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Udyr Build Guide by imKin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imKin

Season 5 Godyr (Flame/Devour)

imKin Last updated on April 9, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Perma Slow OP. Take her out if she is OOM though.
Braum You want to avoid going after an auto attacker if he is near because he can slow you and then stun you from his passive.
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This won't be a long guide. I just want to show people the proper Jungle Path and Item Build for Udyr in Season 5.

I will not be adding Cinderhulk Udyr. As great as it is, and trust me I think its way better than anything else on him, I want this to be a FlameDyr hyper carry only guide.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

I take 9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed runes because AS fits very well with Udyr. It helps him clear the jungle quickly and get his burn off faster.

Run 9 Greater Seal of Armor for some survivability in the Jungle. You can run 9 Greater Seal of Attack Speed if you want.

For Glpyhs, take 6 Greater Seal of Cool Down Reduction and 3 Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist.

Finally the Quintessences. Take 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed or 3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. You get more Attack Speed for clearing, or you can move around faster. Your choice.

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Nothing much to say here. It is important to take 3 points in Vampirism so you can make your first clear without needing to back. You do not want the other team to steal your buff while you back do you?

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- The (Almost) MadStone of Season 5. Ranger's Trailblazer gives you some sustain. The Devour enchantment is Feral Flare pretty much. You start off doing 40 magic damage on hit and you get stacks by killing large monsters and you get 2 stacks for killing or assisting on a kill.

- Now that the -15 seconds from Trailblazer is gone, the thing that really made that item pop, you should go with this item. The smite allows you to catch up or run away from fast enemies, get better ganks, and do more damage in your ganks.

- This is the most important item for an Udyr who wants to build damage. It gives you everything you need. MS for Bear, AP for Phoenix, and AD/AS for Tiger and Turtle. It also gives you some health.

- Good item vs traditional team comps (3 AD 1 AP) Gives you CDR and immense survivability.

- Good item if the other team has 2 AP champions or have lots of true damage dealers like Corki, Cho'gath, or Vayne.

- Gives MR and AS as well as 42 magic damage on hit. Goes very well with Phoenix Udyr. You should only build this however, if the other team has built lots of MR.

- Its basically the Frozen Heart of MR. Gives you CDR and lots of sustain.

- If you are fed, pick this item up. It gives you %health damage which goes nicely with Udyr's massive Attack Speed.

- Famous Udyr Item. I don't like it that much because I don't try to split push that much. If you want more AS and MS for "Opening the Gates" then by all means take this item.

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Jungle Pathing

The great thing about Udyr is he can make a full clear before needing to back! You can use this to your advantage but I will go on about that later.

If you are Red side. Start R and ask for a leash at Gromp. Smite it immediately for the extra damage and you will get level 2. Take your Turtle and go to blue. Killing it by alternating between Turtle and Phoenix. Take out the Wolves now, smiting them if you have it. Kill the chickens next. Get your Tiger Stance. Run over to Golems and kill them. Now you can do red. Let him take you low before smiting him and regaining health. By now you should have enough for your Trailblazer and a Dagger, or some boots if you want.

If you are Blue side. You should probably do the same. This requires a lot of mana and you may or may not have enough to make a clear from Golems to Blue.

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Jungle Items

I really wanted to add this in thanks to the 5.1 Update of jungle items. You can now switch your jungle items for free! What is so great about this is that you can "exploit" this for more gold while farming.

You want to start by getting your Ranger's Trailblazer as soon as you can. This is usually around the 3.5 minute mark and you should have around 800 gold. You now get extra gold with that item while farming. When you are ready to get that Devour enchantment, now you can go back to the store and exchange your Ranger's Trailblazer for Stalker's Blade. This gives you much better ganking potential and escape potential.

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Counter Jungling

Now that the jungle has changed, most junglers will have to back before clearing their second buff. Use this to your advantage to steal their buff. Most people will smite immediately now. If you have tabs on your enemy you can successfully steal their buff every game. Look for their top side buff around 3:00-3:45

You should take importance to smiting the enemy wolves and leave one there for them now that it takes 100 seconds for the camp to respawn.

You can take out the enemy junglers presence if you ward their jungle and take their camps. Now more then ever.

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Ganking/Counter Ganking

GANK! Udyr has very strong ganks once he gets Bear. You get 2 stacks for kills and assists now. You should be ganking at every opportunity. You should start a gank by revving up your passive. Do Bear - Turtle - Bear while approaching the lane. The shield from Turtle stance is very nice and you should have it when you go in to slap their team with Bear. DoT them with Tiger stance after stunning them and then hit them with the Phoenix 4 times before restarting. Bear, Tiger, Phoenix 4 times. Do not smite them until they flash or use their gap closer.

Counter Ganking is tricky now that the jungle has changed. Usually you would want to be near your over extended lane by 3:10 but now its around 4 minutes. Make sure to ward up the enemies jungle to know their jungle path. Some jungles can still gank at 3:10 like Lee Sin so learn other champions clear times.

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Dragon is very different now. Early game, the first dragon buff will not do much for you or the enemy. If I could get a turret off the enemy's first dragon I would take it every time. However, the 3rd and 5th Dragon stacks are very important. These don't happen until later in the game and are usually always contested. However, getting Dragon as early as possible is very good and helps the team snowball. Camping bot is a great way to get easy Dragons.

Baron is good too. They got rid of the regen which is killer, but it still gives massive buffs and the minion buff is so important for sieges. If you have watched the LCS recently you can see how the pros use Baron perfectly. Its truly beautiful and I recommend watching some games to fully understand the importance of Baron in taking objectives.

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As much as you hate to see it. Udyr is really good at soloing turrets once he gets Trinity Force. If you see an opportunity to 1-4 or 1-3-1 split push, take it. Get a tower. You can take 2 towers in less than a minute if left alone. You shouldn't be fighting until you get your first tank item or you'll just get kited to all hell.

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Mid Game

Ideally you want to have Trinity Force 15 minutes in the game. You should not be starting fights or team fighting in general until you get tanky. Use this time to split push and farm up. You should have 200 CS 25 minutes in the game no excuses.

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Late Game

You have 60 stacks now, you are full build and level 18 while the enemy team has only 4 items and level 16. GROUP! Don't try to split push unless it is absolutely necessary. Udyr is a late game monster.

What you want to do in team fights is stay near your carry as much as possible. Make sure to never engage a fight. Bear slap enemies that try to get close to your carry and burn them. If you are somehow in the back line, good job! Burn the squishies with Phoenix.