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Shyvana Build Guide by backlash52

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League of Legends Build Guide Author backlash52

Shyvana, The Fiery jungle

backlash52 Last updated on April 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my guide on jungle shyvana. i've playing around with my build and feel that it is both good enough and unique enough to share on here. so far i've seen other builds that have her a lot more tanky than mine, but i feel that this build emphasizes her massive damage output and chase ability. that being said, let's begin.

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Ok, i feel that my marks choice is a no brainer. the armor pen is an almost must for attack and auto attack champs.
The attack speed yellows are to help buff her early game jungle since their effectiveness late game is minimal.
i choose CD/lvl blues over baseline CD runes. i feel her cooldowns are pretty short on their own and during the early jungle phase that cd's wont be as important, but the late game CD bonus is much more beneficial.
lastly i suggest a full set of lifesteal quints. i didn't pick any because at the time of writing mobafire didn't have them as a choice, but the 6% lifesteal make your early game jungle that much easier.

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the important parts of the masteries are the 3% lifesteal in offensive, the bonus gold/10sec and the exp per kill in utility. the others are technically exchangeable but i dont see many other useful ones.

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a lot of other guides recommend buying cloth armor for your madreds first, but shyvana's burnout scales well enough with dmg that between burnout and auto attacks she performs better in the jungle with a long sword and two pots. after that you should get the averice blade for bonus gold while jungling and a brutalizer for CD reduction and dmg. then get boots of swiftness. there is the temptation to get ionian boots of lucidity, but let me explain why not to. from your runes and masteries at lvl 18 you will have 10% CDR. with youmuus ghostblade you'll have total of 25%. if you're keeping jungle buff up like you should you'll be CDR capped, if not, the boots still aren't really worth it. your ult is basically only on the CD of how long it takes to get fury, your twin bite is a low CD and burnout with this much CDR can be kept perminately if you're hitting player or minions. that being said, the swift boots will make sure that all others cannot escape you. keep red buff up and you should be unstoppable. next grab the lantern and while jungling make sure to ward barons when he's up and dragon if he isn't, your team will thank you. the rest of the items are just for more dmg on attacks and more movement and attack speed. remember, youmuus and burnout both have increased duration if you're hitting people, with those and red buff, no one should escape your fiery wrath.

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Skill Sequence

i personally find shyvanas skill shot to be her least effective skill. the dmg scales with AP not ATK and the % of armor reduced doesn't scale as it levels. if you feel you absolutely have to have it, take one rank at 7 and then don't touch it. for this build burnout is your jungle bread and butter. burn it at the start of each encounter and it will be your friend. twin bite is your next and arguably best skill. use it after you start burnout in jungle, and as often as possible in fights. it procs all item effect twice so black cleaver is applied faster to your target and madreds/wriggles can double hit a minion. her dragon form/ult is useful for ganks as she can fly out of a bush, over a wall, or just run out and hit them towards allies. i recommend saving it for fights and otherwise keeping it on the ready.

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Summoner Spells

everyone has their own opinions on summoner abilities and i'm not here to argue whats best. if you have one you like better than teleport, then take it instead. i choose these two because:

Teleport can help you to keep your solo top out of trouble. for instance, you're ganking bot but top lane needs to recall and is getting heavy harrased. you can finish ganking then tele top to give them a helping hand. on top of that it works very well with wriggles lantern. need to recall? drop a lantern, recall, then tele back.

Smite is an ability a believe should be in almost every jungle build. use it to speed up jungle times, secure dragon and baron kills and steal them from enemy if given the chance.

but like i said, many people have their own opinions and i'm not here to discount them.

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Creeping / Jungling

ok, with recent changes to jungle mobs, your jungle routine needs to change too. you will have to pop out more often and allow more time in between killing groups to get the most out of a jungle champ. the first couple go a rounds for shyvana are as follows. head to wraith camp, start burnout and hit big wraith. continue til all wraiths are dead. head to wolf camp, burnout and hit biggest wolf. pop potion to keep health up. finish and head to golems. take twin bite and start with the big one. hit burnout, wait for an auto attack, twin bite, auto atk, smite, the clear the camp. repeat that whole round one more time and you should have your madreds razor. now head top and give your ally a needed recall. hold lane til he gets back, then head to blue buff and take it using smite as needed. continue to bottom lane killing all mobs along the way. now you should start ganking if able. grab whatever items you can afford as you are able to get them. and don't forget your top lane. although they are solo, nothing is worse than a jungler who won't help his solo buddy. its literally the easiest lane to gank. they're backed up to your turret. you and your friend will most likely out level them. so all it takes is a little focus and co-operation to score a couple kills and set the other team back.

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in summary, shyvana is a strong fighter and a wonderful jungle on almost any team. if you play her right and work with your allies by calling ganks and being there for team fights, you're guaranteed to have a high kill and assist count.