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Draven Build Guide by tokyodamonsta

ADC [SEASON 13] Draven High Elo Guide!

ADC [SEASON 13] Draven High Elo Guide!

Updated on November 21, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tokyodamonsta Build Guide By tokyodamonsta 286 27 1,183,452 Views 12 Comments
286 27 1,183,452 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tokyodamonsta Draven Build Guide By tokyodamonsta Updated on November 21, 2023
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Runes: Main

Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Common setup.
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[SEASON 13] Draven High Elo Guide!

By tokyodamonsta
Ability Breakdown
Hey guys! Would really appreciate if you could check out my twitch channel, drop a follow as it helps me out a bunch!

When i first made this guide i was D3, Making this guide reminded me how to play the champ correctly and now i have skyrocketed to master tier!

Draven is a insanely strong laner winning pretty much every 2v2 to the point where you should almost every game be playing for the 2v3 for when you are inevitably ganked because junglers will try to shut you down.

Passive - LEAGUE OF DRAVEN: Draven gains adoration stacks from killing minions, monsters, towers and catching axes. Adoration stacks cash in on killing an enemy champion... so the more you have the more gold you get on kills! So try to not drop axes and CS well! Also catching axes will stop you from going out of mana.

Q - SPINNING AXE: This is Draven's main source of damage. After pressing Q your next auto attack will deal bonus damage which scales with AD.

W - BLOOD RUSH: Draven gains movement speed and attack speed for a few seconds and the cooldown is refreshed upon catching an axe!

E - STAND ASIDE: Draven throws his axes and knocks aside and slows enemy champs! We use his E chase and outplay most of the time.

R - WHIRLING DEATH: Draven hurls two massive axes to deal physical damage to each unit struck. Whirling Death slowly reverses direction and returns to Draven after striking an enemy champion. Draven may also activate this ability while the axes are in flight to cause it to return early.
General Guide
Pros and Cons of locking Draven!

- Strong Laner
- Can snowball and win games quickly
- Can 1v2 and constantly dive bot lanes when ahead
- FUN when ahead!

- Very hard to learn
- Creates bad habits when playing other adc's
- Hard to get back into the game when put behind
- Extremely unfun when behind!

Draven in lane phase is a force to be reckoned with.
In lane phase you want to be looking all the time for autos on the enemy adc/support because its very hard to out trade you!
You want to slow push ideally for level 2 all in on the enemy adc or support if they are positioned incorrectly.
Dont focus all the attention on trading though, since draven succeeds at getting a huge cs lead just by zoning. This works really well with your passive also.
Always try freeze the wave close to your tower and ping for a jungle gank because cashing in your stacks will lead to total annihilation of the lane, making it insanely unplayable for the enemy botlane!
If you have vision of the enemy jungler or you know he is nowhere near you, Draven is really good at pushing and getting pressure in bot and since plates are just as good as kills, break that tower is just as impactful as stomping lane.

I mentioned before about playing for the 2v3:
Slow pushing and building up a wave to crash under the enemy bot tower is a really good way of baiting the enemy jungler to make a bad call and gank you! Not only will the enemy bot and support be under leveled they will also have to tank the minions to be able to join the fight! Having a level advantage especially early game is a big decider in winning a fight, so build up that wave and bait the enemy jungler in. IF your jungler reads this play also and counter ganks, it will almost always end up in a 3 for 0 and a FF vote at 15 for the enemy :D.

Trading in lane phase with your Q and W is really simple, Speed yourself up to auto the enemy adc when they are looking to last hit a creep or positioned too close to you and repeat it until they are in lethal range. Pinging your support is also very useful so they are on the same page that you want to all in!
Whilst having 2 Axes spinning use W to get in auto range, E to slow them and go NUTS!


Teamfighting is different to other adc's because you dont just have to auto attack and kite, you also have to catch axes and judge whether or not its safe to catch them or let them go! Do not be afraid to let axes go since they are the most common cause of getting caught. Position in the back line and auto whats closest to you most of the time but with RFC you can walk up and poke the squishy targets out before the teamfight begins! Also with experience, and through many games of limit testing you will be able to judge whether you can run past their front line and kill the whole of their backline. Draven hasnt got the most range for an adc but once he is in range, he does a lot of damage!
Your ult is a lot of damage in teamfights and getting a huge ult can decide the fight, if you are running conquerer also it stacks that it up quick. Plus if your support has zekes is will activate the burn active and make you do even more damage!

Lane phase:
- Look for trades constantly
- Ping support for all in
- Freeze the wave so your jungle can easily gank

- Dont try to catch axes that will endanger you
- Look for ults that hit multiple people
- Use RFC to poke
- If you know you can kill the backline and you see an opening GO FOR IT!
Build & Runes
Currently testing different runes and builds, will continue to update this guide!
Tips & Tricks
- Auto and moving in a direction decides where your axes will land.
- Calling back your R right before it hits a champ will give the enemy less chance of sidestepping or flashing away
- You can juggle more than 2 axes do do more damage.

- R - Auto Buffer - Flash - Auto - R back to surprise enemy with a lot of damage!
- R Flash is not that useful but in some situations you can bend your r to hit people not in a straight line. Practice it in the tool.
- You can solo baron very easily/sneak it with a 4+ axe juggle at 20mins grab a pinkward and try it. Could be a gamechanger!
Guide updated to Season 13!

patch 13.4:
indirect buff to draven since melee supps are buffed, will be nice to see more nauts/leonas this patch.

patch 13.5:
no changes to draven.

patch 13.6:
LT nerfs not too bad.

patch 13.7:
no changes

patch 13.8:
no changes

patch 13.9:
no changes

patch 13.10:
updated builds, will continue to update during patch as i figure out best build paths etc

patch 13.11:
ghostblade nerfed so IE is best item for sure on draven now

patch 13.12:
No changes to Draven. Bloodthrister nerf is fine no big deal for the axe man

patch 13.13:
Essence reaver stronger early weaker later. Will be good to sell after full build for different item.

patch 13.14:
IE Buffs really good for draven

patch 13.15:
no changes to draven

patch 13.16:
no changes to draven

patch 13.17:
shieldbow buff early makes it more valuable to pick up as a 3rd item

patch 13.18:
no changes

patch 13.19:
no changes

patch 13.20:
yomuus buff, good for when vs squishy team or need more MS

patch 13.21:
no changes

patch 13.22:
no changes

patch 13.23:
Draven R returns when dead, decent buff ive lost a few kills due to this

Twitch: Tokyodamonsta
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tokyodamonsta
tokyodamonsta Draven Guide
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[SEASON 13] Draven High Elo Guide!

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