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Evelynn Build Guide by chevy the sloot

Jungle platinum

Season 11 Demon Sloot Guide

By chevy the sloot | Updated on January 22, 2021
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Runes: Your typical 30 minute game

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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Future's Market
Magical Footwear

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Red Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Season 11 Demon Sloot Guide

By chevy the sloot
Sup ya ****s? I'm Chevy and have been frequently interacting with the main Evelynn subreddit trying to help newish and older Evelynn players with many tips and guides. I started playing LoL about a year-ish ago and have hit plat-low diamond during that time. I have climbed several accounts from silver to diamond so a lot of my tips are meant to help anything diamond and below. Anyways I figured I post some of my reddit posts, Q/A comments, and also do a patch by patch update on Evelynn post patch 10.23 (working on it):

- Updated match ups for the current patch: Rengar, Khazix, and Vi.
- 11/22: Added Hecarim match up post 10.23. I honestly didn't know what this champion did because I permabanned him until recently.
- 11/22: Updated Mythic notes: Night harvester as I said is her best mythic. Luden's swap if you're full build and enemy is spamming MR
- 11/30: I have been experimenting with Ludens over NH since 10.24 nerfs. And I'm surprised at how many people aren't taking Ludens over NH. The damage on it is insane after 1 item and sorcs because of the flat magic pen. I redid my guide around Ludens being Evelynn's best mythic.
- 12/6: Added a new chapter testing which rush does the most damage and also PBE Luden's Tempest "buffs".
- 12/28: AP mythics have been nerfed about 3 times collectively and once again in the 11.1 "adjustments". At this point is it really worth building them? Nope, here's why:
Lich bane + Rabadon try it! Back to Top
So let's break this down as to why it's better than anything else:

Early game Alternator has been a pretty good cheap spike even as revolver last season. But it's not the strongest 1050g early spike on Evelynn. Evelynn is on the higher end of base AD early in the game and sheen procs on her E. So a 700g sheen with a dark seal (which allows for early snowball) not only outdamages an alternator on all ins but also helps significantly on her second clear and after. Alternator is tied to a 40 cd and gives you no value on clearing aside from the AP provided. Sheen is on a 1.5 cd which greatly improves clearing (back to runic echoes days) and also helps your damage on extended counter ganks. This significant power up in clearing has allowed me in my games to be more proactive early on this early game snowball meta.

Numbers -
level 3 (1k hp + 40 armor/mr dummy):
sheen,(+ dark seal) - 399, 474
alternator - 459
lost chapter, blasting - 414

First item rush

Pros of Lich bane first item:
- Significantly better clearing. Seems slightly better than season 10 runic echoes clearing.
- 10% movement speed which helps with this perma fighting and perma snowballing early game meta. It also synergizes with relentless hunter stacks.
- 200g cheaper than any other mythic so you will spike earlier than anybody else.
- Stronger objective control because of spellblade passive.
- Better wave clearing.
- Better build path. Both Rocket and Night harvester tie you down to a 1.3k gold back to complete the item (unless you buy ruby crystal for health then 900g).

Cons of lich bane first item:
- No ability haste so your R in comparison to NH will be ~20 seconds longer.
- Slightly less damage (numbers below).

Numbers -
level 9 (1.2k + 70 mr dummy):
LB: 623, 686
NH: 631, 695
rocket: 662, 729

level 10 + sorcs (1.2k + 70 mr dummy):
LB: 711, 794
NH: 721, 805
rocket: 755, 844

These numbers are from practice tool on live. On pbe with 11.1 "adjustments" both protobelt and NH will have slightly less numbers. Also, noted, this is the damage rocketbelt does with the active. Without the 40 cd active it does ~100+ less damage.

Second item spike

Numbers -
level 12 + sorcs + rabs (1.4k hp + 80 mr):
LB: 1044, 1182
NH: 1021, 1156
rocket: 1085, 1234
Ludens: 1030, 1178

Lich bane after rabadons does more damage than any other mythic except Rocketbelt. Which again only does such damage on a 40 cd active and significantly less damage without it. Again, not only did you spike earlier with a cheaper lich bane but you also have way better clearing, objective power, and wave clearing than anything else so the snowball should be bigger despite ~10 less damage before rabadon.

What to build after Rabadon Deathcap

At this point what mythic or item you go next is optional based on what you need in the game. Ludens provides the best scaling and most damage late game but is slightly more expensive and has a worst path. Night harvester gives you health but falls off against MR stacking teams. I often see myself building blasting wand after Lich bane and Rabadon and deciding what to build last second once I have enough gold for a full buy. Often times, skipping a mythic for your 3rd item for void is pretty good if the enemy is stacking MR (which has a blasting wand in the build path).

Numbers -
level 15 + sorcs + rabs + LB (2.5k + 120 MR):
Ludens: 1257, 1548
NH: 1217, 1470
Rocket: 1304, 1595

Note: Numbers are (noncharmed Q + E + Q + Q + Q + AA, charmed with the same combo). Runes on numbers are predator (no damage from this) + sudden impact (mpen) + unstacked eyeball and inspiration (no damage).

Note # 2: I got inspiration from trying this out from @AnthonyEvelynn who was already rushing Lich bane since preseason started (which was actually a worse rush back then since mythics were stronger back then). He likes to duo LB with alternator which imo isn't optimal. Alternator does less than half the damage a full build NH does and wasting 1050g on an incomplete item means you spike much much later plus no AP scaling.
Red smite Vs Blue smite Back to Top
Red smite finally procs the burn on abilities instead of just autos. So now Evelynn Q spam procs challenger smite burn multiple time. That along the mini exhaust puts it over blue smite in almost every single scenario.

