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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Relaxmann

AD Offtank [S6] Kha'Zix - Revive the inSec | 40% CDR Spellblade Offtank

AD Offtank [S6] Kha'Zix - Revive the inSec | 40% CDR Spellblade Offtank

Updated on January 12, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Relaxmann Build Guide By Relaxmann 8,796 Views 0 Comments
8,796 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Relaxmann Kha'Zix Build Guide By Relaxmann Updated on January 12, 2016
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The Inspiration: inSec

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But different after all.

The idea behind the build is sustained heal + tank stats while dealing a reasonable amount of damage.

40% CDR + upgraded Void Spikes spam + Spirit Visage gives an insane amount of heal. Death's Dance and situationally dependend Maw of Malmortius both provide additional healing, again increased by Spirit Visage. Finally while Malmortius gives Magic Resistance and a shield vs magic damage for your role as an offtank, Death's Danse provides a yet unique function in this game, delaying damage over an amount of time, which is really efficient in combination with our tank and healing stats.

Tank stats are pretty simple. Cinderhulk benefits from addtional sources of Health. Deadman's Plate and Spirit Visage provide a reasonable amount of Armor and Magic Resistance.
Randuin's Omen, Thornmail and Ninja Tabi are options vs AD heavy team compositions - Frozen Heart aswell, but it can also be just used as a Mana and CDR boost.
The same applies for the likes of Banshees Veil and other MR items vs magic damage heavy team compostions - Locket of the Iron Solari can be used anyway similar to Frozen Heart, if our team asks for it, but most of the time it is your support buying this item.

Our main source of damage is the combination of 40% CDR basic damage ability spam + the resulting bunch of Trinity Force's Spellblade procs by our auto attacks + the Isolation damage from our passive. Otherwise many of our defensive items like Cinderhulk, Sterak's Gage, Maw of Malmortius, etc. add damage to our output aswell.
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The choice of our runes does not really matter at all too much, besided maybe 9 flat Armor Seals if you do not run Armor Quints. The only important thing is to plan your path to 40% CDR or atleast not more than this amount, since it would not be gold efficient to be over the cap. This can be done by flat / scaling CDR Glyphs / Quints or by none at all if you plan to reach 40% CDR by your choice of items already.

Otherwise you can run flat or scaling Magic Resitance Glyphs, flat AD Marks or some amount of ARP, flat AD Quints or even MS quints if you plan to sell your boots for your sixth full item and think Trinity Force + Deadman's Plate + potentional Dragon Buff might not be enough of MS sources.
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Ability Rank Order

The sability rank order is pretty basic. Optionally you can skill Leap as second if you plan to gank at lvl 2. Otherwise W can be upgraded as second instead of E with your rank 2 R, if the situation asks for it, like being behind. R itself can generally be upgraded instead of your E Leep if you face a very tanky enemy team composition and expect to not get the Leep reset all too fast sothat an upgraded R might make more sense in that matchup.
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Purchase Order

Again, does not really matter. You can rush early Mobility Boots, something like for example a Tiamat for more early pressure and easier ganks and get your Cinderhulk and other more tanky oriented items later on, like in this said case: early Tiamat for a later Titanic Hydra. Phage for a later Black Cleaver and / or Trinity Force or Hexdrinker for a later Maw of Malmortius are other valid examples.

The only question is if you like Trinity Force + Black Cleaver, since both share a same passive. To me it can be a worth option. Otherwise there are enough other item builds if you want to avoid this one.

Another question might be. Is it worth to sell boots? Yes. Trinity Force + Deadman's Plate + potentional Dragon Buff + optional MS Quints is more than enough, at least for me personally.
The only exeption might be the need of Tenacity vs CC heavy teams, but even then, some kinds of CC do not suffer vs Tenacity like knock ups / knock backs. So I would rather go for Banshees (more Health from CInderhulk) if I feel like getting focused by hard CC.
Same goes for Ninja Tabi vs AD heavy teams. There are enough Armor options that are worth to sell your Boots. Also Ninja Tabi relies on reducing auto attack damage, while enough AD champions do not necessarily rely on that form of damage source, but this is just my personal preference after all and not a necessarity to do.
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Last Words

This is my first guide and I am not really all too fluent in the English language. Have mercy with me, but more importantly have fun and I wish you good luck. I hope you enjoyed.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Relaxmann
Relaxmann Kha'Zix Guide
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[S6] Kha'Zix - Revive the inSec | 40% CDR Spellblade Offtank

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