
-Dangerous Game, this mastery is good because you can survive an ignite for example
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Summoners Spells

Since its buff its better then Barrier in many ways. Its better as a defensive spell, and it offers offensive stats as well.

-It offers 30% movespeed if you use it for 2 seconds, so you can catch fleeing enemies
-As Sivir, its not recommended to use it when your ultimate is not on cooldown
-Don't use it if you have a good speed boosting teammate


I hope its clear why this is such a good defensive spell. But this spell will be used even when its not needed, or when it won't matter anyways. Always use this spell when you are on low health except:

-You are going to die anyway
-Enemy healthbar is too high for you to make a successful trade
-You can't chase anymore, then just go back to base and gain health

This spell is the most used Summoners spell in the game. Players pick this spell in 60% of the games. On Sivir this spell is extremely useful in terms of escaping, chasing, suprising, killing enemies. You can also use it for repositioning yourself.
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Early Game - Laning Phase

In the laming phase try to farm as much as you can, and try to play safe. If you have an agressive support (for example Blitzcrank, Thresh) then you can use your Q and W to harass the enemy ADC and Support.
If you have a lead try to push the tower and get objectives, such as towers, dragons, kills etc.
Never stay on botlane all mid game. This is very important because you need to help your team if you are ahead and get objectives.
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Mid Game - Skirmishes, Objectives

In mid game, after you have your first 1-2 items, you need to start roaming. Never stay on botlane all game because as an ADC you have a lot of power, and you want to use that. If you have an advantage (ex. you got fed and now you are 8-0) then share your power with the team. Maybe you can get a dragon and 15 kills when you are fed, but if you stay on botlane you will lose a lot of gold, and lose objectives.
In skirmishes you will be the primary target. You have your spellshield, your passive and your teammates to counter that. Position yourself always in the backline and never get greedy. Wait for your frontline to innitiate (ex. Amumu ultimate, Malphite ultimate etc.). Use your ultimate in every teamfight/skirmish to give a lot of engaging power and movespeed for your team. This will help you to catch out enemies who are not in position.

For objectives, its really important for you to push because that is what Sivir does best.
Get dragons if you can, but the main thing to remember is: Do not get greedy! Even when you are 15-0 you can still do mistakes and you don't want to get shut downed easily and give out 500 G for the enemy team. There is always a way to comeback from a game, but it is only possible if the enemy makes mistakes, so do not do stupid things.
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Late Game - Teamfighting / Ending the game

Late game is where Sivir gets really awesome.
You are now full built and you have a lot of damage. You have powerful autoattacks, powerful skills and an extremely good ultimate for teamfights.
These are really good things, but you can only abuse this if you have good positioning. (especially as an ADC)
If you have good positioning then you have a lot of chance to win a teamfight. I know I've mentioned this before, but always stay in the backline and try to deal as much damage as possible but try to stay safe while doing it.
Sivir is an awesome AD Carry, but requires farm and good positioning. Abuse your good teamfighter kit. :)

After you won a teamfight, everyone in the enemy team is dead, don't waste the time to get Baron Nashor when they only have 2 Nexus towers left.. Destroy them and end the game. I've seen it before a lot of times, that a team aced the enemy and went back to farming or doing stupid things, and lost the game. If you managed to get an ace, or you just got lucky and managed to get an ace, then try to get Baron or try to end the game. But never waste the opportunity to end a game.
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Farming / Pushing / Teamfighting

With Sivir your goal is to farm early game, which is easy to do since you get increased attack speed using your W, which can bounce up to 6 targets. Use your Q and your W to clear waves and waves until you get to a tower.
Now this is where Sivir gets interesting. Sivir has the abiity to push really fast. In my opinion Sivir is one of the best (if not the best) pusher in the game. She can siege towers really fast earning extra gold for your allies.
Sivir is not really a strong ADC in 1v1 duels but in teamfight she is a beast. You have a passive that gives you a lot of movespeed and your ultimate gives you even more. You give 40% increased movespeed to nearby allies, and yourself. In teamfights you have to position yourself really good because you dont really have an escape ability excluding your passive.
Use your increased attack speed and your W to bounce those autoattacks and do a lot of damage. Spam Qs and use as much as autoattacks as possible. (this goes for all AD Carries)

All in all, Sivir is a good ADC in teamfights or skirmishes but she has a few cons and requires a lot of farm to be useful. If you manage to snowball yourself into the mid-late game you have quite a lot of chance to earn that victory screen.
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About the champion

Sivir is a ranged AD Carry, who excels in farming and pushing.

She can clear minions easily. She is one of the best pusher in the game. Her abilities allow her to do a lot of damage to grouped enemies, and can shield herself from deadly skills. This makes her ideal to bait certain enemy spells to prevent them from engaging or escaping. This will be enhanced by her ultimate, which makes her team run fast like Sonic and gain massive movement speed, until her ulti duration ends.
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