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Shen Build Guide by GannicusTTV

Top Shen of Steel - The Preseason 13 Shen Heartsteel Build

Top Shen of Steel - The Preseason 13 Shen Heartsteel Build

Updated on November 30, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GannicusTTV Build Guide By GannicusTTV 4,205 Views 0 Comments
4,205 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GannicusTTV Shen Build Guide By GannicusTTV Updated on November 30, 2022
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Runes: Core Rune Page

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Ultimate Hunter
Cheap Shot

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Flash Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Shen of Steel - The Preseason 13 Shen Heartsteel Build

By GannicusTTV
About Me
Hi everyone,
I am Gannicus. I have been playing league on and off since season 6. I've never made League of legends my main game until this year. I have always delved more into MMORPGs, theorycrafting and making fun builds to PvP in games like (ESO, Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, Mu Online, Black Desert Online, New World, Lost Ark, etc).

So I've never really watched many guides or tried to get better in league until recently, that toward many games in, I decided to improve in the game. watched many guides, videos, and started getting better and climbing in the game, and I peaked at D1 70 LP shortly after Season 12 ended. I am aiming for masters now during pre-season and next season.

I've been in love with Shen, and I OTP him since last year. I've decided to embrace league and Shen gameplay, and I have been learning and studying more of the game and the champion, and I started developing my own content in my YouTube Channel and my Twitch. I hope you guys can welcome me to the community and I am open to any questions, criticism, or feedback you may give. Let's get better together!

in IRL. I just got my degree in Biomedicine, and I am hoping to join PA school next year. Meanwhile, I love making content on twitch and youtube, and I am hoping to build a community. I have been putting a lot of time and dedication on my videos, so I hope you guys can appreciate it.
Why Heartsteel on Shen?
Hi guys. I played around quite a bit with the new mythical items, and I can say Heartsteel is my favorite mythic item of the preseason.
I think Shen is doing much better with Heartsteel when compared to other tanks for two reasons:

1) Shen has a Teleport ability Stand United that allows him to impact the game in a meta where tanks do not do a lot of damage.

2) Shen is the only tank with triple scaling from HP.

Shen's Passive Ki Barrier scales off HP, providing larger self-shields, increasing damage mitigation and countering the lack of early resistances Heartsteel does not provide. Shen's E Shadow Dash damage is also scaled off HP, allowing Shen to do a little bit more of damage to his enemies. Finally, Shen Ultimate, Stand United Shields his selected ally while you are teleporting. This shield is also scaled off HP.

The HP scaling is virtually infinite. The longer the game goes, the more HP stacks Shen will get, and the moore damage and the more durable Shen will be while also providing a bigger shield on his ultimate.
But do not get me wrong. the initial value is also pretty good. 800 HP is also great on Shen.

Therefore, I believe the PROs outweighs the CONs for Heartsteel. However, you must be aware of the CONs and play accordingly.
Heartsteel is an expensive item, so you must try to have a good laning phase and at least CS properly. As any other mythic for tanks, it does not give wave clearing, so you might consider going Bami's Cinder first for an early cheap powerspike for Shen that also helps you farm and clear waves better. Finally, without resistances, the early game might prove a little bit tough against percentage HP hitting champions and items like Fiora, Divine Sunderer or Blade of the Ruined King. However, as long as you do not feed, and you itemize properly, most of these CONs are not that much of an issue anymore as you add some armor. Keep in mind in this build, I still prefer to perma ban Fiora, as she is being played a lot and her kit does not care much for your resistances since she does true damage based on percentage HP.
Hearsteel Video
Here is a video I made for this build Keep in mind in the video I suggested going Ingenious Hunter. At first thought it would make sense to reduce the cooldown of Heartsteel. But on average, team fights on league of legends last around 15 seconds. So even fully stacked, Ingenious Hunter will not allow you to get multiple stacks of Heartsteel on the same target. By the time you build it, lane phase is almost over, so unless you are spending most of the time laning against the same tank splitting pushing after lane phase, you will not get many stacks anyways.

Odds are, Ultimate Hunter will allow you to stack more and more consistently by allowing you to make more ultimates around the maps and being in skirmishes or team fights with more enemies more often.

The next thing I also said in the video, is that I preferred to rush Heartsteel to stack it faster, but I also offered the option of building Bami's Cinder first. I now prefer rushing Bami's Cinder first because it is a very strong early game powerspike for Shen, and it allows me farming and wave clearing better, especially in match ups where you need wave clearing, let's say Singed.
Reasoning Behind Runes
Resolve is your main Skill Tree. It provides Runes that help you survive and press the early game, but also scales well with your Tank abilities and HP. Grasp of the Undying Gives you some sustain as well poke damage in the lane phase. The damage and heal is scaled off HP, so it is not a too bad rune in the late game as well as you have a larger HP pool.
Shen is one of the only champions that benefits so greatly from Shield Bash. Shen has consistently new shields reaplied, so more resistances and extra auto-attack damage.
Second Wind Provides the sustain healing you need during lane phase, and it scales from HP as well. It reaplies from bleed or dots like those from Darius or Teemo. You could go for Bone Plating or Conditioning if you want, but I think Second Wind is more valuable
for the last rune, I believe Revitalize is the best. It is really strong early and synergizes well with Shen's Shields, both to himself and allies. If you are facing heavy CC or Slows, you could go for Unflinching. Overgrowth has the potential to outscale Revitalize, but it would take longer in the game and I wouldn't give up the early game power for it.

on Domination, Cheap Shot is always a great pick for Shen. Whenever Shen pull his sword with Q Twilight Assault through an enemy, it slows them, so you automatically proc Cheap Shot.

