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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Zhalos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zhalos

S6 : Twisted Fate [Nothing to say cause is really easy xd]

Zhalos Last updated on January 30, 2016
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About me

Hi guys, welcome to my TF Guide.
I'm a Silver 3 Player, ( Mostly gold but last Season didn't played much tbh ) And i main Top with Pantheon.
But this days, been trying mid, and I saw TF And I thought a good build that would work.
With Thunderlord's Decree, Rapid Fire Cannon and Lich Bane, you can solo carry.
Anyways, I don't play much mid, but I usually play it with Yasuo/Zed/TF
Enjoy the guide.

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Why Rapid Fire Cannon?

This is probably your principal question. This build is AP ( You will think ) How you add that item? Well, this item has a lot of good properties for TF. Attack Speed, Movement Speed, CRIT Chance ( Very well if triggers with W Or E )
Also, adds a lot of power to 1v1 Cause the range of your golden card can have, and it's powerful energized attack.
And with 45% CDR It's a "permastun" With this build, if he flashes or dashes you will have enough movement speed to do W ( If he hasn't got too much movement speed or if you used golden card before he flashes )

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What to do?

Farm, try to get kills, search alone enemies and kill them.
In TF, Focus the most "OP" Enemy champion.

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This the end...

My only friend... the end...
I hope you enjoyed it!! Not much explanation but the important things are in
See you :)