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Leona General Guide by TotHeMax

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TotHeMax

Season 3 Support basics!

TotHeMax Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Hey it's me Max, and I main the support role. It's been S3 for awhile now and there's no S3 general support guides. My favorite champion to support with would have to be Leona.

This is a guide in progress so don't judge me on whats missing, just tell me what I need, I'll add it in, and give credit.

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The Support Role

A support can make or break the team. A bad support and your carry won't get as much farm.

A good support will let your AD carry get a lot of farm, along with helping deny the enemy carries farm. Remember: the support carries the carry.

The support is the main person warding. Remember, always ward. Wards provide map awareness, which in turn can net you a win.

When in a fight, always remember that if the AD carry is going to die and you can save them, even at the cost of your own life, DO IT. A dead support loses less than a dead carry. The carry could also make a comeback because of your sacrifice.

The role of support can be split up into two main categories, the babysitter, and the harasser.

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The Babysitter

Babysitting supports tend to keep the carry alive while enabling the carry to farm.

Supports that fit into this category typically have heals such as Soraka, Sona, and Nami.

Babysitters typically go well with less aggressive carries like Ashe or Caitlyn. If paired with an aggressive carry like Tristana, a support could become useless, as they deal no damage and can't always keep the carry alive due to cool-downs.

If you can heal the minions, try to deny creep score, it makes it so that the enemy carry loses gold.

Keep your lane partner alive and try to have him harass the enemy. When the enemy match-up is at a disadvantage you pounce, letting the carry have kills.

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The Harasser

This support loves to make the laning phase living hell for the enemy laners, whether it be by crowd control or damage.

Supports that fit this category are generally tanky with CC such as Leona, Blitzcrank, or Alistar

If possible scare the enemy carry away from creep score. Less gold for the enemy carry is always good.

These guys complement aggressive carries like Tristana, Draven, or Vayne. They can still fit well with more passive carries.

There's really only a couple things to tell you what to do, and that is get your carry early kills. Remember, give the enemy laners hell. You do this and the enemy laners will be scared, possibly zoning them.

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Waiting for something before I add to this. Sightstones help greatly with this however.

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Starting Items

With this build you have a 5 item start. The biscuit is essentially an extra flask. The 60 second ward is still helpful. The flask prevents you from running low on mana or health. Wards are always required in a start as a support. Extra gold goes toward potions or you can save it. Your choice.

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Essential Items

Your [Philosopher's Stone] is essential. Rush it after you get your starting item.

Get boots depending on the situation: heavy AD-get ninja tabi. heavy AP/CC-Get merc treads. You can also get boots of swiftness or mobility if your lanes do extremely well.

Reinforce your boots with home guard. They keep you in lane more and in the fight more which is nothing to laugh at.

sight stone So useful an item. Infinite wards, albeit only 3 at a time, it's still incredibly useful. Upgrade it to a ruby sightstone for more wards and more health.

Aegis is always recommended, although could be a preference choice.

After all these items, build according to the teams. Typically you want to build tanky but if you are a support like Taric go ahead and AP it up.

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Not much to say other than the fact you should ALWAYS protect your carry, even at the cost of your own life. A good support knows how to ward. A great support feeds his carry.

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To be added

A list of things I will add in the near future.

Pictures: I'd like help with this one

Explanations for runes and masteries



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