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Sejuani Build Guide by ChickenDash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChickenDash

Sejuani | Trample them! | Comprehensive Sejuani Guide

ChickenDash Last updated on July 22, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


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Hello there Summoners,

My name is ChickenDash and I am a Platin 1 Jungle Main and my favourite Champ is Sejuani.And after all the time I became really good(Worldwide Rank 845!) with her.

About me:
I am playing League of Legends since early Season 2 and started of as Main ADC.
In season 3 I decided to play a lot more Jungle. In Season 4 I finally decided to become a Jungle Main. I joined QWER Gaming as their Jungler! On November 2014 QWER Gaming stopped playing due to time schedule problems with some teammembers.
11.03.2015: I finally feel confident enough in season 5 Jungle to start creating this guide again :3
11.04.2015: I finally started doing the Match up section!

With this guide I hope I can show people how amazing Sejuani can be and how much she offers even though she is an Offmeta Champion.

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Ability Explanation

Frost Armor
This passive grants you bonus Armor and CC Reduction
This passive is the reason why we don't need to take any flat armor in the runes which allows us to get some Health in the Seals to increase our later impact! So this passive perfectly fits this Build

Arctic Assault
This is your main mobiliy Spell
This spell is amazing for ganking.It ia a pretty long ranged Dash that knock backs enemies which interrupts their Movement and any channeling Spell like Malzahars[[
Nether Grasp]]. It will also grant you the mobility to easily steal objectives from their Jungler with your Smite. It really is useful to clear scuttlecrab with the knockup since it takes more damage when it is hard cc'ed.

Flail of the northern Winds
Grants you a lot of AOE damage
This spell is the main reason Sejuani is currently so strong at Teamfights! It's damage doesn't only Scale with AP but it also Scales with BONUS HEALTH.The % bonus damage on hit is really just making it one of the best Tank jungler damage spells that exists. And especially when stacking lots of health you can easily kill everyone who tries to 1v1 you

Good CC and Slow with decent damage
This spell used to scale in duration with leveling up. Since it doesnt do that anymore its not worth maxing first and sometimes it's not even worth maxing second anymore. But it gives you decent slow with really low damage that scales decently into the lategame. It used to be way stronger but it is still a really nice CC ability.

Glacial Prison
Your main CC with huge AOE Impact
This is one of the best Tank ults in the Game! If placed well it grants a lot of AOE CC which then can be chained with your Permafrost to CC-Lock the whole enemy team.
This Ult allows the player to turn around even lost games.

It can also be used to just disengage when beeing chased by enemies since it's cooldown with this build is really low.(60 Seconds only)

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Pros / Cons

___Pros of picking Sejuani:

+ High amounts of CC
+ Reliable Tank
+ Good Moblity
+ High objective Control
+ Good Disengage
+ High Damage if beeing in the whole Team
+ High duelling potential the tankier she gets

___Cons of picking Sejuani:

- Lack of single Target damage
- Can suffer from low farm if she get's counterjungled

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

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These masteries are made to help Sejuani clear the Jungle and to give her more duelling power.
You don't have that much tankiness in these masteries but your jungle clear is faster and your duelling power is huge with these masteries!

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Skill Sequence


> > >
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You want to start of with your Flail of the Northern Winds since it has the highest Level 1 damage._
Taking Arctic Assault as second ability helps you escape in case you get invaded at your second buff and has a decent damage output for clearing the next Camps.It also knocks up's the creeps preventing them in damaging you which will save you some Health
If you don't have Bluebuff you don't want to spam your Arctic Assault since it drains a lot of your mana.
Maxing Flail of the Northern Winds gives you the power to duel and fight many people easily.Not to mention that it also increases your jungle clear insanely. And getting that bonus % damage on hit is just destroying targets.
Taking Permafrost Level 3 or 4 depends completly if you see an opportunity to gank or not. If you see one take it at level 3 if not get it at level 4 so your Jungle clear at level 3 is faster.

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Item Sequence

Ninja Tabi - Homeguard

Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk

Warmog's Armor

Spirit Visage

Frozen Heart

Randuin's Omen

These boots give you enough movement Speed to keep up with targets and even if you lose some Movementspeed during a teamfight you can just use your abilites to keep up.
They help you initiate by letting you position perfectly.

