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Shaco Build Guide by RaverKid

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaverKid

Shaco Jungle Guide *Smiteless*

RaverKid Last updated on October 14, 2013
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There are a few points to note about shaco and his abilites.

-Decieve will make sure you can get away. GREAT juke, after casting make sure you run the opposite direction it works EVERY time. Don't initiate with this, you may get rid of your escape.
-Use Jack-in-the-Box has a lot of uses. One of the best abilites in the game.
1.) Escape. Just throw it down on max range in front of you, run past it. that forces them to run around, destroy it or take the fear time.
2.) Camp clearing. With 3/4 of these suckers the camp is gone within 10 seconds.
3.) Scatter a Team Fight. The fear will scatter your enemies allowing your team for great getaway or a massive turnaround.
4.) Wards. Self explainitory.
5.) Counter Jungling. Place 3/4 at enemy camp before they get there for an easy first blood or buff steal.
-Two Poison Shv also has a few uses. Mainly for chasing and escaping.
- Hallucinate is a game-changing ultimate. Many uses.
1.) Turret dive for an easy kill; Remember, the cone explodes when killed, if you hide in the bush and run the close into the turret they don't know its the clone. they kill it thinking it's you and if they're 300- HP. You've picked up the kill.
2.) Escape; Make your close run the opposite direction of you to juke them out *You run towards the enemy base*
3.) Global ult dodging; When you cast there is a small window of time tha your hitbox disapears therefore you can dodge Ezreal, Ashe, Draven, Caitlin, Nami, and Karthus ultimates.
4.) Extra turret/baron/dragon/chammpion damage; The clone does a fraction of your damage, if you follow my build it would still be doing about 100damage per hit.

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Pros / Cons

- Many natural escapes.
- Sneaky gameplay
- Very flexible ability uses
- Strong ganker
- When built correctly+Hallucinate=Tower tanking
- Scouting tecniques built-in
- Built-in flash
- Always smiling ;)

- Squishy
- Not helpful in team fights
- Dies with a smile

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Early Game; Jungle Phase!

This is the phase that Shaco does the best in. Go to your blue camp. Set down as many jack-in-the-boxes as possible before the camp spawns. This does 2 things. More damage than smite. turns the Ancient Golem aroun activating your passive Backstab which does massive extra damage for a leashless smiteless minimal damage taking clear within the first 10 seconds. Get your point into Two-Poison shiv. Place 3/4 jack-in-the-boxes just outside the red camp so you don't trigger the jack-in-the-boxes. throw Two-Poison Shiv at the Lizard Elder. The Lizard will chase you, get feared and take massive damage for a fast clear time. Now you have both buffs. I suggest ganking bot lane first. Try to get the kill delivered to your adc's front steps. The job of a jungler is to get the adc and your mid laner as fed as possible. Make Sure NOT to initiate with decieve, that will get rid of your escape just in case things go awray. start ganking other lanes. The more assists that you have the better your game will go.

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This is the stage of the game where all the tips and tricks that I put in the intro come into play, all ou do in this stge is make sure you gank, after you gank, stick around and destroy the tower when the chance arises. Mildly self explanitor stage.

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Late game; fml

This is the stage where most if not all Shaco players become either useless or barely usefull. His ganking tactics don't work unless you find a champ alone, hopefully you can find em often. this is also where your two-Poison Shiv gets its maximum Nuke damage. As long as you protect yourself and your team mates you shouldnt die too often.