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Top Shyvana AD Top - Preseason 11 Edit.

Top Shyvana AD Top - Preseason 11 Edit.

Updated on November 26, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rakuretto Build Guide By Rakuretto 4,848 Views 0 Comments
4,848 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rakuretto Build Guide By Rakuretto Updated on November 26, 2020
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Shyvana AD Top - Preseason 11 Edit.

By Rakuretto
Hi guys, my name is Rakuretto, and I am a main Shyvana. I started playing late in season 8, in the EUW server, and since then, Shyvana is my main, and I never stopped playing her. I now play in the NA server, and am ranked Gold 4. I use to main jungle, but I now tag top to abuse a bit Shyvana's current power. This guide is about a damage/regen Shyvana Top AD. It's my first guide ever, and english is not my mother tongue, so please be nice, and if you have anything to say/recommand, don't hesitate to write it down in the comments, I'll be very happy with any kind of feedback!
Shyvana's abilities
Shyvana's passive will grant you bonus magical and physical against dragons, and for every dragon you team kills, you will gain armor and magic resistance.

Shyvana's Q spell is an auto-attack reset. You next auto attack will be empowered and deal twice the damages of a regular auto-attack. When in Dragon Form, SHyvana deals damages in a cone in front of her.

Shyvana's W creates a zone around her, granting her extra movement speed, and dealing magic damages to all ennemies in the zone. The bonus movement speed decreases with time. If Shyvana damage ennemy champions or monsters, the duration of the area is increased to the maximum of 8 seconds. When in Dragon Form, the size of the zone is increased, and the increase in movement speed will be higher.

Shyvana's E is a "skillshot". The Dragon Lady throws a fireball in the targetted direction, which stops when hitting an ennemy, while dealing magic damages and burning him. Marked ennemies takes bonus magic damages. When in Dragon Form, the range of the fireball is increased and it scirch the ground when exploding. All ennemies in this zone wille take magic damages.

Shyvana's R is her transition from the human to the Dragon Form. Shyvana dashes, becomes unstoppable, and carries all ennemies she flies through. She also deals magic damages to all the ennemies she's flying through.
Summoner Spells
The choice of summoner spells will highly depend on your opponent and game style.

For easy lanes, againt a weak early game opponent, I usually run TP and Ignite, in order to take an early lead and be able to roam a lot.

For a lane that will be more complicated, when the ennemy has Crowd Control and can easily trade you, I recommand to run Flash and TP. The Flash will be there to help you avoiding early trades that can put you behind.

These are for me the two main choices of summoner spells, but it's very adaptative.
For this guide I chose to show my Conqueror rune path.

Conqueror will grant you extra healing and damages for longer trades, and will allow you to stay longer in lane.

Triumph will be very practical for extra healing but also to grant extra gold. For any takedown, you will heal for 12% of your missing health, and also grant you 20 extra gold.

Legend Tenacity to have a best resistance to Crowd Control as one of the main vulnerabilities of Shyvana is her lack of mobility against CCs.

Last Stand is my favorite for the last part, as it grants you extra damages when you are low in health, allowing you to turn bad looking trades.

For the secondary rune path, I go for Domination with healing and lifesteal.

Taste of Blood will be very practical during the laning phase, to be able to heal from the poke of your E.

Ravenous Hunter grants you extra healing from ability damage for every takedown.

For the last three, I take the Attack Speed first, then according to the ennemy I adapt with armor or magic resistance.
Laning Phase
This pick is actually one of my favorites as it is a quite easy laning phase. I start with the E, to be able to farm while staying relatively safe. Remember that you are weak until you're level three, and that if you trade before, you will probably lose it.
I take the W second, allowing you a bit of extra movement speed and wave clear. It can help you to still go for the minions even if the ennemy laner is freezing the lane.
Then take the Q spell. It will help you to secure the canon minions.

I usually always take a trade level three. As Shyvana top is not played that often, you can surprise you opponent with the damages from your Q spell after burning them with your E. Also, as you have Conqueror, early trades are usually quite safe for Shyvana.

During the whole laning phase, abuse your E to poke your opponent, wait for him to be aligned with a low health minion and hit them both with your E. Use your E to heal anytime you hit the ennemy (thanks to Taste of Blood).

The laning phase os usually quite safe, just focus on farming and keeping good vision in the river to see the ganks coming as you are quite vulnerable before level 6.

As soon as you hit 6, engage. Usually your burst will be enough to deal a good amount of damages to your opponent and force him to back, and TP back if he runs TP.

The main force of Shyvana Top is her ability to stay a very long time in the lane, and her capacity to take towers with her Q spell. Also, later in the game, Shyvana will be very usefull to splitpush.

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Shyvana AD Top - Preseason 11 Edit.

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