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Shyvana Build Guide by lolwutstanking

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lolwutstanking

shyvana: dragons rage

lolwutstanking Last updated on November 14, 2011
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shyvana obviously

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intro. A.K.A why shyvana?

hello and welcome to my shyvana guide. mind you i am still trying to perfect a build so this is more of a work in progress. also this is my first guide so please. come at me with with suggestions[*] im more than willing to work them out and see just what you mean. but for now. on withthe guide ;3

why shyvana you ask? shes a pure offensive champion for one. the summoner is encouraged to play on the agressive side through her passive Fury of the Dragonborn. everytime she autoattacks effects her skills directly. but more on that later.

for now consider this. do you want a fighting champion who will skill spam like no tomorrow or~ one who works not only using whats given to them but maintaining the flow of a battle with what they are given. if you are of the later. then please continue to read this guide.

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great fighter.
works well with most champs
high early game damage
lanes well against most chaps (the only 2 i have trouble with atm is fiddle and nunu. o god nunu x.x)
NO MANA. she can use her skills as much as she wants. instead she has a rage bar for her ult.
shes a dragon.
1 harass skill with a long CD
if not played correctly will cost your team the match(see what i did hehehe classic)

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because exhaust is in my masteries in offence exhaust goes well. defence reduction AND their slowed? awesome.

flash: everyones best friend when things hit the fan. works well on almsot any champion.

heal: id use it once in a blue moon. sometimes saves lives. other times. just a waste of space. would much rather use exhaust.

all other skills are preferance.........except clarity. unless its because you team going to be mana hungry your an idiot for ueing a mana replenishing skill on a character that has no mana x,x

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i chose attack speed marks for early farming with burnout to extend the skill as long as possible. not to mention its nice to attack fast with a champion that gains alot from well......attacking wouldn't you agree?

for my glyphs i chose magic resistance. why? because mages love to harass you early game if your laned with them. the extra bit is sure to help with that.

for seals. i went with armor. while shy does get natural armor and magic resistance its never a bad thing to have more.

should you see these not fiting you for your build i would try crit damage seals. other than that its up to you.

now for quitessence. armor pen would be key because when you get up to that tank who sits there threowing you back at their team-COUGHsingedujerkCOUGH- not only do you want to know A:you got the armor to tak the hits(your runes and items will defidently help) you want to b sure u make them pay dearly.

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for my masteries i went 21/0/9. in offence i went with the only things a shy going to need. crit hits, damage, and attack speed. geting you to that maximum damage possible to put those pesky harassers in line. in utility mainly wanted good hands and awareness. being dead can happen(often times atleast once if not paying attention) and well it kinda blows siting there for a min saying why did this happen. cuts that abit and well awareness just for that extra edge on the enemy staring at you. with the last 2 points i put into perseverance because lets face it. extra hp cant be all that bad now can it XD.

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skills and what they do.

before i get to the items in this guide here wanted to take a min to get those who have yet to use shy and her smexy dragon self and introduce them to her skills.

Fury of the Dragonborn: well hello amazing skill you. how u doin ;3 A.K.A shys thank you for being agressive

this skill makes her very. very good at farming and fighting in general. it adjusts her skills to have extra effects for her auto attacks. thus attackspeed stacking will be amazing on her. i will abreviate this to FotD in the future as i will put its effect on the skills them selves with their own description.

twin bite: "when in doubt. slapeth thy enemy twice"

this skill lets shy attack twice for 80%/85%/90%/95%/100% her total AD. basically i use it whenever it is off CD in a fight with ANYTHING. no point not to. its got a 5 sec CD that with FotD get decressed......and heres why.

twin bite FotD edition:when u hit with shys auto attack. reduces the CD by.5 sec. minions beware. your geting slapped by this alot. will make quick work of minions alongside burnout for many last hits. also work particularly well against champions............who knew a full on second attack will happen pretty much as fast as yi's double attack.

burnout:"when in doubt. make everything around you suffer the wrath of the dragonborn"

ahhh my personal favorite other than turning into a badass dragon. burnout is an aoe damageing skill similar to amumu's aoe but instead of percent damage it has a base and adds to it with AD. not only does this skill murder minions in their sleep. it gives you a speed boost incase things go bad for you or say........they enemy uses a flash or ghost. the boost goes down over time though. onward to FotD

burnout FotD edition: each autoattack increases the duration of burn out 1 sec. maxing at 6 sec.

remember when i said minions were going to be murdered? heres why. the range of this skill is vice for an fighting champion. not only that it lasts a decent amount of time with this effect. this skill is farming made easy and consistant damage on champions tyrying to rain on your farming parade.