This Item is just amazing on Sejuani, You get tons of free health due to the % Health scaling. And the Red Smite is so much better than any others since it let's you fight
Carries without taking much damage even if they are fed.
This is a really great Item helping you sustain when your Team is sieging or getting sieged. 800 Health for 2.5k Gold is a lot of tankiness AND Damage for such a cheap item.
This Item is great to counter any kind of Hypercarry like Vayne or Tristana since they are Auto attack based champs only with no real damage on their spells. If you can reduce their attackspeed their damage gets lowered a lot.
If they don't have any sort of Auto attack based champion I would rather pick up Iceborn Gauntlet to get some bonus CC which is always nice to have on Sejuani

If the enemy team has something to prevent you from initiating by CC'ing you(example: Veigar's Event Horizon) this item is a really good pick up. If they don't have anything like that you might want to consider getting Locket of the Iron Solari to help out your Team versus their AP Carry (IF THEY HAVE ONE)

This is one of the best Items on Sejuani you can get! The active scales with bonus Armor and Magic Resist. So basically what you get with this item is not only Health and Armor. You get bonus CC and an Attackspeed reduction on targets hitting you!

This item is an ok'ish Item on Sejuani. She doesn't have too much self healing to make the passive work well. It is more of an Pick up if you don't need Banshee's Veil
and you already have Locket of the Iron Solari. You might want to consider getting all of these Items when facing an AP Comp with 3 AP Champs.

If you really feel like getting more Health and Armor or maybe vs Full AD Teams just get this item since it also grants a bit more AOE damage around you. An other good pick up can be Thornmail but only get this Item if you face an AD Team with 2 AD Carries. It won't help you much vs AP combos

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Jungle Route

Sejuani's Jungle Route is depending on which site she is starting:

Start with clearing the Golems and smite it when you start clearing it. Take Red by initiating with an Auto Attack followed by W into Q. Take Raptors and go back.Upgrade your jungle item and consider getting a potion. Go directly to Blue and clear it.Consider ganking now or just keep clearing your jungle

Start clearing Gromp and smiting it when you start clearing it. Go to Blue and take it by initiating with an Auto Attack directly followed by W into Q. Get wolves and you might have to smite there.
Go back afterwards and upgrade your Jungle item and consider getting a potion aswell.
Go directly to Red and start clearing it. Feel free to look for ganks now or just keep clearing your Jungle.

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Unique Skills and Teamfights

Sejuani is a Champ completly based around CC. And she can easily abuse that with her Damage she gets from her Q W to take out even Fed ADC's! A fed ADC who can't attack can't hurt anyone, right?

So what you want to do with Sejuani is initiate the Fight with your Ultimate and then wait the enemy team to be unfrozen again (not stunned anymore) and then go for your E! To keep the enemy slowed after they are finally able to move again!

After that you want to stay at the enemy ADC and push him around with your Q while having W active to start killing him.

If your team is far behind or getting chased, don't hesitate to use your Ultimate to disengage fights or to help people who were caught offguard. At lvl 16 with Cooldown Reduction your ult has only about 60 s of CD

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Champion Matchups


Lee Sin can be pretty tough to deal with for some Junglers. Sejuani normally has no Problems facing Lee Sin since she has a high amount of mobility and CC to lock down Lee Sin.BUT you have to pay attention with your Ultimate since he can dodge it with a Ward-Jump! If you want to 1v1 him with your Ultimate make sure to Arctic Assault him before using your Ultimate!
If he counterjungles you a lot there is no point in fighting him early on since he is very strong at this point of the game. Ask for help or farm savely with Stealth Ward. He falls of pretty hard and struggles from a Countergank made by Sejuani.
Vi can be really hard to deal with when she decides to Counterjungle you all the time.
But this also means she doesn't pressure lanes while she's in your Jungle. And if you can get her in a nice and cold CC-Lock your allies can help you kill her. Once you get a kill on her she won't be a big Problem. Try to Countergank her whenever you can since she often uses all of her CC and Spells at the beginning of a Gank which makes her vulnerable to Counterganks.
Oh Dyr! You DON'T want to face Udyr with Sejuani. He can be your worst Nightmare in the game. He loves Counterjungling you and can easily 1v1 you at any point of the game. The only good thing is that he doesn't even come close to your Teamfighting potential. Only pick Sejuani if you are comfortable with her and you know how to play your Teamfights even with low Farm!
Shaco still has a pickrate? Well the thing is, IF you face a Shaco you gotta play VERY carefully since Shacos will counterjungle you all the time. Farm safe and save Smite (KILL the Jungle creep with Smite). Ultimately you will have to show how good Sejuani is at Teamfighting!

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-Work in Progress-

I hope you read my Guide and learned something new and might even consider playing some Sejuani!

If there are any questions left feel free to add me Ingame (EuW) PinkFluffy Taric
or leave a comment (I probably won't check them that often tho)

I will constantly update this guide and add more stuff to it!
Aswell as adding Video guides on some Awesome Sejuani Ganking methods and Mechanics!

For playing Sejuani check out that awesome Song by Plentakill!