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Shaco Build Guide by Sashkan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sashkan

Shaco - A wild box appears !

Sashkan Last updated on January 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everybody, and welcome to my Guide for Shaco, the Demonic Jester. First of all, I'd like to apologize for my terrible english, I'm french.

Now, a few facts:
-Shaco is the 1st champion I've ever played
-I'm not a "pro", I only got about 400 victories and 280 losses, but about half of my victories were with Shaco.
-In my opinion, he is the funniest champion to play once you know how to juke.

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.


AS: Attack Speed
AP: Ability Power
JitB: Jack in the Box

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This is the standard Jungle build. It makes Shaco OP since the last masteries update. It gives you all the damages you need, for your E and for your normal attacks. Also add buff duration, so you can gank almost anytime.

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Main rune set

Greater Mark of Alacrity
You don't really need armor pen or magic pen, because all of your skills are used to get closer to the enemy by any way. You can trick them with your R, slow them with your E, or just teleport right next to them with your Q. None of this needs armour once you can start pwning em. Moreover, the attack speed boost will also be applied to your clone.

Greater Seal of resistance Greater Seal of resistance
You just can't jungle without it. Well, you can, but you will fail.
Greater Glyph of Alacrity
Just like Marks.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
This is the only kind of armor penetration you'll ever need. Usefull or early game.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells

Don't even try to jungle without it. On early game, lizard would eat you, and golem would crush you. It's amazing to secure your buffs, to steal dragon and nashor, and to get a little gold boost.

You don't know how frustrating it is to suceed a gank, and to see someone escaping with a few HP. Use it wisely, either on a low life opponent, or on someone who uses HP regen (Mundo, Irelia...)

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Your kit (abilities) and how to use it


Your initiating / Escaping ability. Don't you ever underestimate it, it will always save you if used wisely.

Tips and tricks:
  • When you want to gank, wait for an opponent lane to push. Make sure that it is not warded, by asking your teammates. The stealth lasts for 3.5 seconds, it's HUGE. On top and bot, you can go from the river to the bushes without being seen.

    Wait for a minion wave to pass by, get stealthed, drop a box on the retreat way of your opponents, and strike them (from behind). If you place your Jack in the box wisely, most of them will directly flash on it, wasting their time, their flash, and giving you a free kill.
  • Tip/trick here.
    When you want to escape from an opponent, get next to a wall, and use your Q. Most of the time, if you are low life, the opponent will flash over the wall, and he'll kill you anyway. That's why you should not get over the wall. Most of the time, look for a nearby bush, and use your Q to reach it. Your oppoenent will flash behind to wall, chasing you (you're stealthed, he'll keep on walking), and by the time he'll realized he ahd been tricked, you will B.

Jack in the box

Explain the ability here. Don't mention things that are in the tooltip already.

Tips and tricks:
  • You will need this to jungle quickly. You can choose to dual buff, then, at the very beginning, ask your whole team to get around blue buff, while you drop 5 boxes right behing the lizard. Once it's done, rush to the blue golem. If you acted perfectly, at 1:54, the lizard will spawn, the boxes will kill him, you will reach blue golem camp, pwn it with your team, you will be lvl 2, with full HP. Kill the wolves, then the golems, then the Wraiths, head back to the wolves, and you're done, you can B and buy your razor.

  • If by any chance, you're in a mess, and you have not enough mana to cast your A, drop a box in front of you, and walk over it, make sure that the opponent follows you.

Two-shiv poison

Your bread and butter. Low life opponent ? Deceive, Two-shiv poison, dead. Need to gank ? Deceive, Jack in the box, Two-shiv poison, dead. Need to KS ? .... Two-shiv poison, dead.

Tips and tricks:
  • Unfortunately, if you throw it on an opponent which is about to get into a bush, it will cancel the spell. Make sure that you have enough time to end the "throwing animation".

  • Always remember, you have a 1 AP ratio on this skill. This is the one and only reason why I use malady. Extra AS, and even if your opponent gets heanvy AP res, you will be able to last hit him with your Two shiv.


To be perfectly honest, this is a complete ****. Your clone is not "you", since even with minions around you, the tower will focus it. Buffs doesn't appear on him (useful, for a jungler...). Last but not least, any clever enemy will understand that if a Shaco doesn't cast a spell, gets half-HPed by a soraka, and can't do much but running around and hitting minions, there's a few chances for it to be a clone...

Tips and tricks:
  • The ONLY utility of this spell is that it makes you disappear when you cast it. Karthus ultimate ? R. Maokai roots ? R. Sion stun ? R.


Pretty self explanatory. When you deceive, hit from behind. When you jungle, cast your JitB behind minions.

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Starting Items

Starting items

Health Potion
Try to drink it on your first jungling path. I usually end it with a last potion, but never think of selling it back -_-.

Clothe armor
Clothe armor
Jungling, huh ?

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Core items

Core items

Wriggle's Lantern
Any jungler needs this. Ward Dragon til 25, then start warding both Dragon and Nashor. Remember, as a Jungler, your role is to GANK and to ward the river, NOT to protect your allies. Top and bot bushes shall be warded by laners !

Berserker's Greaves
Nice moving speed combined with Trinity Force, and some extra AS is always nice.

Trinity Force
Your CORE item. Gives you everything you need. To be honest, by the time you get this, you should already have something like/3/1/x, and once you get it, it's over.

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Now we come to the good part.

Ok, 1st of all, WHY MALADY ?!?

Most of your spells are AP-scaled. Means that some magic penetration is always something good for shaco. Moreover, it gives you attack speed, and AP. This is just great for Shaco.

Now, with this build, the main part is about jungling.
Do not follow the jungling route like an idiot. Everytime you clean a minion camps, check out the minimap. Is there a low life opponent ? Are they pushing ? Ganks are your priority, it is more important than buff or killing minions. You will get gold, it will annoy your opponents, and Shaco loves annoying opponents. Hehe.

this is the perfect jungling way, and the tutorial for how to dual buff.