Flamebreath:"when thy ist haressethed. thy shall harasseth back"

this is shy's skillshoting harassment skill. this out of all her skills i dislike the most. all it does she shoots out a skills shot similar to morganas dark binding. in short. if there is ANYTHING between u and the target when u shoot it. u just messed up and its got the longest CD out of the three in effective use. but again. shy's sexy passive makes up for this short coming here. oh, and did i mentiuon the decrease in armor? o yea this skill does that aswell ;3

flamebreath FotD edition: ready for it.+15% damage to her target from ALL of her attacks while debuffed. if there was a dragon god. this would b the damageing one. +15% for slaping some1 with a skillshot? yes please :D

Dragons Decent: "when thy canteth taketh no moreth.......slap them with the will of the dragon.........eth"

o baby. here it is. shys pissed. she targets a location transforms into a dragon and drags her enemies to her endpoint. dealing damage and well trolling.

sweet your a what. O YEA MY SKILLS ARE CHANGED AGAIN~ all of your skills basically become aoes. twinbite hits pretty much everything infront of you. flamebreath goes out in a cone and hits all targets. and burnout gets a trailing effect damageing per sec while the enemy stands in it. (someone learned from singed) oh did i happen to mention this skill also passively gives shy bonus armor and magic resist? and DOUBLES that bonus while in dragon form?yes please ;3

her skills work quite well into eachother. especially at farming early to late game. burnout right away to get max chances at last hiting the minions while twin biteing them quite often. see a champ coming at you? tell them to step back with flamebreath. didnt get the hint? activate your dragon form(it only costs 100 rage.....u get 2 every autoattack and i believe 1 every sec. so if they dont get the hint. force them to by draging them to your base and treating them like they thought they were going to treat a really good piece of candy x.x

now then my sequence. max burnout right away. nice damage + great farming = u gonna b eating prime rib later. then max twinbite. again its prime real estate. 100% AD witht he gold your geting going to be nice not to mention its very spam able. BUT~ get flamebreath at lvl 4. not for the damage..but for that armor reduction and +15% damage. obviously geting dragons decent whenever possible.

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NOW~ the items.

allright heres when i say this right now. shy works well with pretty much anything. she uses AD in burn out and twin bite while useing AP in flamebreath and dragons decent.i perfer AD 1 reason. dear god the damage. and shes ment to attack often. so why not give the good girl what she wants? start with your boots of speed and health potions. progressing to mercuries treads and a vamp scepter asap. i mean like right away. no waiting. get it done. XD then get your bloodthirster to get that damage shy loves so much. girls got standards ofcourse. now that you have that damage. time to get her speed and this lady likes danceing so why not get her a phantom dancer? or if your laned enemy decides they want to be mean and attackj you farming get her a frozen ban hamme- i mean mallet. slow on basic attack? done deal. either way it depends on the situation. nice east farming get your PD. got a jerk on your lane a FM.after that its time for your personal choice. extra attack speed with alittle armor pen with movement speed or high damage crits. so youmoos ghost blade or infinity edge. if you have a tanky team against you id suggest ghostblade although the MS and AS is temporary the armor pen is a must and it acts like burnout so it fits well. plus that attackspeed/armor pen is plain nice. but after this item is last whisper so i would typically go with infinity edge. then last whisper as the last in the item build to just smack ppl around.

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shy is great in the right hands......just like every other champ. but if farming and just plain saying no is ytour play style. then shy is your champ. she can keep going long passed others in damage calculating
other than yi.....shes yi without high lander and meditate but i feel is much better in the fact she has so many options to play as.

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ok going to be honest. its 4AM atm so theres going to be typos everywhere. feedback welcome. except ppl siting there bein trolls going " YOU SUCK STOP PLAYINGAS HER YOUR ******ED THAT DONT EVEN WORK LIKE THAT" i said before this is a work in progress. so constructive critics only u little sad trolls -.-

again this is also my first guide. so if i didnt things wrong or ordered things weird. again tell me. ill work it out.
thank you for your time on my guide. hope it helps o.o