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Shaco Build Guide by InfiniteBloodX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InfiniteBloodX

Shaco Builds! All you need to know In 1 Guide :)

InfiniteBloodX Last updated on April 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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How to play shaco

Hey everyone. My name is Max Korner and I am currently a Shaco main. My elo is pretty terrible at Silver 4 but i have played many games as shaco and i have found many builds which most players would not think is very OP. If you your take time reading my Build. You shall become a much better shaco player. I have only gone over hybrid shaco because this is complete new shaco build which could change the way he is played and possibly used in competitive play + who the **** wants to read Masteries and items and why the reason you need that rune instead of another. :D #SHACO OP
Please ask any question. Trolling is advised and raging is delightful. :)

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Hybrid Shaco

Hybrid Shaco is actually very strong mid game. This build is very good for silver, gold and platinum players as games usually take around 20-30 mins and mid games comes very early. I start shaco with Feral flare. Due to the buffs his jungling path is now very strong with this item. You able to solo drake at 10 mins if you are lv 8 and have 5 stacks.I thenbuy Iceborn gauntlet due to Iceborn procking when shaco q,w,e,r. So it a very profitable item. I then buy Trinity Force. If your jungling well you should be able to buy sheen around 3 mins after buying gauntlet. You must gank with this build. Farming is not very profitable. After completing trinity. Most teamfights your going to be one of the most valuable players. Your aim is to Ulti and come from behind. Sending in your ulti before you do (MAKE SURE YOUR NOT HOLDING ANY BUFFS. THIS WILL GIVE YOU AWAY AND PROBABLY GET YOU KILLED) Try and focus your ulti onto the adc so she is between half health and 3/4. This is when you need to engage and focus the adc. You're okish tanky and your burst is quite high thanks to Trinity and Gauntlet. Now Your next item is blade of the ruin king. This item give's your more of boost in ad and as well killing champions solo is much easier. If your able to play it wright you can solo there top laner. Now your next item is going to be Infinity Edge. Your Q and is your main killing objective. Now your able to take down 1-3 targets solo. I have experienced this myself. You have to protect your w. So champs like Master Yi, Darius or any champ with a ability which can do a range damage is a problem. Though ifn you play it right you can win your team the game. His boots are Ionian boots of ludicity. His E can poke masively with this build and as i have said before. His q can come up much sooner. So thats it really. Please try this builds it very OP.

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AD Shaco Split Push

Now this build is very hard to master. Shaco ad is very op But can be killed very easily and he needs his late game build as much as he can. Now his split push build is Design so that he can farm jungle and top lane. His Builds starts off as per usual Feral Flare. After feral flare you need to build Hydra. Now hydra can clear your jungle very quickly and as well pushes Top super fast. Now this is when you go top lane to start to clear lane. As well shaco is very op when taking down towers. So first wait for top laner to get out of position (Near mid lane or bot) Make your way to top and ulti immediately. Get to there tower and place w furthest away minions. (If w is near minions it will not hit the tower and it will hit the minions. This is very important for taking towerrs quickly. The next section of the build is pretty much sustain for teamfights. Shaco can carry a game going this build. That is why he is different to normal ad shaco who just ganks and can't carry as much.ff