Jungle match ups like Kindred, Nidalee, Khazix, Lee Sin, and Graves are all now winnable because we can match their exhaust and dueling now that we can abuse red smite as well.

Fed assassin mid? Well now the mini exhaust means you can outburst them. Top lane bruiser has a lead? We can duel those too now.

When to take red over blue:

- Heavy assassin comp for the mini exhaust.

- Tank heavy teams for the better damage over time

- Bruiser heavy comps because of the dueling power

- Into dueling junglers

- Into certain ADCs i.e. Samira, Aphelios, Lucian

- Burst mages for the exhaust

Update on chapter (here's the damage diff):

Level 18 smite (predator + ToB + Unstacked eyeball):

Red smite + AA: ~88 dps, 237 total
Blue smite + AA: ~738 dps, 268 total

Red smite + 3 * AA: ~113 dps, 585 total
Blue smite + 3 * AA: ~184 dps, 492 total

Blue smite gives more upfront burst but over the duration of your combo you will have ~100 more damage on the 4 second red smite window. All in all red smite is a net damage gain assuming you start your combo Q + smite then everything as eve should.
10.24 best rush Back to Top
I'm seeing a lot of high elo guides swear on Lich bane rush and other guides love to rush mythics (Rocket/Night harvester). Then you have my guide over here telling you to rush Ludens lmfao. So I went into practice tool (both live and PBE) and did some experimenting with Evelynn's basic Q + E + AA + Q + Q + Q + AA combo. Here are my results:

As of 10.24, Luden's Tempest is the best mythic on Evelynn damage wise. Ignoring the minor cons of of no alternator spike, and 200 more gold. It does significantly the most damage out of the other 2 rushes (Night harvester and Lich bane) in most scenarios. The only time it gets slightly out damaged is with sorcs + void rush while charming a target. In which at that point Ludens seems to be doing the same damage to the target regardless of being charmed or not but less than the 2 other items do on a charm proc.

That said there are some minor "buffs" (in reality nerfs) being done to Luden's Tempest on 10.25. It's losing -4 flat magic pen in turn for 10 more ability haste.

Overall, as I tested on pbe as well, it's a big change in damage. At just sorcs, 10.25 Ludens will be doing -20 less damage which is a big deal early on the game. By the time you get your 2nd item, Ludens will still be doing the most damage out of any other rush but the gap is clearly smaller. Whether it'll be the best rush or not is not so clear yet a week before the patch.

Anyways, I also experimented with a late game Evelynn vs. late game dummy tank (4k hp + 250 MR). As mentioned previously in my guide, Night harvester falls off a cliff late game. Then there's Luden's tempest and Rocketbelt competing against each other doing ~200 more damage than NH. 10.25 Ludens of course doing slightly less damage late game.
Luden's Tempest is the best Mythic on Eve! Back to Top
After the Night harvester nerfs, actually even before, NH has always felt like a "pretty good if ahead" item that falls off pretty hard into late game-heavy MR stacking. That lead me to start experimenting with other mythics and I landed on Luden's tempest. The mana and extra 200g dissuades a lot of Evelynn into building it. Heck Hectech alternator + Rocketbelt feels better if anything. Yet here are my findings on a 1.3k hp + 60 mr dummy:

With your basic Q + E + Q + Q + Q and 2 autos in between this is what you get. Luden's tempest does minimally less damage than NH + NH passive with only sorcery boots. After your first item (usually Mejais), Luden's is already doing 20 more damage and almost 40 more total damage with charm. At Mejais, sorcs, and void Luden's isn't only doing ~100 more damage than NH, it's also doing the same damage whether the 60 mr target is charmed or not.

Here's some more dummy testing:

On a late game tank dummy (4k HP + 250 MR), Full build Evelynn with Ludens does ~200 more damage and ~200 more damage while charmed. This is a huge spike in power.

As mentioned before, the second you buy mejs, ludens, and sorcs you are one shotting squishies without MR while not charming or pressing R. Evelynn last season was only able to achieve this at 500+ AP and fed.

That said there are drawbacks to Luden's Tempest:
- You miss out on Hextech alternator spike
- 200 more gold
- Mana over HP
- Kinda weaker before mejs and sorcs\
- Less ability haste (CDR)

Pros of Luden's Tempest besides the damage:
- Way better clears since the passive procs on camps and the extra MS as well
- Tied to a 10 second cooldown not 40 seconds
- Doesn't fall off as much
- Way better solo clearing drake power. Lessening the reliance on teammates to capture obj as eve
Why Night harvester over Hextech Rocketbelt? Back to Top
Unique passive vs active:

Rocketbelt's active does slightly more damage and grants a bit more MS than Night harvester's passive. Night harvester advantage is having a 40 second cooldown per champion instead of Rocketbelt's 40 second active cooldown. Meaning Night harvester allows you to actively gank and fight without being tied down to a 40 second active.

Anyways, Night harvester biggest strength is it's snowball potential. Evelynn doesn't want to fight multiple targets or teamfight like most assassins but it's inevitable. Night harvester's burst and MS proc-ing multiple times in a bot lane gank or teamfight allows Evelynn to teamfight more effectively and snowball fights better.

The active on Rocketbelt also always felt "clunky" with Evelynn's combo personally. It's hard to delete someone without giving them reaction time when you need to cast an active with an animation that delays your Q for a second.

Rocket will be training wheels for Evelynn's who can use the gap closer to land their Q's but Night harvester overall will reward and be better on Evelynn's that can land their Q's.

Stats a day in, Lolalytics:
Your text to link here...

Night harvester so far is not only more prevalent but also increases of chances of winning, so far.
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