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Shyvana Build Guide by mylaptopfailz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mylaptopfailz

Shyvana- This is what you get when a dragon sneezes!

mylaptopfailz Last updated on May 8, 2012
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The 3v3 builds

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Hi guys mylaptopfailz here bringing you a build for the latest champion on LoL, Shyvana. I will discuss why this build is very good for 3v3.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is one of the most important things for the new champion. I always start off with Twin-bite at level one, this skill does allot of damage early game and usually gets me First blood, I like to combo Flame breath before I use Twin-bite because it lowers their armor so it does more damage, so you can say good-bye to plush champions. I start to max out Burnout after i get Dragon's Descent, this will allow me to catch up to my enemies faster and deal quite some damage over time. second i max out twin-bite because late game this skill does allot of damage for one auto attack, and the cool down for the skill is lowered the faster you attack.last I max flame breath, in my build i don't usually get any ability power unless its guinsoo's rageblade, but don't get me wrong this skill is very helpful for those tanky champions.

For some tips:
1.) (How I use my ult with burnout) When chasing a champion in a team fight, use burnout to speed ahead of them but stay close to then so they get damaged over time, when you get right in front of them use Dragon's Descent opposite direction of where they are running to to temporarily stop them, but don't use the max range on the ult because you will over shoot your target.
2.) Your ult is helpful when and enemy champion uses flash? When chasing enemy that have flash save sour ultimate until they use flash, if you see a wall they flash over use your ult's flying ability to your advantage and fly right over it to get the kill, or use your flash but this is common when i already have used my flash.
3.)Make sure you cast Flame Breath before you use Twin-bite to maximize your damage output.

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Summoner Spells

I usually get the summoner spells flash and ignite, why? For the reasons.
1.) Flash can be very helpful when a target tries to get away form you, you can flash in front of then and use your ult in the opposite direction they are running to stop them.
2.) Ignite is very helpful while fighting 1v1 or chasing and using burnout, while running beside them use ignite to do major damage over time, or when they might get away with a few health just ignite them and it should do the trick =P.

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Some people like o start with a regen pendant and health pot for good laning, bu that's up to you for your first item. I usually start off with dorans shield for a good tanky shyvana in the beginning,so you don't die while trying to get First blood.
I then get mercury treads for her to get the tenacity and magic resist so if you face ap champions you wont be affected as much, then wriggles, this is one of her main items! this is what makes her really good 3v3, this is so she will be tanky and be able to jungle the dragon and get buffs quick early game around level 7 or so i go in jungle and farm for quick cash and red buff or other buffs. Trinity Force is something people don't usually like about my build, they think that she should be pure attack damage dps champion but the fact that it gives you the phage effect and sheen effect help allot with the damage output for twin bite this is her main item for me! Sun-fire Cape is what makes Burnout a damage dealing move and also makes her super tanky against ad champions, and Wit's end for the attack speed so you can spam that Twin-bite as much as you want and so you can get 100% rage quick for Dragon's Descent, the magic resist helps wit her being able to fight well in team fights and dominate the battle field, and the magic damage dealt while auto attacking help a bit for kill other tanky champions. THE LAST ITEM IS UP TO YOU, YOU CAN DECIDE TO GET WHAT EVER YOU WANT; MORE AD OR ATTACK SPEED, HAVING TROUBLE IN TEAM FIGHTS STILL? THEN GET A WARMOGS OR SOMTHING.

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The Masteries is up to you either build is good 21/6/3, or 15/0/15 i usually use 15/0/15 for the Utility Mastery for longer buffs and lower CD on Flash and more movement speed.
Some people tho like to go full offense to maximize her attack damage output, but i think she has quite enough, like i said its up to you.

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The runes i have chosen are Attack speed Marks for getting that twin-bite faster in the beginning, Health runes, so she is almost impossible to kill in the beginning unless you are really bad with her, and so she can lane longer, more attack speed glyphs, and armor pen quintessences so armor wont be a problem early game.

The other runes I chose were armor pen marks, attack speed seals, cool-down reduction glyphs, and more armor pen quintessences so you maximize you damage output and hit like a tryndamere in the beginning with Twin-bite.

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Pros / Cons

1.) She is very good at dealing massive damage.
2.) Very capable at chasing targets!
3.) Can face tanky champions with no problems most of the time.
4.) She is very durable in team fights (if you follow my build)
5.) good at jungling!
6.) Usually has no problem with ap carry's

1.) She is weak to ranged ad carrys most of the time.
2.) She lanes alright against ranged as long as you keep your distance and harras with Flame-breath, but they usually harras you with thier auto attacks and you can do anything (early game!)

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1.) Use Twin-Bite, or Flame Breath to last hit minions for gold.
2.) Try to get in the middle of the minion pack and use burnout to farm them quickly!
3.) Dont be afraid to spam her spells on minions because she doesn't use mana (ONLY COOL-DOWNS!)