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Teemo Build Guide by Jhod

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhod

Shrooms to Doom

Jhod Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Chapter 1

Hi guys. Back with another guide to a nasty little destroyer. I recently bought Teemo wid some outfits and tried him out. I went AD for a while and it was just boring. With teemo's moves you could be so much more deadly with your AP.

First off I chose teleport. It is mega important because of its ability to put you on your shrooms. There is no reason that any teemo shouldn't use it. It puts you behind enemy lines. The other is flash. The ultimate get out of jail free card. Flash doesn't even need an explanation lol.

Items are a breeze too. With your mushrooms being OP to be nice about it. A wave of creeps has never been easier. Post a shroom and bounce. I go with a doran's first for the goodies package. with a mana pot. You need the mana pot because of blinding shot. It will make their life hell. Move to your fiendish and starter boots next. then Boots of mobility. You want to be moving at unreal speeds throughout the game. get sorc boots if you like. but prepare to get stomped alot. The magic pen isn't worth it to me. After that go for your Deathfire. My personal favorite of the AP items. The active is just awesome on a full health hero. After that get malady for the AS and the nasty lil debuff. The after that its easy peasy. Void staff, Zhonya's ring, Lich Bane.

Early Game:
Early game is easy. If you die you did something wrong. I never die before 6 when i play teemo. "Defensive" end of story. It will make your life easier. Just stay in the exp range. Kill creeps when you can. When you get 6 it time to handle issues. Start shrooming every bush you see. Also keep an eye for people buying oracle and nuke them every chance you get. Also load the bushes down. they cant see them til they step inside. then its too late.

Mid Game:
Mid game is really a setup for late game. Gank when you can. Your focus should be on the minefield to come. Go through the opponents jungle puttin shrooms everywhere. with deathfire, masteries, and runes your shrooms should be coming fast. Watch your map. If you notice the enemy gone. hunker down somewhere til they resurface. Then continue your work. Your shrooms should be all over a jungle. Don't try to spread it over the two. Pick one. Top or bottom and concentrate. that allows your team to push the lane with no outside interference. The enemy will have to come up the lane or go through the jungle. If they choose jungle then you will just have to mop up. Another thing is do not become obsessed with keeping a mushroom up. If it pops they will be hurt. You want them to hit it. Hopefully you will have a smart team that will pull a chase through your field.

Late Game:
This is where you are the most hated person to play LoL. Even if you havent gotten alot of kills your assist should be insane. You should be at least through void into zhonya's. I rarely ever have a game last til Lich Bane. With that though you should have a very distinct pattern to your shrooms. Your team should be dominating the lane that you have protected. This will put a defense on your towers too. With your team having a solid lane that cant be backdoored. The enemy will have to focus the lane to survive. With them on the ropes. You should help the other two lanes with shrooms to let your creeps push hard. When your creeps start to overcome the other two lanes. This will put the enemy in a panic. At this point oracle and you dying will be the priority. Thats where teleport comes in. Even if they do happen to gank you. Vola you are back where you left off. Also you will secure a buff on their side. which means it will give your team the edge.

With that you should be handling the enemy with a ease that only teemo could know. I suggest being even more defensive in a pug. That way Captain america doesnt get you raped. Other than that though happy hunting guys.


Always remember: SHROOMS TO DOOM!!!!