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League of Legends Build Guide Author bananakid0

Short guides for main champs [QUICK GUIDE]

bananakid0 Last updated on February 20, 2012
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This is a quick set of guides that will give you a brief description of how to play a champion. The will not describe everything on the champ, instead it will just look at how I play him successfully and I hope you will find success with these champions as well.

I used to follow all the detailed guides and spend ages reading them all; recently I discovered that if I am briefly told how to play a champion and then I improvise the rest myself I play much better. I am not suggesting you follow this guide exactly as I write it (you may need a thorn-mail early on if you are playing an op Tryndamere etc.)

However, this guide will tell you how to majorly improve your aspects of gameplay with the following champs and also boost your kill/death/assist ration.

I really hope you enjoy it as a lot of time and effort went into building these guides.

Please rate this guide if you like it to give others the opportunity to see it and do not vote negatively simply because it is short. Thanks and I really hope you enjoy them and find them useful :)

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Amumu - Jungling as a tank

This champion is very simple to play. The key with him, if you follow my guide, is aiming of "Bandage Toss - Q" in the beginning and the timing of "Curse of the Sad Mummy".

When you are jungling with amumu you start at the blue buff, as for pull from mid lane and help from top lane - not that you need it, it just means you last until lv 6-8 jungling. The sequence you want to be doing for your first jungle trip is as follows: Blue - wolves - ghosts - red - golems - ghosts(again). If your the enemy has no jungler then you can easily move onto their jungle following the same sequence except that this time you do blue last. starting at level 4 you can gank but only if they already have very low life; otherwise start at lv 6 as you have 2 stun possibilities. Following your initial jungle you do not follow a sequence. Having gone b all you do is run around the map trying to find enemies to gank while doing jungle minions on the way. Do not kill minions on lanes unless the laners are not there at that moment as they need some farm too.

As a jungler you are always 1-2 levels below successful laners so do not try to challenge them 1 on 1 until you have enough armor - which you will by your 4th - 6th main item, then nobody can kill you on their own (unless they have been fed a lot)

The mid part of play is fairly simple. Do not be afraid to use your ulti to often because you can use it every 2 minutes (20 times in a 60 minute game). Stand in the bush, wait for the laner to push up, tell your laner to drop back a bit, switch on "Despair" and then you come out. Use your "bandage toss", tantrum and if necessary and there is no team fight brewing use your ulti. make sure you and you laner are both focusing the same guy so highlight who you want to get first.

Now onto the late part of team fighting: Your key role in team fights is "Despair" "Bandage Toss" into the enemy team (with your team right behind) make sure all agro is on you and they are all focusing you, then when your whole team is involved in the fight - before anyone on your team loses more that half of their life, use your ulti. All of the will get annihilated by your team as they are stunned for 2 seconds while all of you are still attacking. - All this time you are using tantrum - The enemy team will start running because at least two of them will have died in the fight and your team is still on half health - if they choose not to run they may kill one or two in your team, all die themselves and if this is late-game you win the game because you just push towers and inhibitor. Timing your ulti is key in this build: use flash if necessary to get all players trapped in it.

At the end of a good game your stats should be something like of 6/5/30

This is basically it for the amumu guide. Obviously you will have to make alterations especially if you are not doing well but it will do the business.

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Anivia - Damage to the maximum

Many people believe anivia to be a difficult champion to play and they are right. To start off with anivia is quite difficult because there are many facts to consider; however, once you get the hang of it you will find it very easy and extremely powerful.

I will start of by saying that if you are bad with timings, eg miss Q and wall placements then you either have to practice or forget about playing anivia.

