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Shen Build Guide by Valison

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valison

Shen - The King of Hybrid Tanks (Fresh Update)

Valison Last updated on November 13, 2011
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Shen himself :D

Shen is a very strechy champ. Hes very durable, could use a buff (RIOT!!!).
Ninja, can counter any champion with a good carry in duo lane.
(great laning partners: Urgot, Jarvan, Pantheon, Katarina, Amumu, Garen, Nocturne, Vayne!!!, and many others).
With only a doran's shield you are able to stay in your lane forever !! If you just obey he rules below :D
He came out on 23/3/2010 so he is a very old champion. He was recently buffed because alot of his fans wanted his power back and they got it :D ( at least a little bit of it).
Players are usualy sad when someone on their team choses shen because they see it in a very wrong light. Like a very underpowered piece of monkey ****. NO! Shen is one of the most fun to play and interesting champion. He is also underplayed. And then when you own your lane big time they will be all like ''cheater'' and ****. Shen is a very strong champion. End of story.
This build will show you how to be a true ninja with him. :D

Also guys sorry for my broken english. I am from a very remote country. Its called Slovenia :D

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This is an AD based shen build. I use AP for , , and . The point of Shen is to tank, to tap players with so your allies will heal themselves and keep the fight going in your direction, and to do some Damage.

yea im still up with that sry.

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Frozen Shen
Blood Moon Shen (i own it :D)
Yellow Jacket Shen
Surgeon Shen

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Summoner Spells

and are pretty classic, but and or and Exsaust are just fine.
A friend of mine takes and and it works out great in duo lane. Basicly you can take whatever you want. Just dont take rally :D

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Skill Sequence

Max . is pretty important too but more about it later. For I think that its not about the duration of the taunt but just for the Dash and Taunt themselves. Costs do infact decrease but that isnt so important, either you use it for and escape plan or engaging which will restore Energy. Although i take at level 7 and 12 its just so can combo more, or if i miss it i can go straight back inside the fight and i dont have to wait for too long for my Energy to recharge.

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Yes, although i dont like dominion, is a great dominion champion.
I was accualy no.1 once. He has that defending ability in which he cannot be defeated :D
Taunt that mothafudga :D

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This is One of the Three Options. You can go with 21/9/0 or 0/21/9. Many posibilities.
A friend of mine plays 0-22-8 with good hands, ... Stuff that makes you be everywhere (true ninja).

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Tanky Runes are NEVER BAD! You can also use attack speed, physical damage, AP,..
Free your mind, experiment.
But I still reccomend listed above. You will stay longer in your lane. Harder to kill...
The choice is yours. More power or more Durability. I am a durability relying player (dont judge me ;D) and i like meh runes :D

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With this item build you will have a good damage on Your Q spell, a good shield on W and R.
This has been tested out and its perfect. The mobafire system does not cout the percentage from Atmas Impaler so your damage is ever greater.

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Exellent solo
Great damage
Tough to kill

Team Reliable
1 damage spell
Weak shield
Gets damn useless when attacking a hardcore tank.

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Your ultimate farming ability with is very useful for either solo or duo laning. Just lasthit and use your opponent's overextends, mistakes. Try to keep your used as much as possible. You know how to lane ! (at least you should).
Shurelia's video about laning is great for you starters out there. Your should give some power to . If harrased, quickly use . Keep a good look at the map, your ultimate is a lifesaving ability, your team will be graceful.

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You're the one to engage. Your team hasnt got any thing but you to tank them. Dont worry. It's simple. For engaging:
to heal yourself while in there> >Basic attacks> > > throw some knives.

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Build comparisson.

Ap shen < Ad shen
Explanation: ap shen just keeps spamming his Q and dont do nothing else. His shields may be bigger and he may do more ofmQ damage. No no no, Ad shen Ftw. More dmg output, early game power,...
Ap shen < Hybrid shen
Did you read the build above? If yes, no explanation is needed.
Ad shen < Hybrid shen
Hybrid shen = Tank \ Support shen.
Tank \ Support shen is also excelent.

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How to even play?

First, harrasing is dangerous. Keep it cooool :)
Second, dont be a little b****?! You are a tank(y champion).
If you are gonna lane with ex. Brand or Lux dont let them die cuz you were too damn afraid!
So anyway, lesson learned, lets get to serius bussines. Shen is on top of the feeding chain. He aint gonna feed!! Nah ah. He gonna get fed ! Why, you ask. Cuz he a flippin ninja.
See the river in the rift? Me too, but lets not give a f*** and kill that twitch in the mid. Thats the way of thinking with shen. K?
I aint gonna tell u how to literary play! Im gonna tell you the way to play him. NINJA STYLE!

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Jungling? Possible.

Jungle shen isnt a bad choice. Wolves, ghuouls, golems, wolves, ghouls, Red Buff,.. In this case try to max out sooner.

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Ranked Play

Ok, this is where it gets tough. I personally play ranked with him if we have a solo lane problem and nobody wants to go, BUT, it's harder. Final thoughts: Perfectly possible, but a lot harder.
If they build more AD buy a thornmail, More AP, you can use a guardian angel as one of your final items.

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Good luck being NINJA!

You're a ninja now. You covered the basics of playing .
Good Luck and Happy Halloween everyone.

Valison :D

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Custom chapter :D

Thanks to Tincester and Juresak for supporting me and helping me try this build out all the time. They are both on mobafire so go check them out. Also thanks to mobafire for this amazing community.