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Malphite Build Guide by CoolTrainerZach

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoolTrainerZach

[S6] AP Malphite One-Shot Support: Get to Gold the Fun Way!

CoolTrainerZach Last updated on September 15, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Malphite with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sona She beats you lvls 1-3 the rest is yours to burst her and her ADC down.
Soraka She beats you lvls 1-3 the rest is yours to burst her and her ADC down.
Veigar Eazy pz burst him down.
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Hello and welcome to my AP Malphite support guide. I'll start off by introducing myself. I am a AP Malphite support main with over 600,000 mastery points on Malphite(top 20 in the world for Malphite mastery). I started playing Malphite and immediately loved his game changing ultimate. I play League of Legends for the competitive atmosphere and to have fun and this build is a blast. I quickly realized that he had crazy base damages on his abilities and good scaling. This means that he can do huge damage even with limited gold. Most assassins and burst mages need tons of gold and farm to achieve the damage necessary to one-shot champions, but Malphite has the damage without the need for all the gold. I used this build to reach Gold as an AP Malphite Support main.

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Early Game
Poke with your Q, which can’t be dodged and abuse your passive shield which regenerates every 10-6 seconds depending on level to win trades. Focus on poking down the squishier target or the one who has a lower magic resist. Targets with 30 MR will take huge damage from poke with a Q with 2 points in it. Before going back in to poke again, make sure to regenerate your passive shield for protection and to win the trade. When facing poke oriented supports, make sure that you are winning trades or you will be quickly forced out of lane. If they are out-trading you, make sure that you are not overextended and wait until you can get a few more points in your Q before resuming to trade. At level 5 you should have 3 points in your Q and it should be doing a hefty amount of damage to squishy targets. This is the point at which AP Malphite support laning starts to change.

Mid Game
As you get close to reaching level 6, you should pick out a target in lane, either the ADC or support, to destroy with a one shot combo. Before ulting in, you want to have at least one squishy target (poke support or the ADC) with less than 70% of their health remaining. If you have your full combo available (Corrupting potion, ignite, Q,W,E,R and Thunderlords, you will be able to pretty much one shot any ADC.
When grouping, you cannot be a front-liner because you are not a tank, play as a burst mage and wait for the right time to land an ultimate on a squishy carry and eliminate them from the fight. It is crucial that you save your ultimate for the right time when you can land it on either multiple enemies or you can one shot an enemy carry. After landing your ult and dropping your combo, you will have to run most of the time to not get quickly focused down. If the fight is going in your favor, assist your team in picking up kills using your Q to slow the fleeing enemies. If the fight is not going in your favor, assist your team using your Q to slow the chasing enemy team. With this build it is crucial that you land a good ult on an important target to eliminate them from the fight or there is a good chance you will quickly be killed.

Late Game
If the game continues into the late game, you will need to have your ult up at every teamfight. This is why 45% CDR is so important. If you do not have your ult, play passively and wait for it to be up before pressuring because your ult is 90% of your usefulness late game. Make sure to keep your warding up and keep important objectives such as baron and dragon warded. When traveling with your team your ult will be an important tool to zone the enemy and prevent them from diving or overextending. Save your ult for the right moment or you will be useless for the rest for the fight. Your goal with this build is to take out the carries and create a 4v5 fight for your team. If you are not building relatively full AP you will have difficulty fulfilling this goal and will most likely not be very effective in this play style.

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Ignite is an important ability for AP Malphite support. Ignite is often the difference between a kill and the enemy running away barely alive. Keep in mind the goal of this build is to kill the enemy carries so Ignite is your best bet. It is also useful to significantly decrease all healing with grievous wounds, useful against healing supports and enemies with high lifesteal or health regen.

Flash is a crucial spell on almost any champion, providing initiation potential and disengage, saving yourself if you are out of position.

Exhaust is not my preferred ability as AP Malphite support because it does not help achieve the goal of this build, to blow up the enemy carries. Would not recommend in almost all situations.

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Guide in progress! Adding some AP Malphite Support videos and finishing up

Feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestions.
Will finish the guide soon!

Take a look at a perfect AP Malphite Mid game, 13 kills, 0 deaths.
Finishing up some support footage to add to the guide.