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Sejuani Build Guide by lonewolf27

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lonewolf27

Season 7 jungle Sejuani .. the CC machine

lonewolf27 Last updated on January 12, 2018
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Sejuani jungle

Sejuani Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Unflinching
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Overgrowth

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity

+65 health and +9% attack speed

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First things first

hi .. my name is lonewolf 27 and im a diamond V Sejuani main at eune server

This will be my first guide so i would be thankfull for your feedback
im also the 160th sejuani world .. not a record tho XD

Goodluck and Have fun

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Sejuani is basicly a tank that has CC in all her abilities ..... but as a tank you cant rely on her to deal damage ( although you can dish out some pretty good damage .. we will get to that in next chapters )

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This is a well rounded rune page for a sejuani

aftershock is like the basic and most important rune for sejuani becouse she has cc in all of her abilities and she can apply the rune easily

alright .. you have 2 options here 1st is unflinshing ... this rune will work with you very nicly if you build stalkers blade ... since you will apply it with every smite you spam ... second option is font of life you pick this rune if you go for trackers knife ... basicly if you want to be a second support for your adc ( planing to go knights vow .. locket .. etc )

finally you pick presicion as your sec tree becoue you want that extra attack speed and the healing it gives you is also nice and helps to survive teamfights

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Pros / Cons

weak pre 6 very strong late game
mana hungry high damage for a full tank
Alot of CC

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Hunter's Talisman and Refillable Potion are great items to start with for sejuani since they will help you keep your hp for potential ganks or if the enemy jungler is invading or you are invading his jungle

why rush Warmog's Armor first item ? let me tell you why
other than the huge amount of HP it gives you you get 10% CDR and a broken passive :D

its passive will heal you if you are out of combat for 6 secs with 5% of your max HP every second combined with Fury of the North you will almost be unkillable in mid game

and dont forget that Winter's Wrath damage scales well with your max hp so this item will make you unkillable and increase your damage ..

iceborn guantlet sometimes you can rush iceborn guantlet instead of Warmog's Armor .. when should you do this ? against full ad enemy team or when you see a fed ad enemy champion .. for example Yasuo or Hecarim by the way you should always rush it if you are facing hecarim .. why ? becouse hecarim hates cc and sejuani is full of cc and getting iceborn guantlet first item will crush him whenever he fights anywhere near you or when he fights you .

why iceborn guantlet out of all other items .. well it gives you 65 armor which is just fine for someone who doubles his armor + 20% CDR so you will get to cc more enemies in 2 vs 2's and 3 vs 3's that happens all over the mid game + its passive scales with your armor .

so in late game you basicly spam one skill and then A in a teamfight and everyone is slowed becouse your armor will be doubled and the radius of iceborn guantlet will be doubled as well .

Adaptive Helm is a great item for sejuani but only in certain setuations .. advised as a second or third item if you have an enemy AP champion with high DPS ( damage per second ) like Katarina - Rumble or even Swain since it greatly helps reduce their damage to you giving you a chance to stuck\knock up them before they one shot you or anyone of your team ( well or one shot the entire team XD )

randiun's omen Randuin's Omen is also another great option for a 3rd or a 4th item since it gives you more hp and armor cough-iceborn-cough you know what i mean XD
advised when facing an Ad champion that depends on critical damage like Jinx or Tristana and if you didnt ban Yasuo like i always do you are gonna need this .

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Skill Sequence

simple start with your E if you are going Red or Blue first since it will deal more damage to the camp

and start W if you are going raptors or wolves first camp becouse it deals AOE damage which will help you clear the camp faster .

now you ask why do i max W first ? well becouse it is your main source of damage .. and it helps clear jungle camps faster .. also you cant rely on your E only becouse you will have to apply it first

why max E second ? becouse it will increase your stun duration adding more cc to the cc machine :D .. but why not Q it deals more damage ? .. becouse your Q is your mobility and it wont deal as much damage it is just not worth it

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Jungle paths

you cant gank before you hit level 3 so you apply 0 pressure before you hit level 3

your level 3 pressure is weak .. fairly weak becouse you rarly deal any damage when you gank .. you just come and support your buddy in a 2 vs 1 .. just like a roaming level 3 leona

but once you hit level 6 your ganks are pretty damn strong and you can solo deal up to 50% of your enemy HP in a gank or a 1 vs 1

alright this is a very classic jungle path you should take for a sejuani

you start with Red and go for wolves and then take your Blue this path is called the level 3 rush .. and opv you do this to start applying your pressure to lanes .. if you plan to gank top/bot at level 3 you should start with the buff in the oppisite side of the map .. for example your blue is bot side you go take it then take wolves then red and you can take the **** for some extra Hp ( by the way you one shot it with your E at lvl 3 ) and then go top lane or mid lane

another option

you can start raptors then red then blue .. but ask your mid laner to give you a quick leash .. use this path when your mid laner has aoe damage at lvl 1 for example Ahri will leash your camp well
this path will give you more gold and will allow you to hit level 2 faster allowing you to clear faster than the usual path

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ganking - teamfighting and combos

Sejuani is a monster in teamfighting thanks to her cc and her passive she can endure most of the fight + dealing alot of damage + perma ccing enemies .. you can even dive the enemy adc thanks to your cc

keep in mind Sejuani 's Permafrost works just like braums passive .. if you hit 4 stacks on an enemy champion or large monster you spam E at it and it will get stunned and if you basic attack anything you stun or spam ANY ability on it it will shatter dealing 10%/15%/20% max hp as magic damage ( yes even if you spam E then R he will take the stun and the ice will shatter with your R and get stunned again by your R and you can shatter it again .. so you will even hurt tanks with it

it also wont stack when ranged champions hit your target only melee champions can help you stack your E .. you also dont need to hit the champion to start your E

for example you are standing near a jax but didnt use a single ability nor an A he have hit an enemy champion 4 times near you .. you can just spam E on that champion and he will ge stunned

when you gank a lane try to save your Arctic Assault for your enemy to use his dash to escape and then use it to catch him

imagine now you are ganking a lane .. enemy GP gets in your Winter's Wrath range .. here how is it going to be

Winter's Wrath ---> AA ( to apply your E )---> Permafrost ---> Gangplank uses Flash ---> Arctic Assault ---> rip gp

now it is 30 min into the game and both teams are clashing in a teamfight at mid lane .. how are you gonna carry this teamfight

1- you have to be your team's shield .. you are the vanguard you stay in the front lines you are the one who are gonna start the teamfight .. you are starting the War

2- you are free to escape the teamfight if you get to 10% hp if you have warmogs becouse it will allow you to rejoin the fight after 10 secs of leaving .. too much but better giving your team a second chance in the teamfight if you were losing it

3- try to use your W on multble champions at once becouse at its second part it will slow all enemies it hits + applying more stacks for your E stuns

4- now to the most important ability .... your R
if you are good at landing it wait for the perfect moment to spam it .. you can just engage with your Q you dont need to engage with it .. unless the enemy adc or mage is up front and he is an easy target to stun .. if you manage to engage with R with their adc-mage is in your ult .. your chance of winning this fight is like 200% since everyone is slowed your enemy has no adc and your team will melt the enemy


you can use your ultimate to peel for your adc .. for example you see enemies grouped up as 4 and you see master yi coming through the jungle to flank your team .. so you can save your R engage a 4vs5 and when yi shows wait for him to use his Q then spam your ultimate at his face

now this combo if you decide to 1 vs 1 somebody it goes like this

Arctic Assault --> Winter's Wrath --> AA --> Permafrost ---> A ---> Glacial Prison ---> Winter's Wrath ---> Arctic Assault