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Shyvana Build Guide by Altid Basked

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Altid Basked

Shyvana - She's a ***********ing dragon! (Jungle guide)

Altid Basked Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Hi im altid basked and this is my first guide im and averege player who have been playing League of Legends since the Beta, this is my oppinion on how to play her as a very good bruizer!

Shyvana is a melee strong melee fighter. i expect when u look for a guide u probably know a bit about the champion, else go to:
this side got all the info from LoL use it often :D

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For Runes i Choose: AS Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Flat MRes Glyphs and ArmorPen Quints.

The Flat Armor and MRes will with Wriggles and Merc's keep you alive when u rush Tri-force, and it will be help full in jugle and on ganks early game.

The AS Marks and ArmorPen will help you very much in jungle, i only take ArmorPen Quints because neutral creeps dont have that much armor, and Shyvana have a very nice scale with AS, Q will get lower CD the more auto attacks you make, you will get full duration faster on W the faster you auto attack and you will get more damage when you hit a target who got debuffed from E.

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In marsteries i take 24-6-0 many og you might think WTF but when you got no mana i find the utillity tree is not very usefull, insted i feel full offense because she got alot of Phys and Magic damage and she get alot power from that! also in runes and items i build quite defensive which can allow me to take full offense.

Also i did'nt take bonus xp from utillity, but i dont think its nessesary because u propperly got to hold a lane from on of your mates or else u can just show up on lane to intimidate the enemy and leech some xp and gold (do this after first blue pill B from jungle just before you take Blue Buff)

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You got a fair bit of damage so early game you just need some fast defense you get that from Wriggles and Merc's (i feel mercs is a MUST for melee bruizers, else your not gonna hit anyone more than 1 time!) after that you rush Tri-force by going , phage, zeal and then complete tri-force. this gives you armor, MRes and a hole lot of damage, plus you are very hard u kill. at this point they can still kill u if they focus u, here is the tactic just run like a ***** and let your team kill them for you, they wont chatch you because you got E, R og Flash + while they chase you they will get quite alot of damage from W alone! (dont feel like you are wasting your ulti because you use it defesive, a few auto hits and you will have it again very fast!)

after this go Warmoggs, Atmas and wit's end. if u get real endgame sell wriggles and buy black cleaver.

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Skill Sequence


I dont feel its necessary to max 1 skill right away, when you got 3 points in W you got quite alot of speed and damage, so from there i put an extra point in E and Q to get more damage and lower CD, before i max W again, i priority E before Q so u can get more damage on range and melee, when u max E first (because u get 15% abillity damage when u hit a target with E's debuff)

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Smite

Flash because i feel its the best summoner spell in the game.

Smite ofcause because you jungle

havent tried her so much in lane yet, but will update the guide when i have given it some more thought.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start to buy cloth armor +2 HP pots and with W as 1st abillity. you start on wolves and continiue to wraiths, smite the big one and choose Q as ur next spell and finish the rest, then go to golems you need to take 1 hp pot here to stay alive, then blue pill B when u got full hp you got enough gold to buy long sword, then there is 2 things you can do 1. go to a mates lane and leech a little xp and gold (u need very little xp to ding lvl 3 and you would like to be lvl 3 before starting on golem) 2. u can wait for wolves to spawn again and then kill them before going blue buff. before you start Blue buff get your mid laner to pull golem for you to save a good amount of HP while you can still give a lot of damage, then take wolves and wraiths and small golems before going back 2nd time by now you should have enough gold to madreds and then you dont have any troubles in the jungle.

ganking: i dont like to gank before lvl 6 because you dont got any blink strike so i only show up sometimes to intimidete the enemy and get a little xp and gold. you should only gank before lvl 6 if you got red buff and one of your mates got CC like stun or if the enemies are low. (you should'nt gank if your low yourself because your kind of squisy in early game)

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Team Work

Even though Shyvana becomes fairly tanky with this build i wont catagorize her as a tank, she is a bruizer, but because she is melee she have to have some defense or else she will just die from random AoE. so there for its nice to have a tank at the side who can innitiate for her like Malphite or amumu.

then the tactic is to let the tank initiate, when that happens pop your W and then ulti in and try to hit there squisy carry/caster who hasnt got that much of defense, you should be able to take her out pretty fast and you should not take that much damage then just keep focusing the squisyest target or a target that threatens your carry. remember you got much more damage in dragon form so it is important to autohit as much as possible to stay in dragon form.

in a point in the game enemy team will probably (if you play well) be very anoyed of you and try to focus you, but dont fear that its only good! because they waste a lot of CD's and time on you and in the mean time the rest of your team can take them out one by one (ofcause this works best if you got a propper ad or ap carry) when this happens the only thing you should do is pop W and run towards the nearest tower, if they get you very low just pop your ulti to get away (this isnt a waste! when you come back just autohit some creeps and you will soon have ulti up again) if you are completely srewed you allways got your flash in addition so it shouldnt be possible.

in a game i played with her yesterday 3 team battles in a row, all enemy team focused me every time it ended with me escapeing and the rest of my team aced them! :D and i still got assist on most of the kills cause they all took damage from my W when i was running.

after that they tried to focus some more squisy targets on my team, that resaultet that i came in from behind and allmost insta killed there ashe and continued into the battle in a 1 vs 3 where i killed them all and scored a quadra kill and where on about 50% HP after the battle.

and by the way alot of people out there have some crazy idea that its good to die in exchange for a kill, i will just discaim that, the only time it MIGHT be a good thing to die for a kill is if its for the firstblood or to end a godlike streak where u get 1000 bunus gold. else try to look at it this way, if u kill him and die you will get about 300 gold but if he gets a kill too he gets the same, but in the time ur dead u loose alot of XP and last hit gold and a wave of creeps with 3 melee and 3 casters give 120 (if u get them all)
+ 35 extra gold i they got a cannon creep in the wave, then its obviously that its not efficient to die! example: if your are solo top and your enemy gets ganked you can probably get 2 waves of creeps + the xp you get from them before he gets back on lane thats 275 gold and a good bit of xp! think about it :D

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the guide isnt completely finished yet but u should have the basic info now if u know how to play u can get alot out of this guide as it is.

i will experiment a bit of lane Shyvana and when i get some info about that ill post a new section in here with the canges!