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Shyvana Build Guide by Deksterr

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deksterr

Shyvana - What do you do when a dragon sneezes?

Deksterr Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

(center)(size=4)(b)Guide for (color=COLOR)Shyvana(/color) - (color=COLOR)The (color=COLOR)Dragonfire(/color) Outcast(/b)(/color)(/size)(/center)
(center)(u)(b)Please comment and try the build (i)(b)and(/b)(/i) strategies before voting. Thank you.(/b)(/u)(/center)

(center)(b)Last Updated: 11/2/11(/b)(/center)

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=toc)Table of Contents(/size)(/u)(/b)(/center)
(goto=preface)I. Preface(/goto)
(goto=intro)II. Introduction(/goto)
(goto=skills)III. Skill Explanations(/goto)
(goto=summoner)IV. Summoner Spell Explanations(/goto)
-- (goto=csummoner)Considerable Summoner Spells(/goto)
(goto=runes)V. Rune Explanations(/goto)
(goto=mastery)VI. Mastery Explanations(/goto)
-- (goto=utility)Utility Tree(/goto)
-- (goto=offense)Offense Tree(/goto)
(goto=coreitem)VII. Core Item Build Sequence(/goto)
-- (goto=situitem)Situational Items(/goto)
(goto=laneplaystyle)VIII. Laning & Play Style(/goto)
-- (goto=earlygame)Early Game Phase(/goto)
-- (goto=midgame)Mid Game Phase(/goto)
-- (goto=lategame)Late Game Phase(/goto)
-- (goto=latesum)Late Game Summarized(/goto)
(goto=trickstrats)IX. Tricks & Strategies(/goto)
(goto=closing)X. Closing(/goto)
(goto=faqs)XI. FAQs(/goto)
(goto=changelog)XII. Changelog(/goto)

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=preface)I. Preface(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

(i)Shyvana excels in mid to late game, and almost always exceeds in ganking, and chasing. But AVOID CC for she is very susceptible to it. (/i)

(u)Abbreviated Terms(/u)
AA = Auto-attack (Basic Attacks)
CC = Crowd Control (Stun, fear, slow, snare, etc)
FB = First Blood
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
MR = Magic Resistance
ArPen = Armor Penetration
MPen = Magic Penetration
LS = Life Steal
SV = Spell Vamp
DPS = Strong Auto-attacker
MDPS = Strong spells; casters
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
OOM = Out of Mana
MP = Mana
HP = Health
MP Regen = Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=intro)II. Introduction(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

- Fast
- Tankier than most Melee DPS'
- Powerhouse damage
- Can do individual damage AND excel in team fights.
- Chases Well
- Can also jungle (not included in this build)
- Susceptible to CC
- Slower jungling
- Focused down a lot
- Only CC is in ultimate.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=skills)III. Skill Explanations(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)
(center)(icon=Gemcraft size=64)(icon=Imbue size=64)(icon=Shatter size=64)(icon=Dazzle size=64)(icon=Radiance size=64)(/center)

((PASSIVE)) - Fury of the Dragonborn - Effects abilities seperatly.

((Q)) - Makes your next attack hit twice, and the second attack does an extra percentage of damage on the second hit.

((W)) - Does damage overtime to enemies near you and increases movement speed.

((E)) - Shoots a flaming dragon head projectile, doing magic damage and marking the target. Marked targets have decreased armor.

((R)) - Makes you jump forward, turning you into a dragon, dealing high damage, and carrying enemies with you. It also gives your abilities an extra effect.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=summoner)IV. Summoner Spell Explanations(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

Flash: The most versatile skill available. Jump through walls, escape ganks, get better positioning, initiate ganks more efficiently. All in all it's great for Shyvana.

Ignite: Excelent for countering tanks, healers, and picking up kills from runners. Also great for a 1v1, for the constant DoT.

(center)(b)(u)(anchor=csummoner)Considerable Summoner Spells(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

Teleport: If building off-tank you can always be with your team. Also great for not leaving your lane alone for too long.
Exhaust: Wonderful for keeping people near you, a VERY heavy CC to have at all times. Slow people getting away or chasing you, and slow the attack speed of a DPS that's doing just a little too much damage.
Ghost: When playing as a dragon, though large and in charge, when you try to chase people, all the minions easily get in your way, ghost lets you go right through them, plus as added speed boost for catching them.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=runes)V. Rune Explanations(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)
(center)(icon=MARK size=64)(icon=SEAL size=64)(icon=GLYPH size=64)(icon=QUINTESSENCE size=64)(/center)

Greater Mark of Strength: Flat damage to help your early game.

Greater Seal of Vitality: Adds to your overall tankiness.

Greater Glyph of Selerity: Late game your Q will be like a basic attack.

Greater Quintessence of Focus: See above statement.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=coreitem)VII. Core Item Build Sequence(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)
(center)(icon=ITEM size=64)(/center)
(center) (icon=ITEM size=64)(/center)
Start out with boots and 3 potions, for better mobility and potions to stay in lane. Then buy a Wriggle's Lantern, the overall bonuses are very nice. Then, if you're building tanky, then buy a frozen mallet, and DPS is a Wit's End. Frozen Mallet for damage and health plus the slow, and Wit's End for attack speed and the passive. Then if building tanky, get a Sunfire Cape, the passive stacks well with your W and the health and armor helps with tankiness. If DPS get a Trinity Force, for all the awesome stats and the Sheen Passive.

(center)(b)(u)(anchor=situitem)Situational Items(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

Infinity Edge - For the Passive and flat damage.

Blood Thirster - for damage and life steal.

Tiamat - For epic team fight damage.

Thorn Mail - When building tanky, for hard hitting AD Champions.

Force of Nature - When building tanky, for hard hitting AP Champions.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=laneplaystyle)VIII. Laning & Play Style(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)


(center)(b)(u)(anchor=earlygame)VERY General Guide(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

At levels 1-6, Farm minions by last hitting, do damage when you can, play smart for now.

At levels 6-12, Don't focus too much on ganking, but kills shouldn't be any trouble.

At levels 12-18, Gank, gank, gank. Tank, tank, tank. This is your time to shine.

(center)(b)(u)(anchor=latesum)Late Game Summarized(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

Don't be afraid to do damage, you do a LOT of burst damage, and a LOT of constant damage. And DON'T be shy, you can take a few hits, make sure you're not just there for kills, but help your team.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=trickstrats)IX. Tricks & Strategies(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

Use your ULT to fly through walls, or push people towards your turret, or out of there's.
When engaging, land your E first for the debuff. ALWAYS try to have your W on. Don't be afraid you waste your ULT, IT HAS NO COOLDOWN.

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=closing)X. Closing(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)

(center)(b)(u)(size=4)(anchor=changelog)XII. Change Log(/size)(/u)(/b)
(goto=toc)Back to Table of Contents(/goto)(/center)
JJ/KK/LL(indent)- CHANGE(/indent)
JJ/KK/LL(indent)- CHANGE(/indent)