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Syndra Build Guide by Tristan963sam



Updated on July 26, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tristan963sam Build Guide By Tristan963sam 8,804 Views 0 Comments
8,804 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tristan963sam Syndra Build Guide By Tristan963sam Updated on July 26, 2017
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OK Before we start this guide, my first language isn't english, it's french, so don't hurt me if I make obvious mistake, I tried the best to make this guide clean. Disclaimer: Don't try this in ranked if you aren't experienced enough with the champion, don't go in ranked saying a guide said it was busted. This guide isn't very big since I've tried Syndra support few games and these are the things I can say will work in most cases. In the 4 games which I have tried it, the bot lane combo where are alike, so not much information about counters and ennemy tip in lane, I will although tried to update this guide when I will get more intel about games and all. Hope you enjoy. Please give me feedback so I can improved my guides.
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Why this build?

Well, i am a regular player that like to expiriment things, so it is why i tried Syndra support. And honestly, i didn't thought the build was gonna work, but oh boi did it do his job. Syndra is a mage that has good poke, great disengage, good engage and as everyone know: some high thighs, eh wrong thing, : She got some balls, maybe too much. BTW, i forgot to tell, i main syndra, so i'm one of those filthy player.
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Laning phase

So laning phase is really simple, poke with q, stun with e, simple. Syndra will rely on her combo, so you need to do your combo to trade. As for protecting the adc, you aren't going to go tank, but you still need to help the adc, so if you see the adc getting engaged on, you q-e (stun, if you land it), but you can still e, but it wont stun anyone. Syndra is very powerful, the ennemy team know that, so they'll be afraid, wich will propably make you go under tower or close, so you need to make sure to ward behind you or you'll get camped and everyone will blame you for picking support syndra.
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Mid Game

So as for mid game, you will have at least 2 ap item, that's the time to shine, engage, dont engage with nobody but engage when you see someone close, if you master the q-e combo like me, you'll get kills all around the map. Roam, help everyone, you can't heal them, nor shield them, but you can peel for them, just ult someone to make him run away, doesnt matter if you don't get kills. Also, you have sightstone, you have to WARD, having vision can change teamfights.[/color]
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Team Fights

SO for Teamfights, the more you master the q-e or q-w-e combo, the more the fights will go in your favor. As a syndra mid lane, you focus the adc, or the person that take the most dmg, syndra support doesn't change that mentality, go for the adc, be careful not to dive the ennemy team just for the adc, but you should be able to kill them easily.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Tristan963sam
Tristan963sam Syndra Guide
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