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Shyvana Build Guide by parttimeanimalshaver

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League of Legends Build Guide Author parttimeanimalshaver

Shyvana, Swirly Fire Stuff, and You ( Ranked Jungle )

parttimeanimalshaver Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Shyvana Jungle Guide

Things you'll find in this guide:

-In-depth explanation of how to jungle with her
-An item build that will work for every game with the exception of extremely heavy AP teams in which case you should not pick her anyway
-A guide that doesn't use reccommended items that are terrible for her
-A guide made by a player who only plays ranked in the 1500s ELO bracket
-A guide for a beefy fighter style champion that specializes in extreme amounts of AoE and bases her combat in the middle of every team fight

Things you won't find in this guide:

-Gay porn
-Straight porn
-A ******ed assassin build
-A ******ed AS / On-Hit build

Things Coming to this Build Soon!

-A complete build and guide to playing Shyvana as solo-top that includes matchups and how to counter each one

Guide Top

Pros / Cons

-Incredibly Tanky
-Amazing AoE
-Fastest jungler in the game
-Able to go toe-to-toe with most other 'fighter' champions
-Direct counter to Nasus in solo top

-Fairly weak early game
-Complete lack of any sort of cc, slow, or gap closer ( besides her ultimate )

Guide Top


Aside from the Glyphs my runes are chosen to assist me in jungling and to bolster my physical damage and physical abilities. My build is very MR light until very late game and the MR/lvl Glyphs help counteract this.

Guide Top


The items I've chosen are designed to keep you alive while you AoE the enemy team down from the middle of the fight and to make your AoE deal a good amount of damage. With this build you'll also be able to turret dive for extended amounts of time as you'll have tons of armor and health with the damage to get a kill during your dives.

While these items are fairly flexible I would suggest sticking exactly to my build unless an AP champion gets extremely fed. There are however some items I would NEVER get on her.

-Anything with AS on it. The AS is NOT worth the reduced cooldown on her Q and certainly won't increase your damage output by enough to be a more justified choice than any item in my build.

-Any other boots other than Mercury Treads. You'll be in the center of the fight which means that even if the enemy team has no hard cc you'll still most likely be getting slowed quite often which can hurt your damage dealing ability as you are a melee champion.

-Anything with AP on it. Her E is not a damage dealing ability. It has a terrible ratio and a terrible amount of base damage. It is only useful for the armor pen.

-As a general rule if it has mana on it it's not for you. The only possible exception would be Banshees and I havn't been in a game yet where I could justify getting a banshee's over a Force of Nature.

-Warmogs. This item is a bad choice for a few reasons. You can get a good amount of health with my build without Warmogs. This being said Warmogs is extemely expensive and offers no utility or extra damage that would make it a justifiable choice over Frozen Mallet or Sunfire Cape.

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Creeping / Jungling

Your jungle path is a bit different from other champions because Shyvana has no way of entering a lane for a gank quickly without her ultimate. Unless I see an extremely easy gank I will stay in the jungle until level 6.

1. Wolves
2. Wraiths ( Smite Blue one )
3. Golems
4. Base and buy 1 Cloth Armor and 1 Health potion
5. Blue Golem ( Use Smite here )
6. Wolves
7. Wraiths
8. Golems
9. Red Lizard ( Use smite and pop health potion 10 seconds before starting the fight )
10. Base and buy Level 1 Boots
11. Wolves
12. Wraiths
13. Golems
14. You are now level 6 and it is time to gank.

If you did this right you should beat your solo lanes to level 6 even if they never left the lane.


-You'll want to position yourself so that your W is hitting all of the monsters at the same time.

-At level 2 when you get your Q you should use it directly after an auto attack to maximize DPS as it does not reset your Swing timer

-The same is true of your E. You'll also want to use your E only on the target you're hitting as the passive benefits only apply if you actually hit the target you applied it to. ( Brown Wolf, Blue Wraith, Red Lizard, and Blue Golem )

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When you gank you'll want to Flash or Ultimate into the enemy lane opponent from outside of his/her visibility and immediatly turn on W. It's usually a good idea to let your team-mate initiate the gank with some form of cc as you do not have any.

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Team Work

In mid-late game you don't want to be the one initiating team fights as your MR will be much too low but you do need to be in the middle of the team fight from start to finish. Your AoE damage with ( Dragon Mode ) Q W E and Sunfire Cape will decimate their team.

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-If at all possible ask your support or AP mage to buy an Abyssal Scepter as this will increase the damage output on your W, E, and Ultimate by quite a bit.

-Do not fill the role of 'tank'. You are merely an extremely beefy fighter who builds according to a playstyle which requires that you be in the center of all team fights.

-Most of your damage will come from your AoE NOT your Q. This being said, building Attack Speed is a MISTAKE. ( Wit's End is NOT a good item for Shyvana )

-Frozen Mallet is essential unless you want to get kited the whole game.

-Keep your W up by constantly hitting people in team fights. It is not enough to run in circles with W up in Dragon form.

-Use your E, it's damage may be underwhelming but the Armor Penetration is very useful.

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The Wrap Up

Credit goes to stonewall for the majority of my runes and masteries as well as the jungle route.

If you'd like to play with me just add me on skype, Siriuz2 is my username.

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