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Shaco Build Guide by RejectedPika

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RejectedPika

Shaco - You can't see me!

RejectedPika Last updated on May 31, 2015
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Shaco Build

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It feel great to have a new account to learn champs I've always been to lazy to learn. At first, I tried Shaco ranked on my old account (banned for ******** reports) and got rekt everytime. I decided since I'm starting fresh, why not try Shaco again! I've come to realize everyone is always building the recommended AD. But did you know how Powerful his AP really is. And his AD continues to increase while leveling on it's own. This, is why i made a new account just to see if you guys think this is a great build too! By the way, im new on forums and I'm still editing this build, just tell mw what ya think about a newcomer! <3

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Well the reason you need Void and Poacher's knife is because This gives you the AP you need to start ganking. The average for me building this is level 6-8. Once built, I can pretty much watch my team mates and then go in for kills. (Not Kill steals but the E is so powerful on most champs that I'm usually able to get them or let my team get the kill as I get a big payed assist)

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Pros / Cons

[*] Q is one of the best escapes in league thust far, Allowing you to pass through thin walls of the map depending on your camera adjustment.
[*] Q can also be used to gank, Ensuring A crit on the enemy champ.
[*] Jacks if set up right, can allow him to start jg alone with no leash and protect from being counter jg.
[*] R clones is an extra escape from your Q, but also allows pushed in team fights and after death kills.
[*] Is a very fragile champ (But escapes so easy! stop hating!)
[*] This build relies so much on mana, been lots of times I've ran out of mana in a fight! :C

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Shaco has a very good farm in jg but also when ganking, can hold the lane for some time with Jacks allowing for some farm before leaving back to hiding in jg.

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Creeping / Jungling

Just remember, Start with Jacks. Be very fast, don't waste no time. When the 30 seconds until minions spawn screen come up, start placing jacks around where the buff you want is going to appear. From there you are level 2, build your E and have fun controlling the Jg. If you get very good at Shaco like i did, Warding in enemies jg can help for you to steal and kill like a greedy fool!

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This isn't a final build, like I said I'm new. I want to hear Positive feedback because who doesn't but don't mind constructive critisiscm. Just remember, Being rude is a big difference and I'm learning just like you were once learning.