Finally, Ultimate Hunter is great for Shen's Ultimate Stand United, which has a long base cooldown. The more times you can use your R in a game, the more you impact the game, and the more skirmishes/team fights you participate, the more you stack Heartsteel.

As I said before, you could consider Ingenious Hunter. But unless you are laning even after laning phase with the same tank over and over stacking, I do not see it being better than Ultimate Hunter
Reasoning Behind Items
Heartsteel is the mythic item of this build, and as explained before, it stacks infinite HP on Shen, which boosts his passive Shield Ki Barrier. Shadow Dash damage, and the Ally Shield from Stand United. It makes Shen very durable, and the proc adds some damage and burst to kill enemies.

Sunfire Aegis is a good second item, especially now with an extra 100 HP and 100 gold cost reduced. The Damage scales off HP, and Bami's Cinder is a good early game powerspike you can consider building before your mythic item. Although I do recoomend that if you are laning well, farming, you should rush your mythic item first for more HP stacks before the game ends.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity is BY FAR the best boots on Shen. Shen benefits so much from Ability Haste. Ability Haste enhances Shen's dueling power, as well allows you to make more ultimates. This boots also reduces your Ignite and Flash cooldowns, which also enhances your team fight and dueling power and escapability.

Howerver, if the game is heavy with CC you could consider going Mercury's Treads, and if the enemy team has several Auto-Attackers you can consider going Plated Steelcaps.

Frozen Heart is still a great item to build. Provides you with even more Ability Haste, reduces enemy attack speed, and their auto attack from Rock Solid, which is even stronger with a larger HP pool from Heartsteel

Force of Nature is by far the best Magic Resistance Item simply because it gives you a lot of RAW Magic Resistance, and the passive of 25% extra mitigation helps mitigate a lot of Magical Penetration effects from Sorcerer's Shoes and Void Staff.

Spirit Visage is a great item if enemy team has more magical damage, and if your team has healers or supports with extra shields. This build grants you a lot more HP; hence, larger Ki Barrier values which are enhanced further by Spirit Visage passive.

Anathema's Chains is a great item to place on a AP champion if it is the only source of AP, or a difficulty lane like Illaoi or Mordekaiser, or some fed AD carriers especially after they completed Infinity Edge with Lord Dominik's Regards. The item also provides you a large HP pool and Ability haste, further enhancing your shields and damage in this build.

Titanic Hydra is a great alternative item to spicy up your build if you did not rush Bami's Cinder first and you want to split push/wave clearing while also doin more damage. But I usually stay away from it because of the price.

As Shen, you will not do that much more damage late game anyway, and I find it better to just group with my team mates after 25/30 minutes, and the gold income reduces a little bit unless you are fed with kills.
Stacking in lane and in team fights.
In lane, you generally want to Last hit well and make as much gold as you want. If possible, kill your laner and snowball for make more gold so the sooner you get Heartsteel, the more HP you will stack, and the stronger you will be.

You could consider going Bami's Cinder First to help farming and wave clearing, but I have been generally going straight to Heartsteel so I get more stacks. Keep in mind you need to wave control and last hit better. Go on practice tool, and practice some CS, and it should help. Not only you stack more if you rush the item, but some games end before 25 minutes mark, so delaying too much the item build up makes it less efficient.

If you are rushing Heartsteel, I recommend buying Kindlegem in your first back, differently from what I first suggested in the video.
This item gives you some HP and Ability Haste, which also helps in combat, and gets your Ultimate back sooner if you must use it after you hit level 6.

Crystalline Bracer is a good alternative in my opinion against Ranged Top laners, or lanes that are going to poke you. The sustain is pretty good.

By the time you build Heartsteel you should always stack on your lane opponent when it is available. You can click on your opponent and check when the debuff is going to expire so you can stack again. Also look at the map for ultimate opportunities, just as you would anyway. Engaging ultimates are generally better than reactive ones, unless you have a shutdown to protect. Eitherway, when ulting to a skirmish/team fight, or save a team mate, use these times to stack your Heartsteel as well. They are the best times to do it, and you will also help win the team fights with your extra damage proc. However, do not tunnevision stacking over peeling for your ADC, or fed team mate, or engage. Stacking is important, but sometimes peeling, or sticking to a certain enemy is more important, so make good judgment of the situation.
I believe that Heartsteel is the best Mythic Item for Shen. Our champion is the best tank to scale from it because of multiple abilities enhanced by HP. The gameplay is fun, and it is nice to have that extra burst that reminds me of the old Titanic Hydra Active Crescent.

It is obviously not the best build for every situation, but even then it is still pretty close. I do consider going Iceborn Gauntlet Against dashing or mobile champions like Irelia or Yasuo. If your team has several carriers, Radiant Virtue can be a strong "Redempshen 2.0". But you be the judge of it.

I will post my Radiant Virtue Build in a future guide.

I thank you for the taking the time to read my guide! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and also provide any feedback!
League of Legends Build Guide Author GannicusTTV
GannicusTTV Shen Guide
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Shen of Steel - The Preseason 13 Shen Heartsteel Build

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