There are some factors to consider when playing anivia:
1. She is extremely over powered in all stages of the game
2. Her Damage output is very big
3. The cooldowns are short so even bigger damage is dealt
4. The team play is fantastic with two slow abilities, a stun and a full barrier

Now to the guide. Your Q-E sequence is very powerful and to most mid chars these to attacks deal 40% of maximum health damage. You need to make sure you time your Q and anticipate the direction of the person running to hit them with your stun. Your aim is to get the ball just past them so they get damage when it hits them and they also get damage when it explodes (as well as getting stunned) This means it does twice the damage - you can make the ball explode early by hitting the Q key again. At the start you can me completely unafraid of dying. Up to about level 6 if somebody mid does kill you they will not have enough damage output to kill the egg so lure them into towers etc. when you have low health, stun them and they will get killed by the turret even if they manage to kill you (not the egg)
The best move you can make at the start (lv 6) is to come up fairly close Q- Q again, E and then R on the escape path slowing their escape and damaging them - this will deal 40%-60% damage. If they have very low health do a wall and an ignite as well. At the start you can me completely unafraid of dying (this does not apply for ganks). After this call the jungler and tell him to attack as soon as the target champion is stunned. Because you are mid lane feel free to go out for ganks once the enemy champion is dead/gone base (which he will do a lot when playing you) and use the same combo this time using a wall to block one side of their path forcing them to go round it and letting your team deal extra damage and securely take the kill. Ignite will not be needed by you. The only thing you are worried about with anivia at this stage is your mana - so after you have sent the mid char running back to base or killed him 1-2 times then go b yourself to refill and also buy items.

Now onto the mid game. You stuns and slows are now starting to become the most valuable part of successful team fights and it is crucial that you time them well. Most of your time will be spent away from your own lane and you will often be the one who has to defend turrets and wipe lanes of minions. Once you have "Catalyst the Protector" (Item) you can use your ulti on minions just before level ups. You can also use up all your mana on minions just before you go back and make an item purchase. Farming minions as well as doing successful kills at this stage are the two factors that make you so extremely OP late-game! Now your egg is completely useless and will not help you unless team mates are there to save you (or you are chilling by tower). If you can get the blue at this stage it is fantastic because it means you can have a ridiculous amount of minion kills with your 5 second cool-down ulti.

Finally onto the late-game stage of the game. You now deal tones of damage as well as having all the most useful abilities making you the most important member of the game. If you were not involved in one of the team fights then that is an automatic loss (for that fight). You will be focused by the enemy team most of all and you are very vulnerable to attacks - if you get attacked by 3 people for 2 seconds you are dead so make sure you stay well out of reach of the fight and just shoot your abilities, place slows and walls but make sure you do not get attacked to much. Taking damage is normal and it will happen, but you do not want to die. You will have no mana problems at this stage and the only thing you should really go back for is to buy and item or after finishing a big fight/baron. Getting a blue could be useful if you are just doing a lot of small ganks but not many team-fights (make sure you are involved in ALL team fights - gank only if there is no team fight going on. Also you will be stopping a lot of turret attack and you can easily fend of two players and if executed well then even 3. Do not forget your egg is now completely useless as two hits by tryndamere will kill it. The last item on the list is not required and you can replace it with magic resistance or other things you require such as another "Rabadon's Deathcap" (VERY OP) but the last item is great for the team especially with other AP's around.

At the end of a good game your stats should be something like 12/3/25

These are basically the steps you should follow for a successful build but if you are struggling and having real mana problems then you should invest in a "Tear of Goddess".

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Letter of thanks

Dear all,
I really hope you enjoyed this guide, I spent a lot of time designing it and I would be very grateful any positive or constructing comments you give me. Please do not rate this guide negative. Instead just send me a message on how you think I should improve it. I really appreciate anyone who took time to read any part of this guide and if you were happy with it please send me a message with the champion name you want discussed. I can also make more detailed guides if people wish and I would be happy for any suggestions. I would like to thank all those who created guides that helped me in my game-play and I hope I helped you too.

More short guides will be added to this if this one is liked (mordekaiser next)

Again thanks a lot to everyone and if you would like to say thank you too I would appreciate it!

Any donation will be warmly welcomed as an invitation to keep on writing guides!

Also if anyone wants to buy some rare skins (PAX Jax and over 30 other rare and genuine skins) Contact me please:


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