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Shyvana Build Guide by Baronvonmada

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baronvonmada

Shyvana- Dragon's Wrath

Baronvonmada Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Hey everybody, this is my first build, and I picked Shyvana, the new Half-Dragon character as my first pick. Bear with some of the odd picks they will be explained. I made this mainly because all the other build are a bit out there on how to build her.

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Pros / Cons

Scales well with attack speed due to passive
Combos can be devastating
Burnout can help escape combat
Promotes aggressive players if done right
She turns into a Dragon!
Only ranged is a skill shot
Needs some kind of sustain to remain in battle
If targeted with CC and focused, you're screwed
Until you learn good combos and timing, early game sucks

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I know these are weird, but let me explain:
Marks- Greater Mark of Alacrity provides the major attack speed bonus to help proc her passive to bring out your full potential. The single Greater Mark of Desolation was an accident, but provides a little bonus damage. Armor pen isn't that need because The Black Cleaver fills that later and honestly can be left out all together.
Seals/Glyphs- These provide extra defense so your items can be more dps oriented and really helps the early game where getting an early lead is important
Quintessence- These you have more choice over, but I highly recommend Greater Quintessence of Alacrity to boost your AS, for this will benefit you more early and later game with item choice.
A combo of 2 flat and 1 scaling Quint for Hp or Regen may be viable if you need more defense if necessary.

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Yes, this will get me a bunch of **** yes, but here me out. The extra Hp, %reduction, armor, and mr are what seal the deal with the runes and ult's passive, allowing for offensive items to be built instead of rushing defense. Ardor helps scale attack speed, which is key, as well as boosts her ap that little extra mile. Evasion is just to keep going in the defense tree, and the attack tree provides a little ap and as, but nothing truly notable.

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Skill Sequence and Summoner Spells

I've found maxing Burnout at lvl 9 is the most useful because this allows the most use and utility. The speed bonus allows you to escape combat, return to lane faster, and more importantly, chase runners. Because the duration can be literally doubled due to attacking, chasing and laning are done easily as well as prolongs the dps which scales nicely.

Twin Bite is your signature solid hitter which is devastating when your AD is being built. Also, fun fact, this uses procs Lifesteal, which is awesome.

Flame Breath is leveled last due to the fact that it is a skill shot that stops at the first target, which isn't easy to make in melee. But it is important. Lead when possible with this to proc the passive and deal 15% of this as bonus damage and the armor reduction. By lvl 4 and you acquire this skill, it provides 12 bonuse damage per hit(no ap) and melts the armor. I can easily land 5 hits in 4 seconds, doing an additional 60 damage which combined with the flat is 140 damage. This isn't bad for early game. Also, great to get that runner when Burnout is on cooldown.

Dragon's Decent- Max asap! This provides key armor and mr as well as providing amazing aoe to all effects when in form. Now, the skill shot to activate is very, very useful. In addition to being wide and doing moderate damage, it has a knockback and doubles the passive armor. Use this to rush that turret hugger that has low hp and keep rolling thru. This is also useful chasing to and past turrets do to the armor and bonus damage. Just remember to swerve into the jungle and not remain in it's range. Too many Shyvana's die lingering in turret range. Also, use to push people away from turrets. In the mid lane, enter the jungle near the lizard elder and you can easily pop out and push targets away from second turret. Use the knockback to save team mates from chasers (even Yi) and to interrupt channels and minimize team damage

These are mainly preference and I use the typical fighters combo of Flash and Ignite. I won't give a lecture on these, it really is about how you want to play.

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Too many builds I've seen push for the Warmog+Atma combo. This isn't bad, but it fails to play on Shyvana's strengths and is situational.

Start with Doran's Shield, it provides armor, the most hp, and regen. Doran's Dagger provides minor damage, less hp, and the life steal is barely noticeable honestly. I tried both and the shield sells the deal.

The Core to this build is Stark's Fervor, The Bloodthirster, and The Black Cleaver. These 3 items provide Attack Speed, good Health Regen, HUGE life steal,armor shredding, and significant damage. These allow the ability to play aggressively successfully. The armor from runes, masteries, and your ult. will greatly decrease incoming damage which is made up with lifesteal. I push for lifesteal first for max lane sustain and the ability to push harder, but depending on mood or preference I may push the cleaver first.

Boots- These are another variable that depends on the game. Normally I would push Berserker's Greaves, but in CC heavy conditions go for Mercury's Treads. Swiftness and Mobility are plausible if you want better chasing or roaming respectively, and maybe Ionian's. Someone try Ionian's in comparison to the others and report how it does.

The last 2 are the most open to change. If more Hp is needed, feel free to go Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler. If you want to push the speed cap pick Phantom Dancer and Wit's End. If targets are stacking hp use Mandred's Bloodrazor and Malady. To increase AP Nashor's Tooth and Guinsoo's Rageblade both stack AP and AS. Another not to forget is Trinity Force and possible Hextech Gunblade (I have not used HTGB on her so caution to you) I used Guinsoo's Rageblade and Frozen Mallet because this is a pick that creates the most balance, providing AP, AD, AS, HP, and a slow on hit. There are many combinations so feel free to mix match.

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From lvl 1 to 5 you still have to have some caution as any other character but by lvl 6, you should have most of Stark's Fervor complete and your ultimate will be ready. Now you can start playing more aggressively. Kills should start coming in (assuming practice and non-pro enemies) and by 10 you should have a complete Stark's, boots and at least a B.F. Sword, maybe a complete weapon. Remember, you are a dragon, a monster, and any good movie monster will pick off enemies one by one and rush 2 when they let their guard down. You are not invincible, show some smarts, but you take on most anyone 1v1 or even 1v2 if you're good and/or built. Mid game you should have your core items and boots (Shield was probably sold to help buy and item), so start thinking about your next item soon based on gameplay. Remember to focus single opponents and feel free to rush multiple weak ones if dragon is ready. And just because you will be a near carry, play as a teammate and play to win, not rack up a kill streak (do both).
Also, don't rush head first into team fights, you're no tank or dragon, only half of one.

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This build will do good flat, constant damage with incredible burst from combos, sustain from lifesteal, damage reduction, constant benefits from passive and allowing significant duration of dragon-form from AS. I have not tried jungling yet, so this is not a CONFIRMED jungle build. If it works, great let me know, I'll share routes and work out any kinks. I will be working on a jungle build soon. Till then happy hunting, and let me hear some feedback.