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Shen Build Guide by the greatest lol player

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the greatest lol player

Shen the eye of twilight

the greatest lol player Last updated on August 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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masteries are mostly the same for me on tanks I like to take 2 points in Relentless to reduce slows. I also take 3 points in Tenacious for the reduced cc. Other ones I take are Durability and Veteran Scars for the health with scales very well with shen. Another really solid mastery for tanks is Unyielding and Block this helps your already strong early game on shen so you can dominate your lane while helping the other lanes at the same time.

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For glyphs I use scaling magic resist because these are pretty much the best glyphs for tanks. I use armor seals because again those are really good right now and work well with tanks. On my reds I use armor because it allows you to take even more early game damage. Lastly on quints I use health because it is good with shens early game and his passive stacks on health

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Summoner spells

Main option

My summoner spells on Shen. I like to take Flash and Teleport because Flash is always useful and Teleport helps you get back to your tower before you let your tower get destroyed.

2nd option

Another unconventional summoner spell build I use on Shen is Ignite and Ghost. I consider this more of a split pusher build but it also helps your laneing with ignite. This build is also used in the lcs by players such as crs voyboy. The reason why its not my main summoner spell build is because if your team isn't communicating properly your turret can die very easily.

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ability tips and tricks

Some tips I have for abilities are to save your Shadow Dash because it has such a long cool down and it uses most of your focus. If your lane is pushed and your opponent is near your tower try Shadow Dash at them so they get taunted and you might be able to make them take a few extra turret shots. This could turn the tide of your lane in your favor and all it takes is a little heads up thinking. another suggestion I have is to use your Stand United and then Shadow Dash at the target champion and run back towards your teammates so they follow you while your team lays down damage on the target. Also try to taunt more than on target with your Shadow Dash which restores 40 energy for each enemy champion hit this will allow you to chain Shadow Dash with different abilities

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I like to start with a Doran`s shield and a Health Potion. Though you can only do this against a jungler who's ganks you think you can escape. If you are playing a early game jungler like a Lee sin or a Shaco try starting with Cloth Armor, a sight ward, and 2 health potions. for your first back I would suggest rushing a Sunfire Cape because of its great early game damage and wave clearing ability. This is extremely helpful against champions who can push your lane when you ult in to a lane to save a teammate. Another core item I prefer to get on shen is a wits end this is vital if you are facing an ap heavy team. Also I like to grab a warmog`s armor in for the increased health and health regen but I don't like buying it in lane due to the fact your lane opponent can just stack life steal. my last items are Ninja Tabi or mercury`s treads,and a Randuin's Omen for the team fight phase, along with a Frozen Mallet

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Farming with Shen is fairly easy due to his Ki Strike this is his passive which I talked about earlier and is very helpful when csing early game. Also I like to use my q voral blade to last hit because it has such high damage and has pretty good range. If im on purple side I like to push the lane then do mini golems before I back.

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Warding is fairly basic on any top laner here is a picture of were I like to put my shen I place my wards at 2 or 1 on this picture. Another good spot is 3 but I prefer 2. I think it provides superior view of the area and since Shen can Shadow Dash across an enemy that ganks from the tri-brush I don't think the ward is necessary.

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Pros / Cons

+ versatile - low damage
+ excellent split pusher - easy counter
+ team fight - weak vs ap
+ solid laneing phase
+ helps other lanes

All in all Shen is a very strong champion which has very good teamfight and split push potential which allows him to turn the tide of a game and will be a very good addition to your arsenal of champions

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Closing remarks

Thank you guys so much for reading my guide please like and comment this is my first guide, hopefully more will be coming soon with your support. I hope you all have fun playing this great game league of legends with shen the eye of twilight.